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2012 San Diego Comic-Con: SDCC Saturday Highlights! (Day 2)

2012 San Diego Comic-Con: SDCC Saturday Highlights! (Day 2)

Another long day and another long night of geeking out to the some of the most awesome things you could ever possibly imagine… The stuff you love!  I have enough pictures to fill a government facility full of useless nonsense… but Im sure the boys in D.C. already have that […]

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He drinks your beer too!  How cute is that?

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Ted’, Drunker Than the Average Bear

  Way back before we worried about downloading the latest smartphone apps that let us to play back classical symphony to the tune of fart noises made by every endangered species on the planet; we each had that one toy.   It was our secret best friend forever before we […]

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The difference between me and you... I make this look geekier.

MOVIE REVIEWS: Geek Outlaw’s Men in Black 3 and Prometheus Reviews Have Landed

  Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing not just one, but two movies crawling with odd and disgusting aliens looking to destroy our planet.  The third rock from the sun, some might rightfully argue, contains some odd and disgusting beings of it’s own.  Reality TV tends to […]

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The man, the myth, the paranormal exterminator.

EVENT: My Meeting with the “Heart” of the Ghostbusters

  “Listen… you smell something?”   That something might be the fresh aroma of a few new subscribers.  So now that there are more than five readers, I’ve decided it’s time to share some more personal and thoughtful insight into what makes me such a geek… Lucky you!   As […]

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Taking aim at my first 'in theater' review.

MOVIE & BOOK REVIEW: The Hunger Games Leaves Me ‘Starving’ for More… Katniss

  First things first:  “Katniss Everdeen, will you marry me?” Ok, ok… I should probably keep this review based in reality (and legality), so let me rephrase:   “Jennifer Lawrence, will you marry me?”   Now that I’ve gotten the most essential part of this post out of the way, […]

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Left to right: Troi "Brass Knuckles Vader" Doering, Geek Outlaw, Hot Nerd Girl and her Mama Jedi.

EVENT: The Wonderment of WonderCon 2012

  I finally did it!  (No, not that IT!  Surprisingly enough, I’ve done that… a long, long time ago… in a relationship far far away.)   I digress.  What I’m actually referring to my fellow dirty-minded geeks and outlaws, is that I finally attended my first ComicCon (a.k.a:  A ‘comic convention’ […]

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To Boot or To Reboot: Should That Even “Be” a Question?

To Boot or To Reboot: Should That Even “Be” a Question?

  It’s official: ‘Reboot’ is the new ‘New’. As with anything good in life, when we like it and we love it, we want some more of it (unless ‘it’ has been recast with Ashton Kutcher).   In Hollywood the same principals hold true, except that even when something is […]

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Welcome to the Wild Wild Geek Fest

Welcome to the Wild Wild Geek Fest

  Geeks, nerds, ladies, gentlemen, and those on the fence (yes Chaz Bono, you’re welcome too), I’d like to personally introduce you to the geekiest thing to hit bloggery since the original Star Wars Kid made swinging a light saber into legitimate theater and set the stage for America’s Biggest […]

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