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WILD WILD PODCAST #9: Spunky Destructor and Geek Outlaw Travel Back to their Nerd Births on Labor Day

WWP 9 MAIN 740

Hmmm, what could we possibly be talking about on this show?

Welcome to the Wild Wild Podcast #9


LISTEN HERE! —>  http://geekoutlaw.com/podcasts/Geek_Outlaw_PC9_Nerd_Birth.mp3


Have you ever had the burning desire to know what exactly makes Geek Outlaw and Erika “Spunky Destructor” the geeks they are today? Well, neither have I.

Nevertheless, my Wild Wild Podcast co-host and I wanted to put in some hard work this Labor Day so we decided to get semi-personal with our three listeners. Thus, in this installment of the podcast, we chat about the things that helped to make us the nerds we are today, or more precisely when we realized we were total geeks.

This is one of those podcasts where no further explanation is needed. Just sit back, relax and listen as we tackle the topic of the moment… 30 minutes into the session (as is now standard protocol).


LISTEN HERE! —>  http://geekoutlaw.com/podcasts/Geek_Outlaw_PC9_Nerd_Birth.mp3



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