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SDCC 2016: The Outlaw Goes Bigger, Longer & Uncut for South Park’s 20th Anniversary Event at San Diego Comic-Con


The boys are back in town. (That town being San-Diego.)


For anyone who’s watched at least one episode of the animated series centered around four young boys from a small town in Colorado, there’s ribbing, then there’s South Park ribbing.

Created from the ingenious (some might argue insane) minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the crudely animated show offers up an extreme – and that’s putting it mildly – take on current events and social issues transpiring around the globe. When I say current, I’m not kidding folks, thanks to the fact South Park is a simple 3D drawn cartoon generated by computers, it allows for an almost real-time injection of topics fresh in the news.



I don’t think Butters would be smiling if he got a glimpse of what was actually standing net to him.


Case in point, the 20th season premiere which literally just aired within the last day or so, tackles (pun gracefully intended) the whole Colin Kaepernick National Anthem protest which took center stage with the media and social media only a few short weeks ago. God bless their souls, Parker and Stone even managed to fit in some digs at Paul Feig, the Ghostbusters reboot, along with most reboots in general. Where they come up with ideas for Member berries is beyond me. (And I thought my mind was out there.) Of course last minute inclusions into the story also make for some interesting plot bed fellows. If a storyline combining the topics of gentrification, Whole Foods, political correctness, ISIS, ninjas, and space aliens isn’t proof of that, I’m not entirely sure what is.



Probably the only grass stains Kaepernick will get on his pants all season.


All of the above-mentioned absurdity, along with its pull-no-punches approach, has helped keep South Park not only popular, but relevant in an age of online streaming shows and do-it-yourself YouTube cartoonists. To be fair however, “pull-no-punches” may not have been the right choice of words. Something along the lines of “throw haymakers well after the body has been bloodied and dismembered” would be slightly more apropos.

Thanks in large part to Parker and Stone’s Libertarian political views, South Park leaves no politician unscathed, ripping venerable new ones into both Clintons, Trump, Obama and Bush to equal degree. Entertainers the likes of Paris Hilton, Ben Affleck, Barbara Streisand, Kaitlin Jenner and Brittany Spears are not safe from the wrath of South Park either. Many celebrities are often ridiculed mercilessly even after the proverbial coroner has deemed the animated bodies cold. Oddly enough, the take-no-prisoners attitude is what helps attract viewers from all walks of life and reminds us all to take ourselves a little bit more lightly.



With Matt Stone and Tray Parker, there isn’t a two party system, just one endless pipeline of targets.


Despite the extremely graphic nature of the writing and visuals, the series remembers to add heart at just the right moments so we inevitably care about the main set of protagonists the audience spends time with on a regular basis. My personal favorite has to be Butters Stotch, whom as the overly-innocent nice kid who simultaneously gets taken advantage of and scolded by his folks for pretty much everything but breathing; reminds me of me.


Don’t laugh, this actually made me tear up when I first watched this episode.
(Fine, you can laugh.)


As a die-hard fan of the series, there was no way I was going to leave San Diego Comic-Con without making my way through the mini-South Park setup Comedy Central erected in celebration of the show’s 20 year run. Check out the photos below to see how the Outlaw relived some of the series most memorable episodes.

“Screw you guys, I’m going to show you the photos now!”


The South Park 20th Anniversary Event – Outlaw Style:


And this my friends helps explain why I’m still single.


One bus to transport them all.


If I had to pick a backup pair of Jewish parents, these two would top the list.


Two cops and an Outlaw walk into an animated bar…


When in Rome… or South Park.


At 3pm on a humid summer afternoon in San Diego, you can bet I was wishing that was real Snow behind me.


Looks like what we got here is an old fashioned fake showdown.


When you walk around in boots and toys in the heat for eight hours straight, you’ll eat pretty much anything.


Everything is awesome-o!


Finally looks like I’ll have some company in the backseat.


If you don;t know what I’m sitting on, don’t ask. (Seriously, you’re better off not knowing.)


That moment you wish you had just splurged fro the Uber.


Ok, I admit… I get why Affleck was so smitten.


Brings new meaning to “the guy behind the guy.”


Two guesses which one doesn’t belong.


So how is Sadaam doing? Oh sorry… too soon?”


“Oh my God, he killed a cardboard cutout of Kenny!”


If I had to choose just one person to share a jail cell with, it sure as hell wouldn’t be Cartman.


The Outlaw having a tea party with cutouts of animated characters. (We shall never speak of this photo again.)


The best use of 90 feet of aluminum foil… ever.


I met these two wild and crazy (not to mention gassy) guys on my way out of South Park…


… and they told me about this awesome country up north where the beer flows like Canadian beer and where hockey fans instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.



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