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WILD WILD PODCAST #15: Did The Hunger Games Mockingjay Deserve the Hollywood Split?

Three movies later and I still haven’t mastered the air bow.


Welcome to the WILD WILD PODCAST #15

 Join co-host “Spunky Destructor” and I as we “quickly” discuss the latest chapter in the Hunger Game movie franchise and whether or not the final book deserved a 2-fer-1.

(WARNING: Minor SPOILERS within.)

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“I think I will call it, mini-podcast.”

Suffice it to say, I couldn’t find a more appropriate movie quote to mangle with regards to this shortened 20 minute edition of the Wild Wild Podcast. The original intention was to incorporate our Mockingjay Part 1 review into our Walking Dead finale, but Spunky and I were both hesitant on cutting into any time speaking about zombies. With my flight out of town literally fueling up, we decided to record an abbreviated show devoted solely to the girl on fire whom I’ve now proposed to two times via the inter-webs (for those curious, her name happens to be Jennifer Lawrence).



They say third time’s the charm even with marriage proposals, so does that make the 103rd time the clincher?


Most of our chat revolves around whether it was a wise choice to split the final Hunger Games book into dual movies (which seems to be the new go-to move of Hollywood these days) and do some comparisons of book-to-film translation. Be forewarned, there are some minor spoilers, but I think we do a pretty darn-tootin’ good job of not revealing any key information that would spoil the experience for those who still have yet to partake.

With that recap out of the way, please enjoy this abridged edition of the Wild Wild Podcast. Now relatively spoiler free and completely Jennifer Lawrence-proposal free! (That is until Mockingjay Part 2).


4 Spurs


(WARNING: Minor SPOILERS within.)

LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #15



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