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WILD WILD PODCAST #17: Game of Thrones IMAX Experience with Season 5 Trailer Confirms this Bloody Good Series Was Meant for the Big Screen


If you’re a Seahawks fan, you probably tried to squash your own skull via your eye sockets after the game’s final play.


Welcome to the WILD WILD PODCAST #17

 Join co-host “Spunky D” and I as we discuss the larger-than-life experience of watching the Game of Thrones on the extra large IMAX theater screen along with our thoughts on the trailer and what may be to come in the series.

(SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the final few episodes of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, kindly avert your ears from the audio link below.)

LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #17



If this image doesn’t look remotely familiar, I wouldn’t fire up this specific podcast quite yet.


Birthdays. The glorious reminder that we have survived another spin around the sun and that gravity has pulled everything in a downward direction another two inches (except the parts you’d prefer be stretched down longer.)

Thus it was only fitting that Spunky Destructor treated me to a limited-release IMAX engagement of the final two episodes of the fourth season of Game of Thrones; a series where about 99% of the characters never live to see their next birthday. Throwing caution to the wind – but mainly because Spunky D treated for my ticket – I descended upon the IMAX Theater with my co-host to take in a TV series on the big screen for the very first time.



Can I at least get a piece of birthday cake first?


Even though I had seen the final two episodes of season four last summer, part of my reason for looking forward to this showing has to do with my gnat-like memory. My hope was that an oversized screen refresher would permanently press the current standing of the storyline into my head much like The Mountain pressed Oberyn Martell’s eyeballs into the back of his scalp.

The other major draw for me was the fact HBO decided to release its first teaser trailer with the special IMAX run of the episodes – an added bonus for those who wanted to get a glimpse of what the future of the series’ remaining survivors may hold. As per the status quo, the trailer was released on YouTube about 15 minutes after it was released in theaters. Of course, what kind of fool stays at home to watch the trailer for free on the internet, when they can drop half of their paycheck on tickets and movie food to see it on a much larger screen? Did I mention my lovely co-host paid for my ticket?



As it turns out, John Snow does know something about IMAX.


Since the episodes themselves are old news to most Game of Thrones aficionados, I will refrain from talking about what took place within them at this moment. I partake in plenty of that during the podcast with Spunky D, especially because it was her first time ever viewing those specific two episodes.

The trailer itself was extremely interesting, if not altogether frustrating based on the fact it just seemed like a random hodge-podge of clips providing no rhyme or context to what was coming. It truly did hold up to its label of being a teaser. Nothing more, nothing less.


Behold the mighty teaser in all its glory!


With that, I will let the podcast do the talking while I do some walking. Enjoy our coverage of the Game of Thrones IMAX experience and remember, no matter how infuriating life gets, always keep your head… even if it’s on a stick along the castle walls.


(SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the final few episodes of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, kindly avert your ears from the audio link below.)

LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #17


6 Spurs

GB Tee Bday

For my Birthday, Spunky D also managed to find me the one Ghostbusters shirt I didn’t own. Thank you, SD!



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