WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards – April 2012

Welcome to the 1st Ever Outlaw Rewards Giveaway!


Every month, I will either dig into my own collection of geeky items or purchase a unique and highly desirable item (at a deeply discounted rate) to be given to the winner of a contest of my choosing.


The contest is usually easy enough for anyone to participate in or a random drawing.


(Did someone say Draw Part-Nerd?)


Without further delay, here is what I’m looking for this month:

Well, to be honest I’m ALWAYS going to be looking for all those who enjoy Geek Outlaw and want to subscribe to my blog and Facebook page.  However, seeing as Geek Outlaw is just starting out, I figured (and pray) it might be a good time to try and round up some more posse!  What better way to do that then to bribe my current gang of geek outlaws to help out with the task.

That said, I’m providing not just one, but TWO chances to win!


Outlaw Contest 1:  This is a Subscriber Stick-up!


Alright, just hand over your e-mail address real slow now… and no one has to get hurt… and… that’s it.


All you have to do is subscribe to Geek Outlaw via e-mail in the 1st widget in the right hand column of  I promise I’m not going to try and sell ya anything… yet.


I just want to make sure you are getting notified on all the great posts and future contests… and trust me the rewards will get better the bigger the gang gets.


OPTIONAL: If ya like, also feel free to leave a quick comment on this post. (E.G.: “I subscribed” or “Hi” or “I can’t believe I’ve sunk this low for a free shirt”)



This months prize will be given to a user selected at random.

The Reward:

This month, for your subscription loyalty you have the chance of winning an incredibly cool yet geeky Star Wars “Flying Solo” shirt (Size – Adult XL).

As modeled below by the lovely Hot Nerd Girl, this shirt is unisex as it works great as a sexy overnight t-shirt for the ladies and is good enough for a 6’8 linebacker as well.

(Hot Nerd Girl, alien space city, and spaceships NOT included.)



BONUS Prize:

If you are selected as the winner AND you were crafty enough to sucker a friend into newly subscribing this month as well… I will throw in the following Spock figure from the latest Star Trek movie… it’s only logical.

(NOTE: Your friend must be a subscriber before the time of drawing on April 30th.  Oh don’t hem and haw… this thing is easy enough as it is!)

I think I shall call him, ‘Pocket-Logic”.




Contest Law 2: The Race to 232!


“You like me, you really like me!” No really… please “Like” me! You know what I’m talking about… that little button that says ‘Like’ on the Geek Outlaw Facebook page under my banner.


If you read my about me, I have an unholy obsession with the number 32, so I’ve set what I feel is a reasonable goal to hit 232 – it has # 32 in it no matter which way you flip it – which I think can be achieved by the end of this month.


So here’s the deal, I will be giving a reward away to the person who becomes the 232 ‘Like’ on Facebook. What’s your motivation you ask? Well, if you are the person that happened to refer “Like” 232, you also win the exact same prize!… and yes, I WILL be able to determine winners.


If 232 doesn’t pan out or have a referrer, I will go with the next highest referrer of 233, and so on. It’s not over until Jabba sings.


“So what do we have for them Bob….?”





That’s right… matching “Vader’s Pet AT-AT” t-shirts (Both = Size – Adult M).


The shirt that every Star Wars fan just can’t help but saying “awwwwww” to, is stylishly modeled below by Geek Outlaw himself.


What did you say about my inferior Photoshop skills?



But wait, there’s MORE

ALL winners also receive 2 Geek Outlaw AND 2 Hot Nerd Girl limited edition collectible stickers!

Collect the whole set… of 2!



Not to mention shipping is also included! I’d tell you the grand total of these prize packs… but I’d rather you laugh uncontrollably AFTER you receive them in the mail.



So what are you waiting for… this free stuff isn’t going to give itself away! Help spread the Geek Outlaw love and throw your (cowboy) hat into the ring for this month’s drawings! Geek out Outlaws!





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