WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards “HALO 4 Holiday Snyper” Contest – November 2012

What’s better than one female Halo outfitted beauty? Three of them of course!


It’s that time of month again where I try to buy your loyalty with some free merchandise, because what self-confessed geek doesn’t like free stuff?


The only things I expect in return are your subscription to Geek Outlaw’s main blog page and Facebook page. Of course, there is also participation required in the contest itself, but it’s usually so easy even Paris Hilton could do it… ok, maybe not THAT easy.


As you know, the holidays are fast approaching, and that stampede you heard outside your house today was not everyone heading to the polls to vote for our next commander-in-chief, but to buy the latest shoot-’em up with our sniping Master-in-Chief, HALO 4.


Who needs movies anymore?


On the subject of snipers, it’s also a great day to acknowledge the release of the novel, Snyper: A Matter of Caliber, by first-time author (and Geek Outlaw follower) J. Meredith Harmon.  You can check out my positively unbiased and glowing review by clicking here.



Thus, it’s only fitting that since both pieces of media deal with that know their way around a sniper rifle, it only makes sense they are both part of this month’s rewards giveaway!  What’s more (and yes, there’s more) since this will be the last giveaway of the year, I will be awarding three winners!  Who said it doesn’t pay to be an outlaw?


What’s the catch you ask?  All I’m looking for is a post to this blog, or somewhere on Geek Outlaw’s Facebook page explaining what mythical Greek God (or creature) you would like to see get their own video game, and why?



Just submit your response to this blog post or Geek Outlaw’s Facebook page.  Winners will be chose at random, and I’m giving everyone until Midnight (PST) on December 2nd, 2012 to win the following prize packages that were made just for the gods.

NOTE: You do also need to be subscribed via email to Geek Outlaw’s main blog page and Like Geek Outlaw on Facebook in order to be eligible for this possibly once-or-twice-in-a-lifetime giveaway!





(1) “You had me at HALO” t-shirt : (Adult L)

“Show me the ammo!”



(1) 10th Anniversary HALO – Master Chief Action FIgure

“I think I shall call him mini-master…”



(1) 24″ Silk HALO 4 Poster

“This is beautiful, what is it, velvet?”… No it’s silk.



(1) HALO 4 Window Cling

Don’t worry, it’s only reversed so you can see it pre-cling.



(1) Digital eCopy of “Snyper: A Matter of Caliber” by J. Harmon

Comes in your choice of 3 digital versions!



(1) Swag from the 2012 Long Beach Comic-Con

Cylons will be cylons.





(1) 24″ Silk HALO 4 Poster – (Pictured above)

(1) HALO 4 Window Cling – (Pictured above)

(1) Digital eCopy of “Snyper: A Matter of Caliber” by J. Harmon – (Pictured above)

(1) Swag from the 2012 Long Beach Comic-Con – (Pictured above)



(1) HALO 4 Window Cling – (Pictured above)

(1) Digital eCopy of “Snyper: A Matter of Caliber” by J. Harmon – (Pictured above)



And as always, the crowning jewel for all winners of this contest is a complete set of limited edition Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl stickers!


Collect the whole set… of two.


If that wasn’t enough, shipping is also included!  This is one incredible giveaway and I’m asking basically nothing of you to enter and win a some pretty sweet items that may you will remember for at least a few hours after winning.

What are you waiting for… the end of the world to arrive in December?  Since we can’t predict the coming apocalypse, you better throw your (cowboy) hat into the ring of this month’s geek-tastic contest and get some cool gifts for the holidays!

DAD! The dog was in my pool again!







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