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Top 10 Movies that scared the #2 out of Geek Outlaw


If you’ve read any of my last few Halloween-themed movie reviews, you have undoubtedly learned that the horror genre is not necessarily my cup o’ tea.  However, that’s not to say I don’t watch my fair share of frightful flicks.  Quite the contrary, there are some that I actually (cough) enjoy quite a bit.


In the spirit of the scariest day of the year (no, not April 15th), I have put together a list of movies that have managed to permanently imprint my mind with some of the scariest moments of my own cinematic viewing history.


Honorable Mention: Child’s Play & Exorcist

Why do I have a feeling I don’t want to meet the person attached to this arm?


Admittedly, I haven’t seen any of the Chucky movies all the way through, but have viewed enough to donate half of my toy collection to the Good Will.  Same goes for the Exorcist, which constantly reminds me how painful vomiting can actually be.  If movies are scary enough to inflict mental damage without even a full viewing, then they deserve at least a slight nod on my list.




10) The Sixth Sense

I see geeky people…


This now classic Bruce Willis thriller was the M. Night Shyamalan breakout hit (and arguably his best).  The Sixth Sense was more psychologically scary than ‘jump-out-of-a-dark-corner-with-an-axe” scary, but that’s why the surprise ending is so damn good!





9) Ghoulies

This is what happens when you flush down too much TP at once…


This award-winning movie (that’s sarcasm) about little hell raisers would end up causing me many a sleepless night.  If nothing else, this movie trained me to look at the toilet and flush BEFORE sitting down to do my business.  To this day, I still do a double-take before plastering my bottom to the seat.




8) Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Thank you mom for never arranging a clown birthday party.


Not sure what it is about terrifying movies that I truly dislike, but end up watching multiple times over.  I’m fairly convinced this movie is the sole reason you hear people around the globe will tell you they find clowns creepy.  I agree… especially when they have sharp teeth and murder people for a hobby.



7) Tremors

Reason #1 why dumping toxic waste in the desert is bad for your health.


Having lived in California all my life, Tremors hit a little closer to home for me than it may have for most people in other parts of the country.  I still get the shivers that a giant man-eating worm might be right under me every time there is an earthquake.  The humor of this movie made it a favorite despite all the mental scaring.





6) Zombieland

So Bill, Ghostbusters 3 or not? What say you?


Of all the zombie movies I’ve viewed during my life time (three total) by far and away my favorite has been the recent Woody Harrelson horror-omedy, Zombieland.  For my money, if I’m going to watch horror, there better be a good dose of humor to counteract the scary elements.  Of course what really sold me on this flick was the single greatest cameo in movie history, made by none other than Bill Murray… as himself.



5) Poltergeist

The scariest thing about this picture is that we used to actually watch programs on those non-HD monsters.


While most people will forever remember the static-filled boob-tube, my soiled underwear moments involved the oak tree come to life and the creepy clown doll in the closet (Kind of a Chucky / Killer Clown hybrid).  Either way, I’m thankful for my Verizon FIOS as I will never have to look at static again.




4) Alien

“I think it was the soup.”


If the thought of gigantic banana-headed aliens and their french-kissing spider-like counterparts wasn’t enough to keep you from becoming the next space traveler, the sight of seeing a young alien baby pop out of someone’s chest might convince you to keep your feet firmly planted on earth.



3) The Fourth Kind

This was my exact face for almost the entire run-time.


It’s the most recent and most disturbing film on the list, especially due to its claims of being based on actual events and the inclusion of supposedly ‘real footage’.  After viewing this with an ex-girlfriend, we both created enough bricks, we could have built a chimney. Thank God we had the internet to disprove most of it within minutes, but we still ended up losing some major sleep in the aftermath.





2) Gremlins

From the new Fox special” “When Mogwai eat after midnight”.


Here is yet another movie about little trouble making creatures, although this time there were some cute versions (including everyone’s favorite original furby prototype, Gizmo) and enough humor to help counter balance the horror on screen.  Still, with no internet back then to disprove the existence of Mogwai, I was slave to my own rampant imagination. Just remember, don’t get them wet, don’t  feed them after midnight, and don’t let them watch Jersey Shore.





1) Ghostbusters

Geesh, I just wanted to know where the periodicals were located.


If you didn’t see this one coming, then you haven’t followed my blog long enough yet.  Yeah, Ghostbusters is not your atypical scary movie, but tell that to a six-year old seeing the movie for the first time on the big screen.  The library ghost pretty much insured my theater seat needed to be replaced, and the image of Stay Puft leering through the buildings at the end gave me nightmares up until last weekend.


Because Ghostbusters was the first movie to scare the bejeezus out of me when I was little, it rightfully heads my list of top movies that scared the feces out of me.



On that note, I’m off to go watch Ghostbusters again as I put away a full bag of mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups… talk about scary.


Happy Halloween fellow Outlaws!  Have a safe yet frightfully fun and law abiding night…



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