WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards “Can’t Believe It’s Been One Year” Contest – March 2013

As the title of this post implies, this March is a momentous month. (Say that 10 times fast!)


If you want any further proof that time feels like it travels faster than the speed of light, then try this one on for size… Geek Outlaw has officially been writing wise for a year now.


“So let me get this straight, it’s Geek Outlaw’s first anniversary and I’m GIVING AWAY gifts?”


I know how you feel, it seems like only last month I was giving away cheesy, yet nerdy treasures from my own overflowing stash of geek crap… oh wait, you’re saying that was last month?  Oh well, as they say, geeks can be beggars, but beggars can’t be choosers…


…that is until this month.


In celebration of this once in a lifetime milestone that is only achieved by a select few other million or so blogs across the globe, I’m giving away $100 worth of geeky gift cards to your choice of Toys ‘R’ Us or ThinkGeek!


Toys R Us BIG GO Blank

Toys R Us BIG GO Blank Geek Outlaw sold separately.


Think Geek Card

Think Geek Card ‘Think’ you got the best idea? Thinking geeky can get you some credit at ThinkGeek!


That’s right!  Not only do you get to choose what you buy, but you get to choose where you buy it… all because you chose me!


So what’s the catch? (Because everyone and their hobbit’s mom knows there is ALWAYS a catch.)


In order to be eligible for this once-in-a-year anniversary event, all I want from my fellow outlaws are suggestions on a new segment you’d like to see Geek Outlaw blog humorous about (or try to anyway).  The best idea will receive the top gift card worth $40 AND more importantly will have their idea become a regular segment on Geek Outlaw for (at least) ONE full year!

[Not to mention you’ll get creative input AND full credit on each post for the segment.]


Toys R Us BIG GO $40


Three runner-ups will receive $30, $20 and $10 gift cards of their choice and their ideas will be considered for future segments down the road as well.


Toys R Us BIG GO $30

Toys R Us BIG GO $20

Toys R Us BIG GO $10

 Now that’s a lot of Outlaws!

Be creative, but be realistic folks.  Remember, I am only one man with only one budget. (Think along the lines of MC Hammer – not George Lucas – and you’ll get the gist.)  However, feel free to think outside the ‘written’ box as well; audio or video segments are all fair game!


NOTE: Since I want everyone to stick around and possibly see their segment blossom like a beautiful mutant butterfly, you also need to be subscribed via e-mail to Geek Outlaw’s main blog page and Like Geek Outlaw on Facebook in order to be eligible.


A potentially embarrassing, but small price to pay for free stuff.


To enter, just e-mail your top secret segment suggestion to: GeekOutlaw@outlook.com


Winners will be chosen by moi and you all have until Midnight (PST) on March 31st, 2013 to submit what may be one of the greatest blog segments ever seen by 15 people!  (Not to mention win some geek shopping credits.)


Good Luck fellow Outlaws!

“Yuck, those aren’t raisins!”




  1. BrennaBombshell says:

    I’ve got one… Geek or Just Glasses. Take two geeky looking girls and debunk from photographic evidence if they really are a geek or just wearing glasses in order to scream “NERD OMFG!”

  2. mrex2mark says:

    Geek Outlaw Of The Month.  You go find and document a real live *Geek Outlaw* (other than yourself) that lives up to your ideal “Geek Outlaw” standards.  Sexy poses and cosplay allowed, but not required.  Geekyness and Outlaw behavior *REQUIRED*

    • Geek Outlaw says:


      First and foremost, thank you for following Geek Outlaw! I know this is long overdue, but you are the 2nd Prize winner for the Outlaw Rewards contest for March 2013! I loved your idea, and while it wasnt the first place winner, I’m in the process of determining how I can launch it as a monthly segment to the site, and of course you will get full credit for the idea if and when posted.

      To get your prize package, simple email me your shipping info to GeekOutlaw@Outlook.com as soon as possible! (The gift card I may just email directly to you.)

      Sorry again for the delay PartNerd, but it’s been a crazy past several months!

      Thank you and Welcome to the Wild Wild Geek Fest,


      (aka Geek Outlaw)

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