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WILD WILD PODCAST #7: Guardians of the Galaxy Dances its way to Marvel’s Best Effort Yet

I’m finally taller than someone… errr something that enjoys digging through trash anyway.


Welcome to the Wild Wild Podcast #7

Join co-host Erika “Spunky Destructor” and I as we go gaga over Guardians of the Galaxy after viewing it in IMAX 3D opening weekend. Now SPOILER-FREE!



There are movies that come along that get so hyped up, there is no way they could possibly live up to the expectations.  On the flip side, there are other movies that do live up to the hype and leave audiences satisfied when exiting the multiplex with their wallets a paycheck lighter.

Then there are movies like Guardians of the Galaxy that come along and have you questioning why you weren’t salivating even more over the film than your original drool bucket indicated. After taking in a showing of the flick in IMAX 3D with Wild Wild Podcast co-host Spunky Destructor on opening weekend, it’s a fairly safe bet I fall into the latter of the three camps, but not because I wasn’t genuinely excited about the movie from the get-go. On the contrary, after seeing the first official trailers for Guardians, I felt a bit like Tom Cruise in a couch factory. In fact, I was worried my un-tempered enthusiasm had set me up for the ultimate in geek disappointments.


RR Shirt

Did I buy into the hype? Seeing as I bought this two weeks before the film’s release, I guess you could qualify that with a yes.


In the end, despite all the hype preceding it, Guardians not only met my expectations, but blew them to bits. This is one fun movie, folks. For a comic book property I knew zilch about going in, the entire film proved to be entertaining and moving on more levels than I could have imagined. Give Marvel credit, they had me feeling more emotion for an ornery raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and a walking tree trunk with the mindset of a three-year old (voiced by Vin Diesel) than I’ve felt from the the last several dramas I’ve seen.


Rocket and Groot

When compared to a walking tree and a talking raccoon, a stuffed tiger that comes to life seems fairly plausible.


So where does this rank on my list of magnificent Marvel movies? (And yes, I just came up with that unimpressive triple M word score on my own.) Truth be told, Guardians just hit the top of the list—beating out my new recent love interest, Captain America 2 (another Marvel team-up with some guy named Joss Whedon). Yeah, that’s right, I said it and I’m not taking it back. So bring on the “you’re-out-of-your-mind” mail! The joke’s on you though because I already get that non-stop.


I’m not joking though, I loved this flick more than The Avengers and here’s a few quick reasons why:

1)      Rocket and Groot:  As mentioned above, these guys had more personality in their CGI bodies than some other heroes do in their fleshy pinkies. Quite frankly, they stole the show and gave the film more heart in two scenes than The Avengers could muster all film.



Rinse, reload, and repeat.


2)      Get Down & Boogie:  Not only did the musical score blow the original Avengers score away, the inclusion of classic pop-music gave the film an energy unlike any other superhero flick to date. Kudos to Guardians composer Tyler Bates on both fronts.



I’ve got a feeling Blue Swede is enjoying their new set of royalty checks.


3)      Laugh Out Loud:  The Avengers (and most Marvel flicks in general) bring the funny, but Guardians takes the humor one step further. There is a sarcasm and wit to the film which isn’t as in-your-face or obvious as some of the other MCU flicks, plus there’s more of it. It was right up the Outlaw’s ally.

4)      The Underdog Factor:  Of course you can stack the odds high against any super-powered group, but when you get down to it, The Avengers have a Norwegian God, a near unstoppable Hulk, a man in a billion dollar piece of military-grade armor and a patriotic super-solider. You’d be insane not to expect them to kick the ever loving feces out of everything and everyone. On the contrary, with the exception of Groot, none of the Guardians foursome have any serious super powers or abilities (at the moment), which makes their victories all the more satisfying.



A line-up only a mother could turn in.


I know you’re dying to know (actually I doubt you are, but at least fake it this one time) what I didn’t like about the film. Well, it’s pretty minor stuff, but here goes:

1)      The Outlaw’s Mask:  Am I going crazy (don’t answer that), or did the production crew run out of money when it came to Star Lord’s retractable mask effect? The obviously digital Tron-like effect felt out of place amongst all of the incredible effects seamlessly incorporated throughout the rest of the film.

2)      No Time for Love:  I’m a softie for a good romantic relationship arc in any type of movie, and I felt Guardians skimped out on it. However, with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) being a Dr. Jones/Han Solo-eque womanizing lady’s man, I understand them straying away from the romance this time around, but hope for a love connection in the already-announced sequel.


Well, there you have it… well, not really all of it. You still need to click on the play button to hear the entire discussion on why Guardians of the Galaxy is an absolute joy to watch. In fact, I had such a blast, I plan on seeing it in theaters again and I may even take one of my house plants with me.


Don’t forget to join co-host Erika “Spunky Destructor” and I as we go gaga over Guardians of the Galaxy after viewing it in IMAX 3D opening weekend. Now SPOILER-FREE!

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