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SDCC 2016: An Outlaw has No Name within the Game of Thrones “Hall of Faces” at San Diego Comic-Con

DSC03981 (Large)

You know that old saying your mom told you about your face freezing a certain way?…


For those new to Geek Outlaw (or recently lost a bet), you’ll quickly learn that the timeliness of my posts are on par with the delivery rates of the US Postal service. Unfortunately, the deadly combination of an incredibly busy schedule and far-reaching laziness regularly combine forces to delay my posts far beyond the abilities of a mortal man.

This is evidenced by this post which contains my continuing deluge of San Diego Comic-Con coverage almost a month after the mecca of geekdom concluded. If I were a betting man, I’d take whatever money I wish I had and wager you’ll see my final post for the 2016 event sometime before humans successfully colonize Mars.


DSC04231 (Large)

If geeks and nerds ruled Mars, it would probably look very similar to this… with more red.


Despite the somewhat leisurely pace at which I post, I trudge on for all 3 of my readers, because if I don’t do it, there are plenty of others whom will. (And they’ll most likely do it much, much better.)

On that positively self-depreciating note, I leave you with a photo tour of my time within HBO’s Game of Thrones “Hall of Faces” experience at this years Comic-Con in addition to many of the other sites I was able to take part in on my journey through the geek streets of San Diego.


DSC04195 (Large)

Ahhh, there’s nothing like the smell of 150,000 sweaty humans in the morning!


For those wondering, sadly, the entire Westeros experience paled in comparison to last years offering… which seemed to be the theme for many of the interactive attractions the studios paraded out to eager fans. Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come. What else will I do with myself one a year during the muggiest week of summer near the Mexican border?


GAME OF THRONES – “Hall of Faces”:

DSC03986 (Large)

A face only an insane madman who likes to collect faces could love.

DSC03959 (Large)

Deputy “J” Grimes controlling the line… kinda. One for two ain’t bad.

DSC03967 (Large)

More cut up faces on display than a Hollywood awards show.

DSC03972 (Large)

The Outlaw wondering why his face-neighbor looks so sleepy.

DSC03984 (Large)

The Outlaw and Deputy “J” Grimes immortalized in the hall forever… or 3 minutes. Whichever came first.

DSC03960 (Large)

Is it just me, or does the sheriff look a little TOO happy about this.

DSC03961 (Large)

And this piece of art is called, “Those Whom Embrace Death, and Those Whom Could Care Less.”



DSC03996 (Large)

You know the choices in this election are bad when people rather for for a cartoon character of a beagle.

DSC03994 (Large)

The Outlaw moseying on over to his designated voting station.

DSC03998 (Large)

Make the Sunday funnies great again!

DSC04000 (Large)

“Good grief, what a blockhead.” are the exact words going through thais young lady’s mind.

DSC04002 (Large)

“I’m not sure what anyone else told you, but I’m 100% chicken!”

DSC04236 (Large)

“Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird… no, it’s a… wait, it’s just Kit Harrington’s private jet.”




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