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VIDEO: The Outlaw Talks about his Origin Story, Podthingy & Iron Giant with The Brothers Bear Podcast

The Outlaw between Brothers Bear Bookends. (Carlos Medrano on left, Santos “Sanch” Medrano on right.)


For the most part, what you know of Geek Outlaw is through the written word. Much of the reason for that being I love to write, but also partially due to not enjoying the sound of my own voice enough to try my hand at a career as a voice-over artist or an R&B vocalist . It’s a common personal grievance that many admit to suffering from and I often wonder how anyone in their right mind can stand having more than a 10 second conversation with me on a good day.

As a result I decided it was in my best interest to start podcasting. It’s not how most people would choose to tackle the issue, but then again I’m far from most people. Nevertheless, I’ve grown fond of speaking my opinions with both Podthingy and the Wild Wild Podcast, and the fact I haven’t received any complaints – yet – on the potentially irritating tones of my voice box, I continue to banter on the digital airwaves when the opportunity arises.


Sanch isn’t the first person to point at my “assets”, and hopefully he won’t be the last.


After making my audio-only guest debut via call-in to the Geeks of the Galaxy show, I was just recently invited to visit the studio of The Brothers Bear Podcast. The weekly comedy podcast brings together brothers Santos “Sanch” Medrano, Carlos Medrano and musical friend Edgar “Schweddy” Lombera to talk about anything and everything within the world of pop-culture.


Almost better looking than the real versions… almost.


To my initial surprise, not only is geeky bear-named show recorded with video, but it is broadcast live as well. Participating in a live broadcast of any kind can be a bit-nerve racking, but add a real-time video stream into the mix, and there is little room for error. Errors being something I’m expertly versed at committing in any setting.


Live Podcast Snapshot

The Outlaw is in the building. (Someone call security!)


However, after the red studio light went dark and the cameras stopped recording, the world was still spinning and any gaffs I may have made went unnoticed (or possibly forgotten). The entire experience went as smoothly as I could have hoped and I’m fairly certain I didn’t pick my nose at any point during the show. I spilled the beans on how Geek Outlaw came to be and also chatted about Podthingy, the future of my writings, Iron Giant, and Jason Segel’s latest film. You can watch and re-watch (should you be a glutton for punishment) the entire session on YouTube directly below.


Watch and be entertained at your own risk


The brothers also informed me listeners have the ability to call in to their broadcast each week, although I wasn’t aware of that until it was too late to inform the Outlaw community. It’s probably for the best though. Seeing, hearing and talking to Geek Outlaw simultaneously may be a bit more than anyone bargained for.  One only need consult my parents for confirmation on that claim.


New episodes of the The Brothers Bear Podcast are streamed live at and every Monday.
Episodes are then uploaded within 24 hours at:!brothers-bear-show/cvww


Everybody loves a Mogwai, even Carlos. (Just don’t feed my elbow after midnight.)



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