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WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards Caption Contest – May 2012

Outlaw Rewards Caption Contest – May 2012


Howdy Partnerds and welcome to the May 2012 Geek Outlaw Reward Giveaway!


Every month, I will either dig into my own collection of geeky items or purchase unique and highly desirable valuables (at a deeply discounted rate) to be given to the winner of a contest of my choosing.


Without further delay, what I’m looking for this month is the BEST caption to this photo:


“Don’t look at me, it was the green guy’s turn to bring Marshmallows!”



So all you have to do is ‘assemble’ a caption that is funnier and more creative than mine!  That shouldn’t be too hard considering: A) It took me all of 10 seconds to think of, and B) it came from me.


To be considered, just leave your caption quote in comments section below, it’s that easy!  You have until end of day May 31st to submit your caption!


As with last month’s contest. I’m awarding tw0 winners… 1st and 2nd place.  The winners will be decided by a panel consisting of myself & Hot Nerd Girl.  In the event a tie-breaker is needed, we will consult with an unbiased 3rd party judge TBD. (Most likely me.)


NOTE: No purchase necessary to win, however you MUST be subscribed to Geek Outlaw via e-mail to win as well as “Like” Geek Outlaw on Facebook.  I don’t ask for any $, just your genuine (and pretend) support.



(ONE) Mighty ‘Lightning Power’ THOR 10″ Figure

(And that’s the size of the entire figure… get your mind out of the gutter ladies!)

AND he Talks!

Love knows no bounds…




(ONE)  Avengers Animated DVD Volume 4 – Thor’s Last Stand

(Are we sensing a theme yet?)

Oooh, Hulk shiny!

If Vanna was a Nerd…






(ONE) THOR Theatrical Movie Poster

(Really, you don’t see a trend yet?)

Perfect for hanging in your room, bathroom, ceiling…

Who’s the hot nerd girl hiding behind that God’s mug?




(ONE) Marvel Universe T-Shirt

(Your choice of XL or M)

How much do I love Marvel? Let me picture the ways…

The “Assembled” Duo!


2ND PLACE PRIZE – (for 2nd Best Caption… Duh!)


Runner-up winner will receive a Thor theatrical poster and Marvel Universe T-shirt (Size TBD) as pictured above!



Last but not least… ALL winners also receive 2 Geek Outlaw AND 2 Hot Nerd Girl collectible stickers!

   Collect the whole set… of 2!


If that wasn’t enough, shipping is also included!  I’d tell you the grand total of these prize packs… but I’d rather you laugh uncontrollably AFTER you receive them in the mail.

So what are you waiting for… this Free stuff isn’t going to give itself out!  Throw your (cowboy) hat into the ring of this month’s contest!

 Mooooooooom! There is NOT any candy in here!




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