WIN FREE LOOT: Win the Shirts off Geek Outlaw’s Back Rewards Contest – April 2014

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“I’m ready to believe you.. want some of my shirts.
No, really, PLEASE take some of my shirts!”


If you’ve followed the Geek Outlaw Facebook page, or are one of the six people that pay attention to my post photos, you’ll notice that I have a fairly unhealthy preoccupation with geek t-shirts.  Whether it’s the artistic beauty, the undying nostalgia, or the curious desire to announce my complete love of all things nerdy to the masses; my heart has a soft spot for tops displaying all the best things about geek pop culture.

Unfortunately, not only did my wallet take an unholy beating over the past two years of my shirt-based craze, but my closet can no longer contain the gremlin-like multiplication that is now my t-shirt wardrobe.  On a logical note, it has also become apparent to me that unless I want to pull a Joey from Friends and wear my entire collection in a 52 layer parfait of nerd fandoms, there’s only so many options I can share the world at any one time.


P1010870 (Large)

Guess what tie it is?
(If you said time to win free stuff, I’m very, very proud of you.)


Lucky for you, my impulsive shirt buying disorder is your new wardrobe!  That’s because I’ve decided to distribute a large sub-section of my shirt collection to three lucky Outlaws that would even turn Sheldon Cooper a shade of Green Lantern with envy!

This is NO April Fools joke!  The Outlaw doesn’t joke around… well, not often anyways.  Actually, quite often, but never about giving away free loot!


MAIN 740

What’s got two index fingers and an unholy amount of geek shirts in his closet?
(This guy!)


To make yourself eligible for this Outlaw giveaway, the only thing I want to know is what your favorite geek-tee is (or would be if it doesn’t already exist).  See, easy as geek!  Even a 6-year-old could do it, I have no doubt they will try.

Submit your tee of choice in the comments below or to (or both) by Midnight (PST) of April 30th, 2014 for your chance to win!  (You also must Like Geek Outlaw on Facebook and be an e-mail subscriber to the site to be eligible.)


THE GRAND PRIZE winner chosen at random gets to choose their 8 favorite shirts, and 1 hoodie from the selection below!

THE SECOND PRIZE winner chosen at random gets to choose their next 6 favorite shirts of what’s left, and will receive the remaining hoodie from the selection below!

THE THIRD PRIZE winner gets all the crap left over!  (Hey it could be worse, you could have won the chance to wash the shirts first.)

[NOTE – Size of all items are Adult Medium except for the long-sleeve Amazing Spider-Man 2 tee which is an Adult XL!] 


All kidding aside, all the shirts below are brand spankin’ new, with the exception of a couple that were worn only once. (They’re not used, just think of them as pre-owned.)  There are some hard to find designs in the lot, so don’t hesitate to throw your hat into the ring for this month’s epic contest!  Good luck fellow Outlaws & check out everything up for grabs below!



Spidey Tees

NEW BONUS TEE OPTION: Just in time for the web-slinger’s new flick, your choice of a short (M) or long-sleeved (XL) Spidey threads.

DSC01673 (Large)

Tee Option #1 – Doctorama

DSC01672 (Large)

Tee Option #2 – X (Files) Marks the Spot

DSC01671 (Large)

Tee Option #3 – Peanuts & The Holy Grail

DSC01668 (Large)

Tee Option #4 – It’s on like Gozer Kong

DSC01667 (Large)

Tee Option #5 – Revenge of the Undead Teddy Bears

GB Tee Front and Back

Tee Option #6 – Who Ya Gonna Call? – FRONT & BACK

DSC01663 (Large)

Tee Option #7 – No One Steps on a Tee in My Town

DSC01661 (Large)

Tee Option #7 – Our Geek Forefathers

DSC01660 (Large)

Tee Option #9 – Our Robot Forefathers

DSC01658 (Large)

Tee Option #10 – Gizmo Forgot his Swimsuit

DSC01656 (Large)

Tee Option #11 – Building bender

DSC01654 (Large)

Tee Option #12 – Need I Say More?

DSC01653 (Large)

Tee Option #13 – The “Would Have Done Better Than What We’ve Got” Tee

DSC01650 (Large)

Tee Option #14 – It’s About Time

DSC01674 (Large)

Tee Option #15 – “Yes, it’s true, this tee GLOWS in the DARK!”

DSC00008 (Large)

Tee Option #15 – “Autobots, transform and hit 88 mph!”

DSC00009 (Large)

Tee Option #17 – “No one steps on a brick in my town!”

DSC00010 (Large)

Tee Option #18 – “He’s a sailor, he’s in New York. We get this guy a couple dogs, we shouldn’t have a problem.”

DSC00011 (Large)

Tee Option #19 – “We’ll call on you, always and forever. R.I.P. Egon & Ramis”

DSC00012 (Large)

Tee Option #20 – “Trust no one… but read heads.”


DSC01679 (Large)

Hoodie Option #1 – Why You Little!

DSC01678 (Large)

Hoodie Option #1 – Why You Little! (Full View)

DSC01665 (Large)

Hoodie Option #2 – Who ya gonna call?

DSC01676 (Large)

Hoodie Option #2 – Who ya gonna call? (Full View)


Don’t forget, all winners also get some rare unsought after Geek Outlaw stickers!


DSC01686 (Large)

Collect the whole set… of one!




“I’m getting too old for this $h!t”




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