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SDCC 2015: Dogs & Cats, Drinking Together… Mass Hysteria 2! Ghostbusters Party at Comic-Con, Again


DSC01329 (Large)

A Ghostbusters party of mass proportions.


As is notoriously pointed out by scientist Dr. Ray Stanz (Dan Aykroyd) in the original Ghostbusters installment, the revelation that ghosts could actually be captured would allow them to “really bust some heads”. Similarly, little do people know, but Ghostbusters also have the ability to really bust some livers as well.


DSC01313 (Large)

One of those drinks is the cameraman’s… honest!


This first became apparent to me when I covered the Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria shindig last year during San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Believe it or not, Sony had nothing to do with the event and to add insult to injury, had absolutely zilch officially planned in celebration of the film’s 30th diamond anniversary. Thanks however to the Tampa Bay Ghostbusters head-of-state, Patrick Creel, fans of the paranormal eliminators had a place to celebrate the momentous occasion at the Werewolf Bar in downtown San Diego. The festivities included a replica Ecto-1, movie-themed drinks, special guests and of course, more fully suited Ghostbusters than you could shake a neutrona wand at.


DSC01346 (Large)

That Ghostbuster on the left looks awfully familiar…


Fast forward a year later, and Sony, demonstrating they are still asleep at the wheel, decided it was good marketing to again completely neglect their supposedly prize franchise with zero presence at Comic-Con 2015 as well. It’s another odd-non promotional move with a new rebooted Ghostbusters flick arriving next June (which falls just before next year’s comic-con event.) For a studio that purports Ghostbusters is one of their most cherished properties, they have an interesting way of not showing it.



DSC01316 (Large)

When the Werewolf bar has done more for Ghostbusters at Comic-Con than Sony the past two years, there could be a slight problem…


When I was called upon to be one of the exclusive press outlets to cover the party sequel again this year, I accepted the honor faster than you can say Gozer the Gozerian (which in reality takes a decent amount of time to say.) Mr. Creel, whom was heading the festivities for the second straight year, promised a party of epic proportions, “real wrath of God type stuff.” He certainly didn’t disappoint as the special guest list was longer, the prizes more plentiful, the Ecto-1 more Ectoy, and the patrons more Ghostbustery.


DSC01259 (Large)

Tampa Bay Ghostbusters head honcho Patrick Creel is “Ready to Believe You… or maybe just me?”


Worth special mention, in attendance were two of the production assistants from the new Ghostbusters reboot being directed by Paul Feig. Love it or hate it, Ghostbusters is getting remade. Fan response however has been overwhelmingly negative however due in large part because the film is considered one of the few classics that should have never required a remake or reimagining of any kind in the first place (more on that in a future blog).


DSC01212 (Large)

You can’t complain about these Ghostbusters production assistants taste in shirts. I have the tee on the left, and almost ripped the shirt on the left off the kind gentleman’s back.


I spoke at length with the assistants who requested I keep all the juicy tidbits they shared off the record, and they revealed that their reason for attending Mass Hysteria II was to try and fly under the radar to see how some of the true hard core fans truly felt about the limited info made public about the film thus far. A Ghostbusters party during the world’s biggest nerd rager was probably one of the best demographics they could hope for. Despite their stated goal and being incredibly nice guys to boot, it was obvious they were also trying to do some major spin control and attempt to sell the loyalists on the reinvention of the franchise.


DSC01220 (Large)

Last I check, women didn’t require a movie to be rebooted to dress up like their favorite paranormal exterminators.


Despite their best efforts, they didn’t move the Outlaw’s needle on the project solely because I’m a firm believer the movie should never be rebooted, no ifs, ands or terror dog butts about it. (Again, another blog for another day.) Regardless, the fact they attended at all was dually noted and appreciated.

Luckily, the focus of the party was a celebration of the old guard, not the new, and there were a few companies on hand showing off the latest in Ghostbusters merchandise. First on the evening’s docket was Cryptozoic, who brought a demo of their brand new Ghostbusters board game being released to stores all over the inter-webs very soon. A quick video follows, however apologies for the sound quality since the Outlaw’s dedicated mic broke earlier in the day.


DSC01211 (Large)

Don’t judge, it’s the first action I’ve gotten since the film was released in 1984.



If you have Superman like hearing, keep the sound on. Either way the video is worth a look.


Also in the house were Diamond Select representatives touting the first ever-line of upcoming 7” Ghostbusters action figures.  I got a chance to speak directly with Diamond Select PR representative Zach Oat about the new figures being released this fall and the future plans for the Ghostbusters line going forward. The video interview is directly below and you should actually be able to hear both of us without cranking your volume to Marty McFly amplifier levels.



Diamond Toys GB

These Diamond Select figures are so detailed, you can almost spell the ectoplasm on their overalls.



Zach Oat chats Diamond Select’s new 7″ action figure line with the Outlaw.


As the 2015 Mass Hysteria event once again proves, Ghostbusters truly know how to party. From costumes and vehicles, to collectibles and reciting movie quotes, fans are never one to shy away from celebrating their favorite film with each other as well as an occasional adult themed Ecto-Cooler or two. It begs the questions, if there is a comic convention in your neighborhood going bump in the night, who ya gonna call?


And now, more video and photos from the gala for your paranormal viewing pleasure…



You wouldn’t think they could dance with those nuclear accelerators strapped to their back, but here we are.


Patrick Creel rallies the paranormal investigator troops.



A grill any mother could love.

DSC01237 (Large)

I would trade all of my unnecessary internal organs for the opportunity to own this beauty of a rolling boat.

DSC01208 (Large)

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! My backpack is sitting in the Ecto-1!

DSC01209 (Large)

Rick wondering how much cargo room the Ecto-1 has for dead walkers.

DSC01334 (Large)

She moves so slow, even rickshaws look like they are moving at warp speed.

DSC01238 (Large)

Three beautiful women and a classic geek car? If there is a heaven there in this photo. (P.S. Elbows off the paint ladies.)

DSC01242 (Large)

Her rear looks just as good as her hood.

DSC01262 (Large)

Is it me, or did Rick get bitten inside the pub?

DSC01263 (Large)

One of the Ecto-1 replica owners ducking into view.

DSC01333 (Large)

“You can’t park that here!”




DSC01306 (Large)

So yeah… this guy totally reminds me of someone but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe I should do an “Interview” with him…

DSC01252 (Large)

Women love men in uniforms and unlicensed nuclear accelerators.

DSC01218 (Large)

Hey Bill, I think I found a fan… or your daughter.

DSC01299 (Large)

This Marine is an example of Ghostbusters fans that also help protect freedom and the US of A.

DSC01300 (Large)

“We came, we saw, we spilled our drinks!”

DSC01216 (Large)

ANd like that, my ill will towards the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man completely disappeared.

DSC01308 (Large)

“If the drink is green, your liver’s clean.”

DSC01288 (Large)

“I guess the roses worked.”

DSC01295 (Large)

Party planner Patrick Creel mesmerizing the crowd with his PKE Meter. (The ghost detecting device… get your mind out of the gutter.)

DSC01342 (Large)

“He was born to take this photo.”

DSC01309 (Large)

It’s official, Seth Rogan’s stunt double is the new Waldo.

DSC01291A (Large)

The family that dresses up as Ghostbusters characters together, stays together. The photographer (aka my best friend) who takes blurry photos, gets fired.

DSC01339 (Large)

No need to fight you two, can’t we all just zap a class 5 free-floating apparition together?




DSC01245 (Large)

So many prizes, so little time to rig the contest in my favor.

DSC01298 (Large)

A metal Ghostbusters lunchbox should be a standard issue for every member of the military.

DSC01297 (Large)

Seth Rogan’s doppelganger (or is he?) worked his way into the winner’s circle as well.

DSC01291 (Large)

This lucky winner can now carry the entire team with him… in his pocket.

DSC01290 (Large)

Who knew Vanna was at the Ghostbusters bash?

DSC01294 (Large)

I’m still trying to figure out if this young lady is a Ghostbusters fan.

DSC01285 (Large)

“Ok, so, they won signed placards of the Ghostbusters Board Game from Cryptonic and IDW.”

DSC01271 (Large)

“Oh come on, there’s always room for Jello.”

DSC01273 (Large)

Absorbent enough to clean up all of the slime and marshmallow messes in any household.

DSC01250 (Large)

Who wouldn’t want to cool their drinks with Ghostbusters shaped ice cubes?!

DSC01247 (Large)

This winner is is literally shedding her reptilian skin as she accepts her raffle prize.

DSC01214 (Large)

No one gives a gift like a Ghostbuster.

DSC01282 (Large)

“Ugly little spud, isn’t he?”




DSC01321 (Large)

When the Werewolf hired their bouncer,they tried to think of the most harmless option possible…”

DSC01266 (Large)

“It’s a sign alright… one I would have gladly taken with me if it wasn’t nailed down.”

DSC01254 (Large)

Inside of the bar’s containment unit was just as packed.

DSC01228 (Large)

Protecting patrons from the undead and boring blog posts.

DSC01301 (Large)

“He’s a sailor, he’s in San Diego; we get this guy drunk, we won’t have any trouble!”

DSC01318 (Large)

There goes that Rogan stunt double again…

DSC01317 (Large)

The jokes on World famous Heath Ledger Joker cosplayer Jesse Oliva, as The Dark Knight left Mass Hysteria just minutes earlier.

Jesse Oliva of the Joker & Harley (Zoey) Cosplayers

DSC01304 (Large)

This epic patch speaks for itself.




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