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WILD WILD PODCAST #2: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Still Doesn’t Live Up to it’s Namesake

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Sadly, this is as low as my knees will let me go these days.


Welcome to the Wild Wild Podcast #2

Join co-host Erika “Spunky Destructor” and myself as we talk the good, the bad, and the ugly Amazing Spider-Man 2!



Those fortunate enough to have read my review of the first Amazing Spider-Man from this Webb-Garfield era are already aware of my distaste for the latest incarnation of this franchise.  That said, if you guessed I still haven’t warmed up to the series after seeing part duex, you’d win the grand prize—if, of course, I had anything remotely resembling a budget.  As a quick recap for those suckers, err… gainfully employed individuals who may not be able to listen to this Wild Wild Podcast immediately, I’ve put together dueling top 5 lists of the best and worst things Amazing Spider-Man 2 had to offer. (Mind you, the latter was a tough list to narrow to just five items.)

(SPOILER ALERT! – Don’t read ahead if you still would prefer to be surprised by events of the film. You’ve been warned!)


Top 5 things that made Geek Outlaw’s Spider-Sense tingle:

  1. The New Threads:  While to most this is small potatoes, those such as myself who enjoy a more Todd McFarlane-like wall crawler will enjoy the new duds complete with larger eyes. This is especially good news as Spidey no longer looks like a Spalding basketball.

    New ASM Suit

    “I spy with my bigger eye…”


  2. Emma Stone:  Ms. Stone is a fine actress outside the world of Spider-Man and she is also a fine actress inside of. In two films full of dreadful casting choices, she is the one actor who seems to have any range. The fact she’s easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.
  3. The Nimble Web-Slinger:  Fans of all ages know their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is an acrobatic fellow. The infamous pretzelesque spider poses are as much a part of the character as his web-shooters. ASM2 does a great job of capturing this flexibility in motion, albeit mostly with computer generated effects.
  4. Gwen Stacey’s Fate:  With the talk of MJ’s inclusion in ASM2 (which was pulled last minute), many long-time Spidey comic readers knew the writing could be on the wall for the blonde beauty. While not perfect, the scene was the strongest of the film and kudos to the makers for not copping out on the important storyline from the comics. However, the movie should’ve ended here and it didn’t (see #4 below).
  5. The end credits:  After peering at my watch a few times, I’ve never been happier to see the end credits to a Spider-Man film, which in itself is sad since he’s my favorite superhero, ever.


DSC00094 (Large)

Is it over yet? (Please tell me it’s over!)


Top 5 things that made Geek Outlaw want to strangle himself with his own web shooter:

  1. Andrew Garfield:  If I’ve only said it once, then I haven’t said it enough: Andrew Garfield is no Peter Parker—he wasn’t in ASM 1 and he isn’t any better here. Even after donning the suit in the comics, Peter was in many ways still the awkward nerd-underdog we all grew to love and root for. Garfield’s cocky hipster portrayal of Peter doesn’t even capture the essence of source material, and his humor as Spidey is more miss than hit.
  2. The Villains were too Numerous and too Laughable:  All the same people who threw a hissy fit about Rami’s Spidey 3 having too many baddies should also be up in arms about ASM2. Arguably, even Spider-Man 3 really only hosted two villains, as Franco’s Hobgoblin came around to the side of good by film’s end. Also, what’s with evil-doers needing to announce their nicknames? Forced much? Where is J.Jonah Jameson when you need him? (This would be on the list if I could count higher than 5.)
  3. Abysmal Score:  The Olympiad-like musical score which opened and closed the film was so horrendously awful (to my ears) that it put me in a foul mood when the film started and an even unhappier state of mind during the final scene. Hans Zimmer (one of my favorite composers) co-produced the soundtrack. My guess is he produced Xerox copies of whatever someone else did for the rest of the orchestra and then called it a day. That was not Zimmer-quality stuff.
  4. Anticlimactic Ending:  As much as I commend the incorporation of Gwen Stacey’s death, I felt the entire film would have been significantly better had they just ended on that note and then shown the devices for some of the six villains to come in Part 3. Instead, there is a rushed ending with another villain (Rhino) and the emotional impact of the death is all but lost.


    “And WHY am I wearing a dead woman’s choice in fashion again?”


  5. Still One More to Go:  Sadly, director Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield are inked to do one more Amazing Spider-Man. Webb has said it will be his last (praise the Lord) and its been rumored that it may be Garfield’s last behind the mask, too (pray to the lord).

It would be a dream-come-true if Sony just relinquished control back to Marvel after the next film so Spidey can join the Avengers. At the very least however, I wouldn’t mind a new direction for the wall-crawler after the sticky mess Garfield and Webb have created thus far. A loyal web-head can only hope.


(Don’t miss Wild Wild Podcast #2 below as I talk more in detail about the film with my co-host Erika “The Spunky Destructor”, whose views were quite different than my own.)



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