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SDCC 2017: The Outlaw Giveth Out Prizes and Taketh Away Art at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Roads? Where we don’t need, roads. But you do need cash or plastic.


Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and another Geek Outlaw post is behind schedule. It’s enough to make any of my readers think I’ve commissioned the United States Postal Service to manage my blog of late.

Never fear though, it’s just my usual combination of busy schedule and utter laziness that have led to another somewhat delayed posting. (And by somewhat delayed, I mean this blog is verging on the precipice of nostalgic it’s that late.)

Does making a sad face with an inexplicably adorable Baby Groot on my shoulder help to make amends for extreme tardiness? I didn’t think so.


With that being said, I won’t continue to drivel on about my tardiness, but rather share some more media from my travels down to the geekiest place on earth, for one week of the year anyway.

First on tap, the artists of artists alley. What has no become traditional – albeit begrudgingly for my wallet – I did my usual rounds through the art-laden aisles of the San Diego Convention center to gaze upon all of the ingenious creations on display. The following items were those that I purchase with little hesitation.


With author of the Shakespearean rewriting of the Ghostbusters script, Jordon Monsell. The writer also doubles as a silhouette artist. (The Beauty and the Beast piece went none other the lady Outlaw of the house.)

Mr. Monsell even built his very own Shakespeare era specific proton pack. If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is.

(You can purchase Ministers of Grace on Amazon by clicking the link here.)


One can never leave the convention without some sort of Ecto-1 and Back to the Future Delorean art. Well, not me anyway.

This commissioned piece of Belle went to, you guessed it, the Outlaw’s Disney-loving partner in crime.

IDW X-Files comic book writer loves Geek Outlaw… because he know I’m good for at least one purchase per show. This sweet signed book went directly to Mommacita Outlaw.

And because these matching prints were two beautiful not to share twice, here they are in their close-up glory.


Finally, one cannot taketh away at Comic-Con without giving awayeth as well. As Deputy J. Grimes and I pulled off so swimmingly last year, the plan was to again broadcast a live streaming podcast from the Tin-Fish in the heart of downtown San Diego so we could giveaway an abundance of swag for answering trivia questions a toddler could answer in their sleep. Sadly, the WiFi Internet access refused to cooperate this year, so we were forced to record the giveaway to post later. Much later.

So kick back and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned cosplay contest giveaway fun, as the host with much less than the most (that’s me), rewards those willing to be recorded on video with the Outlaw (let alone be seen with him in public.)


Did somebody say “giveaway”?



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