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WILD WILD PODCAST #4: Edge of Tomorrow is Edge of your Seat Fun while A Million Ways To Die in the West will have you Begging for a Quick Demise

Wild Wild Podcast 4 MAIN NEW

Give me some credit, it’s much harder to do two things at once than you think.


Welcome to the Wild Wild Podcast #4

Join co-host Erika “Spunky Destructor” and I as we discuss a couple of films that land on opposite sides of the tracks with regards to overall entertainment value: Edge of Tomorrow and A Million Ways to Die in the West.



Given how precious time is these days and how it seems to be passing by at a rate faster than Kim Kardashian’s marriage count can keep up with (almost), it is not hard to see why this Outlaw barely has a couple hours during his weekend to catch the latest high-profile movie release, let alone two of them.

However, that is exactly what I managed to do this past weekend as Wild Wild Podcast co-host Erika “The Spunky Destructor” and I managed to do the near-impossible by squeezing in a viewing of Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi flick, Edge of Tomorrow, and Seth McFarlane’s western satire raunch-fest , A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Sadly, the term ‘western satire raunch-fest’ comes off as somewhat of a compliment, and that is giving A Million Ways entirely too much credit. This movie was SO bad, not only does it give western satires a bad name, it gives the film it was recorded on a bad reputation, including the star, producer, director and writer—all of whom are Seth MacFarlane. With two hours of my life already lost and the inability to scrub from my mind what I witnessed on screen—short of a lobotomy—I have no desire to waste further time on this piece of media that passes for what is supposedly a film.  Plus, Spunky Destructor and I manage to spend plenty of valuable seconds ripping the movie a new orifice during the podcast, which you can listen to at your leisure.


Smoking Gus Poster

Besides the first glimpse of the end credits, this was the best part of the film. (And yes by ‘this’ I mean just this poster.)


The other film of our quasi-doubleheader was the alien invasion film starring the man who made missions impossible, Mr. Tom Cruise. Unlike the steaming pile of dog excrement that was A Million Ways, the Edge of Tomorrow proved to be one of the most enjoyable sci-fi films I’ve seen in quite some time. Borrowing heavily form the concept of Groundhog’s Day, the film revolves around Major William Cage (Cruise) and the need for him to repeat the same day during an alien invasion until he gets it right. Getting it right is a bit of a general umbrella statement as it’s a bit more complicated than that and there is a slight twist to it. As I try to consistently undertake with all of my reviews and podcasts, I keep things relatively spoiler free. If I mention something during the podcast, I usually give some warning so you can fast-forward or mute me completely.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Emily Blunt also turns in a fine performance, especially in the physique department, as the special forces dynamo Rita.


I’m not sure what it is that turns me on with women who look like that they can break me into little pieces (most of them), but you won’t find me complaining about it.


Enough with the typing though as the real meat of the reviews is in the podcast itself. So throw on your headphones, click play, and prepare to laugh (hopefully in public) with the fourth installment of the Wild Wild Podcast!






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  1. geek outlaw says:

    This wasn’t meant to be a western. It was Blazing Saddles on steroids. That’s what it was supposed to be. If you are comparing it to traditional westerns like Dirty Harry, etc. then you missed the point.

    • Oh trust me, I was well aware of what type of movie I was getting myself into when buying my ticket. I didn’t mean to directly compare this to traditional westerns in my comparison, thus my use of the word satire. However, to put this in the same sentence as Blazing Saddles, IMHO, is an insult to the Mel Brooks classic. Blazing Saddles is a smartly written comedy that didn’t rely on distasteful jokes showing diarrhea and semen on screen (the later being a gag stolen directly from Something About Mary anyway) and the constant need to berate the audience with anal sex jokes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a good raunchy comedy now and again as long as it’s done right (see “This is the End”), however McFarlane failed miserably (in the opinions of me, my co-host, and many critics reviewers out there.. not to mention the horrid box office.) Of course, to each their own and I’m happy if you found some entertainment within, but I found this movie to be a total dud and I’m definitely not alone.

  2. Robert Doty says:

    To be honest I think you nailed this one. I felt like Seth over acted during most of the movie. (kinda like “look I can talk AND move my body too!”) Anyway you got it right. Haven’t seen Edge of Tomorrow yet but I intend too. Have to tell you though I am waiting with baited breath for Guardians Of The Galaxy.

    • Thanks for the back up Robert! Funny you describe the “talk and move my body” comment about Seth because that’s exactly how I felt… as if he wanted to prove he could be in a movie that didn’t require him to be on camera.

      I do highly recommend Edge of Tomorrow, and like yourself I’m just itching to See Guardians ASAP! Only a month or so to go!!!

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