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WILD WILD PODCAST #13: Geek Outlaw and Spunky Destructor go Comikaze on Interstellar

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Mind = Blown (Assuming I had one to begin with).


Welcome to the WILD WILD PODCAST #13

 Join co-host “Spunky Destructor” and I as we chat about our experiences at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Convention in Los Angeles, and Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-twisting bladder buster, Interstellar.

(WARNING: SPOILERS & “Spoiler Song of the Show” WITHIN!)

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“Alright, alright, alight.”

The above phrase – albeit more of a repetition of three words than anything else – has been Matthew McConaughey‘s go-to line since the days of Dazed and Confused. Fittingly enough, one of those three words (which is unimportant), also describes the overall outcome of his latest motion picture, Interstellar. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily a good thing.


McConaughey Looking for Lincoln

“Crap! Now where did I park that damn Lincoln again?!”


I write the above with a heavy heart because I was one amongst many galaxy geeks looking forward to Christopher Nolan‘s take on space travel. While I’m the first to admit to shedding tears during specific films, it’s quite the rarity when a trailer has my tear ducts on overdrive, so seeing as how the Interstellar teaser had me wiping tears from my face only 30 seconds into the 90 second spot, my expectations were probably raised to unattainable levels.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad flick. On the contrary, there is quite a bit to like about Interstellar and for the most part it’s an incredibly entertaining and visually stunning piece of cinema. You’ll have to listen to Spunky Destructor and I break down the details, but here are a few “Spoiler Free” pros and cons for those who can’t tune in immediately to the somewhat “Spoiler Filled” audible review.



Apparently, entering a wormhole is exactly the same process in which babies are made.


What’s “Alright”:

  • The Performances – McConaughey continues to prove his recent Oscar win is no fluke as he turns in a powerful performance as space cowboy Cooper. Not to be out done, Michael Caine and John Lithgow are no slouches either. Mackenzie Foy, Jessica Chastain and Ellen Burstyn also turn in memorable moments bringing “Murph” to life at the three major stages of her life.
  • The Visuals – Love it, hate it or Switzerland it, Interstellar is a film meant to be absorbed on the big screen. Don’t tell me a gigantic black hole looks better on your home TV than a screen the size of Justin Bieber’s ego. No really, don’t tell me that.
  • The Big Picture – On the topic of a big picture, one of the attributes I most enjoyed about Interstellar was the focus on what’s truly important in life, worm holes. Kidding! No, what I honestly was going to say is family and love. The movie does a great job of reminding the audience that regardless of what is going on in the world, in the end it’s the ones we love who always take center stage.



“Don’t be sad Murph, maybe Ben Affleck will make a good Batman after all.”


What’s not so Stellar:

  • The Surprise Cameo – Since I’m such a nice Outlaw that cares about your feelings more than I should, I won’t reveal the name of the actor (don’t go looking it up on the interwebs either), but his appearance in the film ends up being more of a major distraction than a pleasant surprise. Granted I’m not a huge fan of his to begin with, but his arrival so late in the film really pulled me out of the moment.
  • The Gotcha Ending – It’s hard to be specific about this since the entire ending seemed like it went on for about 17 decades, however it felt like Nolan is reaching for some sort of shock value at the end that never delivers at full impact.
  • The Length – If you think the ending is long, wait until you see the rest of the movie. By the time I stepped out of the theater, I was expecting I’d see my first glimpses of earth in the 30th century. One must understand though, this a Nolan movie. His ultimate goal is to give the movie-goer their money’s worth… or see how long their bladder can hold out after a 198 ounce theater soda.



You’ll be wishing your uncomfortable theater seat turned into a black hole 3/4 of the way through Nolan’s space journey.


As you can tell from the brief bullet points, this was a film I wanted to love more than I did and felt the film fell a few stars short of its “stellar” sub-moniker. Regrettably, Interstellar seems to suffer from the weight of its own gravity (pun intended). Maybe the studio execs should have taken a word from McConaughey’s playbook and titled the film Inter-alright.


(WARNING: SPOILERS & “Spoiler Song of the Show” WITHIN!)

LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #13


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