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WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards “Mega Big Bang New Year” Contest – February 2013

DSC00401 (Large)
I look like I’m up to something… but what?


It seems like it’s been almost two months since the last Outlaw reward offering… oh wait.  After a an extended holiday season and almost of month of celebrating my birthday, I decided it was time to do a little New Year’s cleaning and start giving away some stuff that is taking up precious space in the Outlaw abode.


Since it has been awhile, I have decided to start 2013 off with a belated ‘bang’ offering up some some of the coolest swag this side of the internet!


DSC00399 (Large)
I knew I shouldn’t have put my leather boots in the damn dryer!


So what’s the hitch this month?  Seeing as we just entered a new year, I decided I want to know all of your geekiest resolutions.  That doesn’t mean I want to hear how you vow to lose 10 pounds, give up smoking, or decide to volunteer every last minute of your day personally clothing every homeless person in David Hasselhoff’s latest clothing line. (Impressive, but not what I’m looking for)


No, I want to hear resolutions like, you plan on recreating every scene from the 14-episode season of Firefly all from the confines of your kitchen.  The geekiest resolutions will win one of two prize packages for this month, so post to this page or the Facebook page for your chance to win!


Make it So
If this doesn’t motivate you… well, try something else.


To enter, just submit your response to this blog post or Geek Outlaw’s Facebook page.  Winners will be chosen at random, and I’m giving everyone until Midnight (PST) on February 28th, 2013 to win the following ‘Mega’ prize packages!  (It’s so easy, even Paris Hilton could enter… well, maybe not THAT easy.)


NOTE: Seeing as I’m also trying to buy your loyalty, you do also need to be subscribed via e-mail to Geek Outlaw’s main blog page and Like Geek Outlaw on Facebook in order to be eligible.




(1) Megamind Brain Cap & Collectors Box

DSC00402 (Large)
“I’m not smart, I’m just big-brained!”

(1) Cut the Rope 8″ Plush

DSC00392 (Large)
Mmm… apps come to life as toys….


(1) Darth Vader Candy Dispenser with ‘Breathing Sound Box’

DSC00387 (Large)
“Luuuke… I am your dentist.”

(1) NEW Batman the Movie Blu-Ray (w/ Adam West)

DSC00386 (Large)
“Holy double-layer blu-ray Batman!”


(1 set of) Big Bang SDCC Exclusive & Entertainment Weekly Geek Edition

DSC00393 (Large)
Hence my Big Bang puns…


(1) FOX’s The Following Mini-Poster

DSC00385 (Large)
I wonder how many degrees this poster is separated from Kevin Bacon?





(1) Puss in Boots Mini-Leather Boots & Collector’s Box

DSC00403 (Large)
Puss not included.

(1) Cut the Rope 3″ Figure

DSC00391 (Large)
Not as ‘plush’ as the grand prize, but just as ‘appy’.

(1 set of) Gumby and Pokey bendable (& poseable) Figures

DSC00389 (Large)
If I have to explain to you who these guys are, it’s time to officially hang up my spurs.


(1 set of) SDCC 2012 Exclusive Comic Swag

DSC00390 (Large)
What better way to ring int he new year, than with swag from the past year.

(1) FOX’s The Following Mini-Poster – (Pictured above)



If that wasn’t enough, shipping is also included!  This is one incredible giveaway and I’m asking basically nothing of you to enter (minus your bank account numbers and first born).


What are you waiting for, another New Year?  Since 2014 is still 10 months away, you better throw your (cowboy) hat into the ring of this month’s geek-errific contest and start the year off with a ‘Big Bang’!


DAD! The dog was in my pool again!




  1. JulesWilliams says:

    I do happens to have a couple geeky/nerdy resolutions, I plan on building a “nerd” cave for my kids and I outside on hill and there build a tardis like it crash landed and upon entering will be a (literal) Nerd Cave complete with electricity and these prises will look fabulous there :). And since I’ve been dabbling in creating my own beers, Try to come up with fun geeky labels and flavours for the local beer fests.

  2. ShaneKroeker says:

    My geeky resolution for 2013 is to watch the entire series of Seinfeld with the “notes about nothing” scrolling along the bottom of each episode!

  3. My new years resolution would be to actually attend either a Star Trek convention in costume, or a comic con in costume. Either would be awesome, as I have never been to one before and always wanted to go.Since I never win at these things I will just say Live Long and Prosper.

  4. Watch every episode of star trek, doctor who, buffy the vampire slayer,and firefly that I can get my hands on. Go to gallifrey one as oswin oswald, create a dalek cake, rewatch all the stars wars movies (its been so long I can barely remember them),read all LOTR books and rewatch all the movies, and maybe not this year but definitely in the near future I want to go see David Tennant in a play and go to the sherlock holmes museum at 221 B Baker street. I think I may have forgotten a few things but thats all I can remember at the moment.

  5. SevValrite says:

    My New Years Resolution is a bit outside the box. I’ve already got the geekery covered. I can watch Firefly while wearing Chewbacca slippers just like the next guy, but my goal is actually to spread the geekness to the masses. I’ve been running an online radio station for gamers and geeks, and my goal for this year is to make it EXPLODE and spread the word of Geekus to everyone in the ‘verse. Yep, that and maybe rewatch every star trek series again this year.

  6. MarennMosley says:

    Mine is simply to learn to play one song on the violin I have owned for 8 years. That, and now that I think of it, I’m really determined to make my own cosplay for the first time for DragonCon 2013. Here’s to perseverance!

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