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WILD WILD PODCAST #1: Lars Canty dishes the goods on his new comic “Verge”

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Verge creator Lars Canty teaching the Outlaw the basics of literacy.


For the few Outlaws (and I know who you are… mom and dad) whoread my review of Lars Canty’s new comic book creation, Verge from Identity Comics, I gave an enthusiastic-yet-fair breakdown of what one might be getting themselves into with Canty’s new endeavor.  However, that review only scratched the surface.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to sit down with the creator, writer and contributing artist himself to dig deeper into his four out-of-this world comic tales as well as chat about what inspired him to start his own book and his own experience within the industry thus far. (NOTE: Please excuse the echo for this episode.  The issue has been resolved with the recording location of future Podcasts!)

With that, I welcome you all to the first ever Geek Outlaw podcast, or should I say: welcome to the “Wild Wild Podcast!”

(Availability on iTunes is only a few days away!)


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Time to play “Where’s my puppy Kaylee?” (P.S. I’m hoping it has nothing to do with the smile on Canty’s face.)





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