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WIN FREE LOOT: Geek Outlaw Boldly Gives Away Limited Edition Mondo Posters for the STAR TREK BEYOND Rewards Contest


What’s wrong Kirk? Why the long red face?


After 50 brutal electoral rounds of no holds barred rock’em sock’em presidential candidates, it’s time to let the healing process begin. What better way to help us forget about the past 18 months than by giving away some free swag.

Thanks once again to the overly generous gentleman heading the Paramount Pictures PR department, the Outlaw is boldly offering what no short stocky guy in a cowboy hat and Ghostbusters jersey has offered before, three limited edition Star Trek Beyond Mondo posters created by artist Matt Taylor.



The Matt, the myth, the artist.


So what’s the going rate to win one of these epic pieces of Trek wallpaper? Share a photo, video, or just describe your most prized piece of Star Trek memorabilia (Yeah, it’s even easier than voting.)

Photos & video can be submitted to me via email at GeekOutlaw@outlook.com, a message via the Geek Outlaw Facebook Page or by replying to this post. Three will be chosen soon so make sure you submit your entry no later than Sunday at Midnight (PST) of November 20th, 2016.

(NOTE: You must also Like Geek Outlaw on Facebook and be an e-mail subscriber to the GeekOutlaw.com email subscription service to be eligible.)


Here’s what three lucky Outlaws could win:




Last, but not least, has become the norm, all winners receive their far share of Geek Outlaw stickers which can be used for a whole slew of things including decorating your tablet or smartphone covers, covering up a hole in your drywall, or picking up after your dog should you run out of baggies.



Collect the whole set… of three!


Oh, and as I promised above, if you’ve got any extra U.S. currency burning a hole in your pocket after all of the money I’ve saved you, I’ve got custom Geek Outlaw shirts and “Howdy PartnerD” flasks ripe for the purchasing!


Leather Laser-Engraved – Geek Outlaw “Howdy PartnerD” Flask
($25 w/ FREE Shipping!)

The Leather Outlaw ($25 + FREE Shipping)



Steel – Geek Outlaw “Howdy PartnerD”
($20 w/ FREE Shipping!)
[choice of Desperado & 6-Shooter fonts]

Steel Desperado ($20 + FREE Shipping)

P1070621 (Large)

Steel 6-Shooter ($20 + FREE Shipping)


If you want some of these adult-themed goodies, feel free to send your hard-earned money to the Outlaw via Paypal using the email GeekOutlaw@outlook.com. Don’t forget to include your shipping address and specific order description or I’ll assume you are making a donation to the “Geek Outlaw Needs to Buy Groceries This Month Foundation.” (On a serious note, a portion of proceeds from each sale are donated to Operation Gratitude.)

Best of luck to all my fellow Outlaws. May you live long, and win a poster.



That’s no kiddie pool!



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