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SDCC 2016: Cosplayers, Creatures & Celebrities Crash Comic-Con in San Diego

DSC03941 Edited

The Walking Dead ‘s executive producer Scott Gimple pointing to who Negan killed in the season 6 finale. (KIDDING!)


If I’ve said it once, than I’ve said it at least once; this will be my last year traversing south for the Nerdi Gras known as San Diego Comic-Con. Each year after I melt into a stinking pile of polyurethane toy goo, I swear it off like it’s the second coming of the plague only to find myself back in America’s finest city the following year, having broken my pledge like my unrealistic New Year’s Resolution of taking down the Gillian Anderson shrine in my basement.

What keeps the Outlaw coming back to the thick pea soup humidity of San Diego every year mid-July? For starters, the free press badge goes a long way towards sucking me back in. It’s not the main reason, however, but not having to provide Comic-Con International with your first born in order to attend is nothing to sneeze at.   Nevertheless, my primary reason is for the people of course! More specifically, the dedicated creative folk known as cosplayers. The detail and time put into many of the costumed patrons walking around at the convention never cease to leave my jaw dragging on the ground three feet behind me. The talented forces whom attend North America’s largest popular culture gathering continually outdo themselves on an annual basis. They are a huge part of what sucks me back down every summer. (If that last sentence made you snicker, it’s ok, I snickered first.


DSC04150 (Large)

… and you’re going to be standing in that line all day (not to mention all night if you’re lucky).


Also of honorable mention are the actors and all the other industry professionals whom dedicate their lives to giving us unique characters to dress up as. Despite the many stories of stuck-up celebrities we often hear about in the press, you’ll be hard pressed to find divas and divos among the crowds in San Diego. Most, if not all individuals I’ve met or come across have treated the Outlaw with the utmost respect, which is in addition to giving him the time of day. (If you saw me trudging through 80% humidity with an entire Toys ‘R Us aisle strapped to my body, you’d feel sorry for me too.)


DSC03942 (Large)

No matter how tough you think you have it, remember you could always be dressed as Elvis walking on stilts through the streets of San Diego during 80% humidity with a shark protruding through your abdomen.


This year one of those kind-hearted entertainment folk was none other than The Walking Dead executive producer Scott Gimple. The man who orchestrates the undead for TV, graciously spoke with the Outlaw for several minutes while his hands were full due to having checked into his hotel. Mr. Gimple treated me like an old friend and thanked me for being an avid viewer and my kind words for his work on the series. He told me they were doing their best to try to make the show better with each passing season and he hoped I would enjoy what they had in store this season. A class act if there ever was one.


SDCC 2016 Cosplay Main 740

Gimple was so nice, I had to feature him twice!


Enough of my name-dropping and slobbering over incredible costume creators, lets get to the costumes themselves shall we? Lord knows my endless onslaught of words has put you on the brink of sleep or self-mutilation. So without further delay, here are Geek Outlaw’s cosplay and celebrity highlights from Comic-Con 2016.



DSC04255 (Large)

Can’t go wrong with two Tomb Raiders for the price of one.

DSC04292 (Large)

Of course a third Laura Croft never killed anyone either.


Going where no Outlaw has gone before in my (soon to be posted) interview with Jason Matthew “Cupcake” Smith from JJ Abrams Star Trek fame.


DSC04287 (Large)

I’m “Mc’lovin” this photo with King of the Nerds Season 3 contestant, Thomas Vollum.

DSC04258 (Large)

Honey, I shrunk the Doctor Jones… onto my hat.

DSC04269 (Large)

Never take potions from sinister strangers dressed in black robes.

DSC04284 (Large)

And like that, my childhood came to life before my very eyes.

DSC04285 (Large)

I asked for two tacos for 99 cents, but unfortunately Jack doesn’t drop off orders at the convention center.

DSC04250 (Large)

Donald Tran the Balloon Man showing off some of his latest air-filled creations. (He even catered a party for Ash and the Evil Dead where Bruce Campbell sported a balloon chainsaw!)

DSC04241 (Large)

Cosplay award winner and all-around great guy, the Gregarious Geek seen here jamming his way through the dog days of summer. (See what I did there?)

DSC04248 (Large)

“Okay, okay! You can have two Geek Outlaw stickers! Geesh.”


Best friend and Outlaw sidekick Deputy “J” Grimes pointing fingers with the professionals.

DSC04217 (Large)

Hanging ten with this Silver Surfer as he rides a wave to the ATM.

DSC04214 (Large)

The one woman you should NOT listen to when she tells you to keep your eyes on hers.


Just when you thought it was safe to do an interview… (Hot Nerd Girl and I with Caroline Williams from the upcoming Sharknado 4.)

DSC04212 (Large)

Apparently even Westeros has caught the Pokemon GO bug. (And a random Black Cat for good measure.)

DSC04211 (Large)

The only true way to prevent skin cancer and make a fashion statement simultaneously.

DSC04208 (Large)

You’e a good man whoever you are.

DSC04207 (Large)

Nice F$&!ing cosplay! [Honk Honk!]

DSC04203 (Large)

Cosplay isn’t just about looking the part, it’s about playing the part… no matter how many times you get slapped.

DSC04202 (Large)

The Outlaw with his boomstick and an Ash for every dy of the week.

DSC04201 (Large)

Luckily, Professor Farnsworth was too blind to notice the idiot taking a photo with him.

DSC04197 (Large)

San Diego Comic-Con is quite literally a Zoo, so luckily this real life Clawhauser was there to keep the peace.

DSC04196 (Large)

Luckily you could spot this pilot’s orange jumpsuit from a galaxy far far away.

DSC04192 (Large)

Note to Michael Bay…

DSC04177 (Large)

File this one under things you’ll never see again: A pregnant Stay Puft staring at baby Stay Puft’s hanging from Geek Outlaw’s rear end.

DSC04175 (Large)

America the beautiful… literally.

DSC04172 (Large)

Eat your heart out Bosley!

DSC04163 (Large)

The color brown is strong with these two.

DSC04160 (Large)

The Rocketeer, now available in 3 ” and 6′ sizes.

DSC04156 (Large)

I present to you this years SDCC Prom King and Queen…

DSC04054 (Large)

“J” Grimes taking a page out of the Rick playbook in his Firearms Training for Tots program.

DSC04154 (Large)

Remind me never to say anything negative about Mr. Martin again… ever.

DSC04139 (Large)

Because I wasn’t feeling short enough as it was…

DSC04128 (Large)

For those who were curious what would happen if a Ghostbuster had a love child with a UPS driver.

DSC04122 (Large)

How much time until the parking meter expires again?

DSC04120 (Large)

One of these things is not like the other…

DSC04117 (Large)

Every self-respecting cosplayer carries a plush friend with them. Even the Outlaw.

DSC04116 (Large)

“Cosplayer, cosplayer, doing whatever a cosplayer dressed as Spider-Pig does.”

DSC04070 (Large)

A photo with a little bit of everything… even if I don’t know what everything is.

DSC04066 (Large)

Sheriffs and zombies, living together, mass hysteria!

DSC04065 (Large)

The family that dresses up as Star Wars together and rolls their dog dresses up as BB-8 in a stroller together, stays together.

DSC04063 (Large)

Something told me these guys didn’t even know it was Comic-Con.

DSC04049 (Large)

A swoon worthy Daryl Dixon posing with his brother in arms.

DSC04045 (Large)

Can someone find this guy a Taxi please?

DSC03957 (Large)

I found the one guy who is a better dresser than the Outlaw himself.

DSC03955 (Large)

If someone tells this guy to comb San Diego one more time…

DSC03954 (Large)

The Outlaw doing his part to donate blood at Comic-Con.

DSC03953 (Large)

The one and only whom I named my chi-weenie after. (The character, not the person.)

DSC03946 (Large)

Carol couldn’t look more disinterested even if somebody paid her.

DSC03940 (Large)

It’s good to be the Outlaw on occasion.

DSC03937 (Large)

These two look more like Nimoy and Shatner than… well, Nimoy and Shatner.

DSC03935 (Large)

The Ghostbusters reboot: proudly splitting the fandom since 2014.

DSC03933 (Large)

Looks like someone started feeding the seagulls paintballs again.

DSC03932 (Large)

“So tell me, do you use an app for weather, or just kind of see it happening live?”

DSC03927 (Large)

If Stay Puft had a daughter with a Street Fighter character.

DSC03919 (Large)

The future of cosplay is here!

DSC03879 (Large)

You know marketing Jon Snow.

DSC03848 (Large)

What happens when your friends announce to everyone you are Chris Pratt wearing a Spider-Man costume.

20160724_141419_000 (2)

When Deadpool doesn’t approve of a film, you know your’re in deep unicorn doo-doo.


The Outlaw with Gregg Berger, voice of the original Grimlock of the Transformers universe.

DSC04210 (Large)

“That’s no costume!” (The Outlaw and “J” Grimes were honored to be able to interview San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman. Check out YouTube for the live Wild Wild Podcast stream from the event!)

DSC04159 (Large)

A couple of troublemakers or just plan goofballs? (I’m leaning towards the latter.)







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