WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards “Scary Hot Halloween” Contest – October 2012

Outlaw Rewards “Scary Hot Halloween” Contest – October 2012

Howdy Partnerds and welcome to the October 2012 Geek Outlaw Reward Giveaway!


Stuck between a Buffy and a…. I’ll just leave the rest of that one alone.


As all seven of my loyal followers have come to expect, almost every month – except the ones that end in ‘y’, ‘ber’ and ‘ary’ – I try to put together a semblance of a prize package for those that choose to subscribe to Geek Outlaw and participate in the random request I expect for such a worthy treasure valued somewhere near that of an extra value meal.


Being that Halloween is a special month for nerds, geeks and all other socially awkward miscreants looking for an excuse to dress up as their favorite pop-culture characters, I figured what better contest than to submit photos of yourself dressed to the hilt in your most outlandish Halloween costumes currently on record (and with an R-rating or lower).


To mark this momentous holiday giveaway, I’ve enlisted the help of super-geeky model Alexis Kaysen.  Alexis has caused men to mercilessly slobber all over themselves in popular men’s magazine’s such as Maxim as well as Playboy Charity golf events, and countless other modelesque photo-shoots the world over.


If this is the devil, my hand-basket is packed and ready to go!


If that weren’t enough, she is also a HUGE geek with a particular passion for anything that comes out of Joss Whedon’s grey matter.  More specifically, she is quite the devotee to his TV masterpiece, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Believe it or not – and I honestly don’t blame you for choosing the latter – you can also add friend and Geek Outlaw super-fan to her resume!  (To which I would highly recommend writing up a new resume.)


Future Ex-Outlaw? My heart and mind say yes, but my wallet wants a recount.


Being a fellow Outlaw and fan of the site, in exchange for only a few Geek Outlaw limited edition stickers (and a truckload of non-sequential unmarked American $100 bills) Alexis graciously offered to sign some unique items for this month’s Outlaw Rewards giveaway!


UPDATED: Just submit a photo of your most creative carved pumpkin creation from any past Hallo-screams or this year’s scare-a-bration to this blog post or Geek Outlaw’s Facebook page.  Seeing that the horror-day falls on the 31st, I’m giving everyone until November 3rd, 2012 for a chance to win some grotesquely awesome items.  Nothing to it… right?

“Who ya gonna carve?”


NOTE:  Well, it’s not that easy.  You do also need to be subscribed via e-mail to Geek Outlaw’s main blog page and Like Geek Outlaw on Facebook in order to be eligible for this possibly once-or-twice-in-a-lifetime giveaway!





(1) Alexis “The Vampie Slayer” Kaysen 24×36 Poster – Signed by Alexis!


You are MUCH hotter than Sarah Michelle Geller… now put down the stake very slowly…


(1) Real Ghostbusters ‘Retro-Action’ Halloween Firehouse Figure set with Janine Melnitz, Samhain and Slimer

If you all don’t bring your “A” game, this bad boy is staying int he Outlaw’s collection.



(1) Dark Knight RisesBatman Limited Edition Halloween Figure

“I, AM,… the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”




Since I’m a sucker for a runner-up, here are a few goodies for the 2nd best costume submitted…




(1) Alexis “The Vampie Slayer” Kaysen 11×17 Poster – Signed by Alexis!

Why models were invented.


(1) Ghostbusters ‘The Video Game’ Limited Edition Shirt – Adult XL

For the thrifty Outlaw: Next year’s costume.


And as always, the crowing jewel for both winners of this contest is a complete set of limited edition Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl stickers!

Collect the whole set… of 2.


If that wasn’t enough, shipping is also included!  This is one incredible giveaway and I’m asking basically nothing of you to enter and win a some unforgettable items that may you will remember for at least a few days after winning.

What are you waiting for… Alexis to deliver them to your house? Since that ain’t going to happen short of winning the lottery, throw your (cowboy) hat into the ring of this month’s geek-tastic contest!

DAD! The dog was in my pool again!






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