WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards “Geek into Spring” Contest – May 2013

DSC00599 (Large)

WARNING: Kids, don’t try this face at home.


Ahhh Spring… the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the geeks (myself included) start showing up in droves to the onslaught of Summer blockbusters in order to have our ear drums and grey matter beat senseless into a steaming pile of apocalyptic superhero mush.  Don’t forget the credit cards that will also be reduced to liquefied plastic due to the cost of attending such fare in the theaters these days.


Alas, Geek Outlaw feels your pain in mind and wallet.  That’s why I’ve cooked up a little giveaway this month to celebrate the arrival of films such as Iron Man 3 and the new Man of Steel with a rewards package of steel.



Man-of-Steel-vs-Iron-Man-3 “No, I can punch the ground harder…”



For May, I’ve got some Spring leftovers (which are often better the second time around) that will appeal to the little outlaws, be it literally or inside of us all in spirit.


All I’m asking for this go-round is an answer to a simple question: As a certified geek, what is it about Spring you enjoy most?


The geekiest and most creative answers will be eligible for one of THREE festive mini-prize packages:



1 – Ghostbusters Fitted T-Shirt (Adult M)
1 – Captain America Easter Basket
1 – Pack of Avengers Treat Holders (3)

DSC00593 (Large)

That’s right, you can win the shirt off my back! Just admit it, you know you want it.



1 – Pack of Dark Knight (Batman) Treat Holders (3)
1 – Pack of Dark Side (Darth Vader) Treat Holders (3)

DSC00595 (Large)

I figured these guys could use a little sun.



1 – Pack of Spider-Man Treat Holders (3)
1 – Spider-Man squishy ball

DSC00596 (Large)

“…collects whatever a spider can…”


And of course ALL winners receive a set of Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl stickers!

DSC00603 (Large)

Collect the whole set… of two!


To enter, just post your answer to this page, Geek Outlaw’s Facebook page or e-mail it to:


NOTE:  Since I desperately seek your Outlaw acceptance as a friend and community member, you also need to be subscribed via e-mail to Geek Outlaw’s main blog page and Like Geek Outlaw on Facebook in order to be eligible.  If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!


Winners will be chosen by the Outlaw himself and you all have until Midnight (PST) on June 2nd, 2013 to get your answers in!


Good Luck fellow Outlaws!



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