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Why the Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth… and the Calendar

BTTF Day 2015

Color me crazy, but isn’t every day technically Future Day?


There is no arguing that as a social cluster, geeks and nerds have come quite a long way. As I’ve most likely touched on in past posts, there used to be a time when even mentioning you read comic books would all but sentence you to an endless loop of wedgies and noogies. Those days are all but gone. Flash forward to 2015 and not only do comic book characters rule the big screen, but those who once feared expressing their love of tights- wearing super mutants now walk around town dressed like their heroes even if just to make a deposit at the bank or pick up some cereal at the store. It is indeed a brave new world in which we live.

So when a fellow member of the Outlaw community shared a link with me regarding a petition to officially recognize October 21st , 2015 as National “Future Day”, I realized that geek culture has all but taken over the calendar as well. With globally recognized holidays such as Star Wars Day, Geek Pride Day and Festivus, geeks have slowly but surely labeled most of Earth’s 24-hour cycles after some sort of pop culture phenomenon. It’s an amazing testament to the power of people passionate about their interests and to the collaborative power of the internet. (The latter of which unsurprisingly also has its own nationally recognized day on May 22nd. It’s lovingly referred to as Ethernet Day.)



You might want to prepare your own burgers as I heard Anakin likes to cook his a little on the Dark Side.


Getting back to the “Future Day” (see what I did there?), there is an actual grassroots effort to identify the upcoming 10-21-2015 date on this year’s calendar as one associated to the Back to the Future films in honor of Marty and Doc’s time-traveling adventure to that exact future date within the trilogy. Needless to say, while I’m not particularly keen on internet petitions, this one did cause me to do a double-click if only for the fact that Back to the Future is one of my favorite films of all-time. Well, that and the idea of participating in a collective flexing of geek muscle to get another widely recognized pulp culture date on the calendar was all too enticing. I guess my only real quibble about this particular petition is the fact it’s technically only a holiday that works for this year. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth a shot, but for obvious reasons, this ain’t a holiday that has annual staying power.



What? No touch screen navigation displays in the future?


To my surprise however, Back to the Future apparently is already recognized as a more traditional annual holiday by some on Nov 5th, which signifies the day Doc Brown had visions of the Flux Capacitor and time travel was born… in the movies of course (in case you needed clarification). If that wasn’t shocking enough, according to a geek holiday list compiled by (see below), there are already close to 60 days of the year that have been designated as days of worship within the pop culture and scientific communities. While none of these days have been sanctioned as official days off by any major governments (not that it would take much convincing to begin with) based on the growing millions who celebrate some of the more popular dates like Star Wars Day on May 4th (aka May the 4th be with you), it may only be a matter of time before we potentially see a Chris Hardwick-esque president declare everyone take the day off for May 27th, “I Am Batman” Day.

Now that Marty, is heavy.


[If you’d like to sign the petition for national “Future Day”, click HERE:]




365 Days a Year

How about you give me one explanation and 364 adult beverages for the other days?


Geek Holidays According to

Alan Turing Day 23-May
Towel Day/Geek Pride Day 25-May Birthday 7-Jun
Captain Picard Day 16-Jun
Tau Day 28-Jun
Newton’s Principia Day 5-Jul
Embrace Your Geekness Day 13-Jul
Gary Gygax Day 27-Jul
Instant Coffee Day 11-Aug
Gene Roddenberry Day 19-Aug
Ray Bradbury Day 22-Aug
Honorary Pluto Day 24-Aug
Antoiune Lavoisier Day 26-Aug
International Cosplay Day 27-Aug
Google Day 7-Sep
Star Trek Day 8-Sep
Make Your Bed Day 11-Sep
Programmers Day 12-Sep
Talk Like a Pirate Day 19-Sep
National Punch Day 20-Sep
Hobbit Day 22-Sep
Larry Wall Day 27-Sep
National Crush A Can Day 27-Sep
Techies Day and Virus Appreciation Day 3-Oct
National Taco Day 4-Oct
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Day 12-Oct
Ada Lovelace Day 16-Oct
Mole Day 23-Oct
Halloween 31-Oct
Back to the Future Day 5-Nov
National Nachos Day 6-Nov
Madame Curie Day 7-Nov
World of Warcraft Day 19-Nov
Computer Security Day 30-Nov
Day of the Ninja 5-Dec
Festivus 23-Dec
Grav-mass Day 25-Dec
Linus Torvald Day 28-Dec
We Are Not Alone Day




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