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SDCC 2017: Comic-Con Lures the Outlaw Back to Nerdi-Gras for the Sixth Consecutive Year

Lucky for me, I still don’t know how to read.


“This is going to be my last trip to San Diego Comic Con.”

If you were a fly perched on the inner wall of my hallowed cranium, you’d had heard that faithful declaration bouncing around my hallowed cranium towards the conclusion to each of my subsequent trips to the iconic convention over the past five years.


“I am Outlaw.” On the other hand, Comic-Con is always a good excuse to add new additions to the ensemble.


Ever since my first visit in 2012, the convention has grown in scope and attendance. In both cases, most of it has taken place outside the convention doors. With HBO, AMC and now Netflix and Amazon offering interactive experiences even more desirable than what’s on the convention floor, the only way to escape the chaos is by fleeing to your single-bed hotel room which is being shared by at clown-car full of cosplaying geek friends.

Not that I’m complaining of course. Part of what makes Comic-Con International’s San Diego extravaganza so much fun is the pure chaos that arises from nerds from around the world descending on upon one town to discuss a concerted effort to take over the U.N. Council should Norman Reedus or Peter Dinklage ever be killed off their respective shows.


If these wings ever get clipped, God help humanity.


In any event, despite the practical and frugal partitions within my brain suggesting the current year should be my last, something deep inside always pulls me back to San Diego mid-July like a flock of Kit Harrington fans heading north for the winter. The desire to attend Comic-Con in San Diego is embedded within every geek’s DNA, and I am not immune (if you couldn’t already tell by the name of the blog.) That’s not to say every geek on the planet can afford to go, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to.

If binge-watching Marvel shows on Netflix or memorizing how to make all of the spells from Harry Potter was considered a religion, then San Diego Comic-Con would be Mecca and the journey to get there would be THE one pilgrimage which needed to be completed during one’s lifetime.


The Tri-Lambs would be proud.


I’ve lovingly called the entire week Nerdi Gras. Minus the beads and the exposed boobs, it’s a near facsimile. (Although there’s a good chance it’s an exact replica, but I’m just not getting the right party invites.)

After another crazy fun-filled energy sapping year, the Outlaw has again decided 2017 would be my last hurrah at the world’s most infamous comic convention. So in other words, see ya all in San Diego next year!

Until then, enjoy the sights and sounds from 2017…


Someone get me a… (wait for it)… Spoon!

This looks like a job for Terminex.

I’m looking for someone to check me for ticks. Any takes?

If anyone ever tells you size doesn’t matter, then they haven’t seen these.

The goofy little redhead that always seems to “Pop” up everywhere.

MAGA: Make Alexandria Great Again! The Walking Dead Memorial Wall.

Where the Dead Things Are.

“Are you talkin’ to me? I said, are you talkin’ to me?”

Nothing wrong with a guy just wanting to grab a late afternoon snack.

Introducing the New Rick Grime GoPro.

Stop, or my sheriff will shoot!

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the herds…

Like shotting undead fish in a barrel.

Outlaw photographer and best friend J Deputy Grimes wondering where his future life went wrong.

Deputy J speaking with the worlds foremost authority on out-of-body experiences.

Wait, dont tell me. Tastes like chicken?

Deputy J debating whether to shoot her in the head or ask her out.

Another example of an owner who look like their dog.

Does this photo even need a caption?

The Walking Dead takes over the Comic-Con floor once more.

That look cant be good…

… and its not.

Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye… or a vital organ.

Well dont just stand there and feel sorry for yourself, get to work!

Nice Negan. Good Negan. I am Negan.

I want one BILLION dollars and frickin zombies with laser beams attached to their heads.

Things got very strange very fast in Downtown San Diego.

Decided Id do a little clothes shopping down in San Diego as well.

…and a little car shopping while I was at it.

If you love nostalgia and fun tchotchkes, you’ll love Kansas City BBQ in Downtown Sand Diego, which is also the home to the infamous Top Gun jukebox scene.

The most worthy LEGO build at the entire convention.

Proof everything looks better in chrome.

Collectibles in my collections, these I must have.

This photo seems to be missing something…

…Nope, that’s not it.

Ugh, that guy in HR is hogging the copy machine again.


Another figure with light-up features that the Outlaws wallet dreads even looking at. Click above to see it in all it’s glory.


Its not Comic-Con without a visit from Hot Nerd Girl and her Mamma Jedi.

A loyal fellow Outlaw enjoying his Geek Outlaw sticker swag spoils.

Not sure why everyone else had such a rough time picking it up.

Presenting the first high five that is high in iron.

Ivan Reitman and IDW explaining how they were going to “save” the franchise… or not.

You know have my attention…

And like that, you now have my money.

More details for the fellow Outlaws who are also currently opening their wallets.

Here is the Outlaw stalking his prey. Success was achieved as Mr. Reitman signed the Outlaws jersey.

And like that, my wallet just had a coronary hear attack. A 1/6th scale Ecto-1 shall be mine.

They (and by they I mean security), literally had to drag me away from the Blitzway booth kicking and screaming.

Hey look, we match! What are the odds?

If that engine actually turned on, I may have needed a new package of underwear.

Photos don’t even do this beauty justice.

Yes, working lights AND it will have a working siren. Heaven though art thy Ecto-1.

I spy with my little eye, a Winston figure that is also 1/6 in scale.

And now my bank account just had a heart attack.


And for a full motion look at the working lights (sans sound as it wasn’t completed yet), click above.


Looks like I’ll be starring in a new Hollywood sequel: How to Climb Your Dragon.

Wonderful woman come in all shapes and sizes.

For Comic Con 2017, the Outlaw wanted to be all ears… literally.

Guess who got invited to SyFys Official Sharknado Comic-Con Premiere Party! (I’m actually not sure, but we won invites!)

Nothing screams Sharknado like a shark tooth balloon arch.

Somewhere, the U.S. President is smiling uncontrollably.

What’s a Sharknado premiere party without an endless supply of shrimp and sushi?

Think I’ll pass on the watermelon this evening.

The only thing scary about this dessert spread is how many pounds I gained just looking at it.

Also part of the buffet. Sadly, I already had limbs for lunch.

Since they blew their entire budget on food versus getting some security, SyFy sent over someone else to tell the Outlaw to slow down at the seafood table.

Apparently, the photographer wasn’t too enamored with the Outlaw and his Deputy.

Yes, Sharknado has an actual slot machine. And no, I’m not three sheets to the wind.

And if there is such a thing as a Sharknado slot machine, this is a no-brainer.

My first ever AMC Press Invite only event. I’m all growns-up, I’m all growns-up and I’m all growns-up.

Looks like a certain someone by the name of Kim thinks the Outlaw is all growns-up too. (But more than likely it’s her way of trying to keep from laughing uncontrollably.)

Round 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. They all really need to temper their excitement, no?

Unfortunately, this was one experience the Outlaw couldn’t squeak his way into. Even despite his cowboy hat and rugged good looks. (Well, I had a cowboy hat anyway.)

At least the self-playing piano let me take a photo with it.

The Westworld daily playlist for those interested.

Because where else would you stage a Viking funeral other than Downtown San Diego?

There’s that crazy Hot Nerd Girl again. This time photo-blasting her own sister-in-law and nephew’s time with the Outlaw. (Although it looks like even those few seconds proved too much time with me.)

Surveying the scene for walkers, real and fake.

The Outlaw found the one thing Stranger than himself.

Deputy J Grimes determining if a well placed loogie to the head will also take out a walker.

Who needs height when you carry a Colt Python 45?

If you don’t think this photo looks cool, you must be blind. Oh wait, I’m sorry sir…

Don’t even ask.

Deputy J looks like he’s getting some new ink… at gunpoint no less!

Either he got a tattoo or he just lost a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Not the best driver’s license photo, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Have you seen these two men. If so, do not engage them and whatever you do, don’t breathe through your nose around them.

The Outlaw shedding a tear for the most over-mourned death in TV fandom history.

Aunite M, Auntie M, it’s a twister, it’s a twister!

You know it’s time to redecorate when even even crazy beats from other dimensions want to rip your floral wallpaper down from the inside.

The line was so long for Netlfix’ Stanger Things experience, we decided to order a pizza while we waited.

Now if we could only figure out why someone put the letters in that order…

Deputy had such a great costume, AMC asked him to do an interview for their season opening fan tribute to the show this October! Keep an eye out for him.

An exclusive scene from Disney’s still unannounced Toy Story 5: The Plastic Strikes Back.

Pfft, and to think all those other suckers had to use an entire hand.

Best… SDCC Panel of 2017… EVER. In my own honest yet extremely biased opinion.

The always funny David Duchovny with that guy from Wayne’s World.

The second volume of Audible X-Files stories starring the actual voices of Duchovny and Anderson will be out soon. I’ve heard the first, and if you’re an X-Files fan I can’t recommend the series enough!

Deputy J confirmed he completely cleansed the area of undead and geek activity.

A fitting tribute to pop culture icon Adam West was the only way to close out another geek-filled week in San Diego, CA.


One final poorly edited video montage from Geek Outlaw’s escapades at SDCC 2017.



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