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SDCC 2016: Geek Outlaw Roams the Floor with Walkers at San Diego Comic-Con

DSC03829 (Large)

No need to fight Michonne and Daryl, there’s plenty of Outlaw to go around.


No matter what anyone tells you, it’s not San Diego Comic-Con unless you wander the convention floor (roughly the size of Canada) with the goal of standing in lines longer than the Great Wall of China just to have the opportunity to take a photo with inanimate props. Hooray for Hollywood!

Don’t confuse my snarkyness for lack of interest however, as I happily teamed up with Hot Nerd Girl to traverse the seemingly endless convention floor to wait in overfilled lines for “interactive” experiences offered by shows such as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Marvel, and American Gods. I use the word interactive loosely, as most of the attractions were about as immersive as freshly applied checkered wallpaper. It’s not to say the set reproductions and zombie role players weren’t well done, but the length of time one has to wait to obtain a photo next to a set of mannequins had me questioning my existence in the universe and whether I turned off the air-conditioning at home.


DSC03847 (Large)

Q: How many geeks does it take to fill a convention center?


Despite my deeply rooted cynicism wrapped in sarcasm, I actually did enjoy perusing the festivities since much of the fun consisted of complaining with fellow con-goers about how long the queue was to take a photo with a fake albino tatanka.


DSC04168 (Large)

And yes, I even had to wait in line to take a photo in front of a large plastic sign.


With that final satirical note, I leave you with photos from my trip around the San Diego Comic-Con floor. I devoted blood, sweat, tears and three hours of my time to share these with you all, so please feel free to leave a comment (even if it’s just to mock me mercilessly.)


SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2016: Main Floor

DSC03816 (Large)

How to entertain drivers stuck behind you in traffic.

DSC03823 (Large)

Don’t look at me, I’ve been brain dead since the mid-90’s.

DSC03824 (Large)

Rick taking in Comic-Con from the comfort of a 70″ LCD display.

DSC03826 (Large)

The consequences of not brushing your teeth twice a day.

DSC03827 (Large)

Geez, why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer. In fact, here ya go…

DSC03831 (Large)

Hot Nerd Girl and Momma Jedi look to have wondered into the wrong Comic-Con line.

DSC03835 (Large)

Calm down everyone, cooler heads will prevail… all but one of them anyway.

DSC03837 (Large)

I heard the service on my flight was good, but not THIS good.

DSC03840 (Large)

Down low… too slow!

DSC03843 (Large)

Ooooh… look at all the pretty mind-erasing lightning!

DSC03853 (Large)

“If someone asks you if you want to go into the American Gods booth, you say YES!”

DSC03861 (Large)

Bringing new meaning to grabbing life (and a fake buffalo) by the horns.

DSC03863 (Large)

The first action figure that actually drops in value before it’s even produced.

DSC03865 (Large)

My dad was just a kid from Brooklyn too! Hopefully Marvel will complete his statue soon as well.



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