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WILD WILD PODCAST #14: We Pour One Out for Beth Greene and Mourn The Walking Dead Mid-Season 5 Finale Loss


Don’t cry Norman, I’m sure she’ll find another show to star on with even better ratings! Oh wait…


Welcome to the WILD WILD PODCAST #14

 Join co-host “Spunky Destructor” and I as we chat about and shed tears over Walking Dead’s latest mid-season execution and what we think is to come.

(WARNING: SPOILERS & A very sad “Spoiler Tribute Song of the Show” within AND below!)

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If you are the one person in the known solar system who has yet to see The Walking Dead season five winter finale, then you have undoubtedly already put a bounty out on my head due to the title and main photograph of this posting alone.


Rick Deadly Selfies

Word on the set is, taking selfies with Andrew Lincoln is hazardous to your career.


Before you unleash the hounds with lasers attached to their heads, it should be noted that Spunky Destructor and myself did, albeit inadvertently, provide ample time for most diehard superfans to catch up on the blockbuster mid-season climax of Atlanta’s latest and greatest undead exterminators.



AMERICA’S MOST WANTED: Introducing the first person to ever have lower approval ratings than the Senate, Congress and President combined.



Ummm, did you figure it out yet?


I know I can’t speak for everyone – although I plan to try anyway – but the loss of America’s post-apocalyptic sweetheart, Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) a few weeks back felt like the strongest punch to the emotional gut the show has delivered yet. Emily’s appearance and emotional waterworks on AMC’s Talking Dead sealed the deal for me on that proclamation.


Emily Talking Dead

Oh geez, I’m about to lose it again… (and on my own post no less!)


I’m not going to go into too much detail of the why on this page, but let’s just say the death of Beth (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it… until now) is one of the most devastating fatalities – not necessarily because of what she meant to us as an audience, but mainly due to what she meant to the Ricktatorship, on and off the set. Spunky and I discuss that and some other angles at length during the podcast.



Okay folks, let her breathe, we want the actual actress to live.


In addition to the waterworks-inducing episode itself, we also provide our thoughts on a few other Walking Dead related topics such as:

  • The new Walking Dead companion series in development.
  • Predictions for the rest of the season and upcoming story lines.
  • AMC’s Undead Smackdown of Sunday Night Football.
  • Why I’m an idiot.

Ok, to be fair the last one is subject matter we cover on a consistent basis during every episode of the Wild Wild Podcast. Hey, if it’s a draw, why not right?



One more time in slow motion please…


So without further delay (which in this case is the written word), queue up your box of Kleenex and get ready to shed a few final tears over the loss of Beth Greene from television’s highest-rated show, on the internet’s 1,796,456-ranked audio program, The Wild Wild Podcast.


(WARNING: SPOILERS & A very sad “Spoiler Tribute Song of the Show” within AND below!)

LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #14


Beth RIP

R.I.P. Beth Greene. At least we can all take some solace in knowing you are with your dad in a happier place where stabbing dead people in the head is a thing of the past.



One Comment

  1. Hi Outlaw..Hi Destructor…

    I am also a keen fan of Walking Dead….but I was devastated to encounter spoiler headlines regarding the “Death of Beth” on Facebook, prior to obtaining the opportunity to watch the episode.

    Having now watched the episode…before listening to this Podcast, which is sadly unsuitably emblazoned, I am somewhat torn in my thoughts re: the spoiler…I think if I hadn’t been waiting for it, it would have caused a similar reaction to you, Outlaw….and I also “may have got some dust in my eye” watching the Talking Dead interview….

    It must be a difficult line to walk, in your position, when things happen in your timeline, on that side of the world, which don’t actually happen for us on this side of the world until later. I really should buy PayTv I guess….

    Cheers and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season!

    Greg (Tas)

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