WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards “Show Us Your…” SDCC Contest – July 2012

Outlaw Rewards “Show us your… SDCC” Contest – July 2012

Howdy Partnerds and welcome to the July 2012 Geek Outlaw Reward Giveaway!

As I repeat over and over again each month, I dig into my own collection of geeky items or purchase unique and highly desirable valuables (at a deeply discounted rate) that I then give to the winner of a contest of my choosing.



In celebration of the 2012 San Diego Comic Con (and my time in attendance!) I’m looking for photos of you in the most creative and geekiest costumes you’ve ever been brave enough to wear in public… or at least be willing to share with the general population.  Fortunately for you, you will only be subjected to all five of my followers.


Here are some pics of myself and  to help make you feel more comfortable:


“That’s him, that’s the one that got me.”

“Photo ops, why did it have to be photo ops?!”


















I’m fairly certain you guys can outclass me in the cosplay (a.k.a. excuse to celebrate Halloween year-round) department.


To be considered, post the glorious photos of yourself in geek-tastic outfits to Geek Outlaw’s Facebook wall at this link!  Nothing to it but a little self-induced internet embarrassment, right?


Pictures can be from any event, anywhere and from anytime.  Just try to keep it somewhat tasteful… not that those words really have anymore meaning these days.  As long as it doesn’t make me vomit or lead to a civil lawsuit, it should be ok.


Hey now, watch the Octo-groin Spidey!


As with the past few contests, I’m awarding, not one, but TWO winners.  The top two will be chosen by a panel consisting of myself & Hot Nerd Girl… if I can pay her enough to participate.  In the event a tie-breaker is needed, we will consult with an unbiased third-party judge TBD. (Usually me.)


Luckily I’m not the only judge, or my swag-bag wouldn’t be the only thing they won…


NOTE: No purchase necessary to win, however you MUST be subscribed to Geek Outlaw via email to win as well as “Like” Geek Outlaw on Facebook.  I don’t ask for any $, just your genuine (and pretend) support.




(ONE) SDCC Super Swag Sack which includes:


1) The Dark Knight Rises – ‘Bruce Wayne to Batman’ Movie Masters Figure
SDCC 2012 RARE Limited Edition Exclusive!

($30+ Value and $50 if you want to hurt my feelings and sell it on eBay)

Mint and sealed even…

… this is only an internet image, I honestly didn’t open it fellow geeks, really.



2) Bruce Campbell signed Amazing Spider-Man Poster

Umm, so yeah… it got a little bent in transit, BUT…


…Bruce Campbell F*&#ing signed this bad boy!



3) Superman T-shirt (Adult L)

Please disregard the white stain on the left… hopefully it will come out in the wash.



4)  Misc Super Bag O’ Swag

Here’s the Supernatural SDCC Bag (and exclusive SDCC TV Guide…)


… and here’s the swag! Comics and pins, and stickers, oh my!



4) 2012 SDCC Official Program and Event Guide

Some geeky bathroom reading material.



I’m like your own personal SDCC Swag Shopper!

Yes, please take all my free swag, credit cards and ATM pin… I insist.





Runner-up winner will receive a smaller, but still somewhat impressive SDCC Swag-Bag as well; however it will be slightly less stocked.

1) Transformers Poster Set (Including one signed by Nolan “Bruticus” North himself!)

Some Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Batman: Dark Knight Rises swag I almost got trampled for.

Signed by Nolan North (Voice of Bruticus and Cliffjumper in TF: Fall of Cybertron



2) Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Grimlock T-Shirt (Adult Large)

Me Geek Outlaw, love this shirt!

3)  Misc SDCC Freebies:

Mmmmm, free useless stuff…

And of course, the crowing jewel for both winners of this contest, they will also receive a couple of limited edition Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl stickers!

Collect the whole set… of two.


If that wasn’t enough, shipping is also included!  This is potentially the biggest giveaway yet, so subscribe and submit your photos ASAP!

So what are you waiting for… this Free SDCC stuff isn’t going to give itself out!  This is the BIGGEST contest yet!!!
So throw your (cowboy) hat into the ring of this month’s contest!

Geek Outlaw’s going to SDCC and all I get to do is play in mud?



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