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WILD WILD PODCAST #3: Godzilla Reboot is a 15 Minute Blockbuster that Grew Too Long


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Just like the original, only shorter, hairier and with better breath… barely.


Welcome to the Wild Wild Podcast #3

Join co-host Erika “Spunky Destructor” and myself as we discuss the ginormous blockbuster reboot that is Godzilla!



Notwithstanding what the title of this post might lead you to believe, when my Wild Wild Podcast co-host Erika “Spunky Destructor” insisted I see Godzilla with her, I hadn’t built any expectations of the film. While I have indeed enjoyed several of the classic black-and-white films and the 1999 remake that came across more like Jurassic Park 3 than Jurassic Park 3, for some reason the radioactive lizard never really became an endearing part of my childhood—thus my somewhat complete indifference on the new 2014 monster mash. Fortunately, I feel like this also puts me in an advantageous position to provide a fairly unbiased take on the film.

So sit back, relax, and read my huge Top 3 lists and listen to episode 3 of the Wild Wild Podcast to hear what the Outlaw and the Spunky Destructor had to say about one of the first blockbuster releases of summer 2014.


3 Biggest Reasons Godzilla is Worth Seeing on the Most Ginormous Screen Known to Man



Sadly, this film would have been better with a Looney Tunes-eque run time.


1)      The Effects: If there was only one reason to sit through this film, it’s the special effects. To say they are jaw-dropping would be an understatement and I found myself drooling uncontrollably during certain scenes, particularly at the end.

2)      The End: Keeping with the incredible effects, I would be remiss if I didn’t say the finale of this film was pretty close to epic. Unfortunately, there’s way too much uninspired film reel that preceded it.

3)      Keeping it Old School: Even though the technology was upgraded, the look and feel of the film honored that of the original Godzilla films. From the atmospheric scenes of destruction to the big lizard himself (who looked more like his old self than a super-sized T-Rex ) the look and feel of this adaption paid excellent tribute to its roots.



3 Largest Reasons Why the Latest Incarnation of Godzilla is a Monstrous Disappointment


Godzilla Face Palm

When even burning cities to the ground won’t suffice.


1)      Could Have Been a Sitcom – In Length: Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that getting to the final eye-popping 15 minutes of the flick required sitting through 105 dreadful minutes of nothingness. (See #2 and #3 for details.)

2)      Could Have Been a Sitcom – Without the Jokes: If you like your summer blockbusters devoid of any humor, than this is the movie for you. To be fair, I understand they were trying to take a serious tone with this remake and that’s all fine and dandy, but even the most dramatic of films know when to inject some levity. The laughs were scarcer than the Lochness monster itself.

3)      The Cast E-Mails It In: I say e-mail instead of regular mail, because even regular mail takes some effort to send out. Outside of Bryan Cranston I could have sworn the rest of the cast was primarily constructed of cardboard. It made connecting with any of the characters near impossible; I literally didn’t care if the whole lot of them became part of the monster buffet.


My advice? If you truly want to experience the finale do so in the theater, at matinee prices, bring your own food and don’t show up until about an hour and a half into the run time. You’ll thank me later… hopefully.


(Don’t miss Wild Wild Podcast #3 below as I talk more in detail about the film with my co-host Erika “The Spunky Destructor.”)



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