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WILD WILD PODCAST 18: Geek Outlaw gets Slimed by Robin Shelby (aka Slimer) from Ghostbusters 2

slimer 2

“Who does your blog’s taxes?”


Welcome to the WILD WILD PODCAST #18

 Listen as co-host Spunky Destructor and I are joined by the woman who wore the suit of the little green spud in Ghostbusters II, Robin Shelby! We discuss her career in the entertainment industry, her experience with Ghostbusters, the future of the franchise, and her own upcoming endeavors in full detail!

LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #18


Geek Outlaw: “It’s right here, Spunky. It’s listening to me.”

Spunky Destructor: “She’s a short little thing isn’t she?”

Geek Outlaw: “I think she can hear you, Spunky.”

Spunky Destructor: “Don’t talk! She won’t hurt you.”

Geek Outlaw: “Aaaaaahhh! Aaaaaahhh!… She slimed me.”

Robin Shelby: “You do know I’m on the line and can hear you both, right?”



“I sound so funky.”


It isn’t often Spunky Destructor and I have cause for celebration, most notability on her end, seeing as how she tactfully puts up with the Outlaw whenever we record the Wild Wild Podcast. However, the revelation that we would be having our first-ever guest on the show was reason enough to rejoice. Appropriately enough, the Outlaw’s inaugural guest was none other than Robin Shelby, the woman who wore the Slimer suit for Ghostbusters 2, and speechlessness set in… for about 4 seconds until I started my incoherent babble once again.


Behind the scenes with the one they call Slimer (and Robin Shelby.)


I befriended – although she might choose a different word – Robin at the 2014 C4 Comic-Con in Ventura, CA last summer where she had setup camp next to the Southland Ghostbusters booth. After chatting Robin’s ear off and doing my best impersonation of a crazed Ghostbusters fan (I’ve perfected it over the years), Robin enthusiastically agreed to be a guest with the Outlaw and co-host Spunky Destructor. It only took the better part of half a year, but our schedules finally aligned and Robin was able to call into the show via Skype. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Robin sounds like she is right there in my 3’ x 3’ makeshift recording studio room, while I’m the one who sounds like I’m phoning in from an underground bunker in Yemin.


Robin Shelby with Outlaw

Yup. That’s the one that got me….

Signed Shelby

… for an autographed photo.


Tune into the audio to hear us question Robin about her past work including Beverly Hills Cop III, working with Eddie Murphy, The Little Rascals, Ghostbusters 2, the future of Ghostbusters and her thoughts on the all-female reboot. We also got a chance to ask her about her future projects, one of which involves an intriguing apocalyptic tale.

So if there’s something strange in your internet neighborhood, who ya gonna call? If you answered Geek Outlaw, my only response is, how the hell did you get my number?


LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #18



Nothing like wearing 60 pounds of slimy green silicone to bring a smile to your face.



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