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SDCC 2017: The Outlaw Captures the Creative Caped (and Non-Caped) Cosplay Crusaders at Comic-Con in San Diego

Who ya gonna call for San Diego Comic-Con convention coverage? (Oh like you didn’t see that one coming from a mile away.)


Just like clockwork – assuming your idea of clockwork is 6 weeks after the fact – the Outlaw has decided to start sharing his visual moments from San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

First on the docket, the creative cosplay wandering inside and outside of the convention center. As is tradition, I will keep the words to an absolute minimum since photos speak a thousand words. Not surprisingly, when it comes to cosplay, they can be downright novelesque.

Alas, without further ado (or adon’t), I present Geek Outlaw’s SDCC 2017 Gallery of Costumed Citizens.


Pow! Bam! Right in the feels. This dynamic duo paid homage to to the late Adam West in classic attire.

Cross my heart, hope to die. This Wonder Woman caught my eye.

Best friend and Outlaw Photographer, Deputy J. Grimes is not going to be thrilled with the Christmas present he’s about to get.

Old Rick, young Rick. One Rick, two Ricks.

Deputy J Rick caught this Glenn cosplayer’s eye… literally.

Ghostbusters aficionado and Outlaw follower Zac Logan showing off his incredible equipment and stylish one-of-a-kind patch!

And a rear shot of Zac for good measure.

Chris who? Mr. Hemmsworth has nothing on this Lady Thor.

Ever wonder if Wonder Woman could hula-hoop with four rings at once? Wonder no more.

Yeah, but can Gald Gadot do this?


Venom and the Outlaw doing our best KIIS impression.

Patriotism comes in all shapes, sizes and metals.

Looks like I never got the “Bring Your Tiger to Work Day” memo.

Deputy J Grimes saw his fair share of barb-wired bats during Comic-Con 2017.

Whats better than one bard-wire bat swinging maniac? Why two of course!

When you know its time to start stocking up on chimichangas.

Me thinks this Batman may be slightly confused.

Marvel’s next project revealed. “A Chorus Line: The Spandex Edition.”

If you see two Rick Grimes, no need to get your vision check. However if you;re seeing four…

I saw some strange cosplay at Comic-Con this year, but none “Stranger” than this.

This Spidey was keeping his eyes peeled for any dropped convention center passes.

The Outlaw happily shared some hockey love with the San Diego Gulls hockey mascot… even if he is related to the Anaheim Ducks.

This group of cosplayers was one happy Community… literally.

WANTED: New photographer for Geek Outlaw. Preferably one whose head is still attached to their body.

This one time at band camp…

This amazing cosplayer celebrated a homecoming of sorts at SDCC 2017.

The poor guy just wanted a change of clothes. Those underwear don;t clean themselves.

Truce you say? Looks legit to me!

And suddenly, Deputy J and I became Sharknado fans.

Beauty and the Beast… and the pirate, and the safari guide, and the…

Rick does Comic Books. Specifically choose you’re own adventure. (Google Jack Maggot comics for more info.)

Hold on to your badges, this Jurassic World guide was in search of a Prattasaurus.

What happened to those who chose to wait in line outside for the Netflix experience.

Go go better Power Rangers!

Our server for two of the four nights at the Bootlegger Bar Grill. How can you not trust that face?

Good ol Glenn. He always found the silver-lining in every situation.

Never bring a sword to a Transformer fight.

“I’m Geek Outlaw with an Umbrella Y’all”

Deputy J Grimes with some the true heroes in our society. The officers who put their own life on the line to serve and protect on a daily basis.




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