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SDCC 2015: Cosplay World Grows to Jurassic Proportions at San Diego Comic-Con

Cosplay 2015 SDCC Main NEW 740

“Nice dinos. Cute little lizards. Maybe I’ve got a Milk-Bone.”


At this juncture, I’m fairly certain it goes without saying that CosPlay (the act of dressing up in costume any day of the year outside of Halloween), has become as much a part of geek culture as internet debates over Star Wars vs Star Trek and which celebrity heartthrob receives the most fan invitations for naked Jello Jacuzzi parties.

While I don’t really have a dog in the race on the ‘Star’ films debate, it has yet to be determined if I may or may not have sent said Jello invites to Gillian Anderson and Lauren Cohen at some point in the past. But I digress…



“Oh, come on. There’s always room for Jell-O! “


Now considered a mandatory staple at any convention, let alone SDCC, CosPlayers not only multiply vastly in quantity year after year, but the quality seems to increase exponentially with each passing show as well. San Diego is considered the Grand Poobah of the pop culture convention circuit, so it’s no surprise that patrons hold nothing back as they break out their best threads – including polycarbonates and fake blood – for the one geek fest to rule them all.


Some costumes are all about the companion.


I’m continually stunned with the creativeness on display, but am frequently more impressed by how the costumes people create in their own time are often superior to their on screen inspirations.

There’s not much more I can type about these incredibly inventive folks, and I realize most readers were hoping I was going to shut-up-and-start-with-the-photos-already roughly about four paragraphs ago. Thus without further delay, I present Geek Outlaw’s Best CosPlay of Comic-Con 2015 (aka the people dressed up who I happened to run into while walking around the show).




DSC01012 (Large)

When a gang of man-eating Harley-riding raptors is on the loose, who ya gonna call?

JP Nedry

Why, a highly-skilled Jurassic Park engineer and Dennis Nedry doppelganger, of course!

DSC00993 (Large)

Then again, animal control ‘might’ have been a better option.

JP Feeding Collage

The gruesome scene was a roller coaster of emotions for Geek Outlaw.

Cosplay 2015 SDCC Main NEW 740

I had them eating out of the palm of my hand… until, that is, they ate my hands.

DSC00971 (Large)

Comic-Con implemented a new policy for 2015. Pets are ok if they are over 7 feet tall.

DSC00975 (Large)

I found him! (And more importantly, I found her!)

DSC00977 (Large)

Why do all the cute ones always wear red?

DSC00970 (Large)

Not a good time to run out of Geek Outlaw stickers.

DSC00988 (Large)

Before I tell people I’m paying them to take a photo with me.

DSC01033 (Large)

After I had Mexican food for lunch. Hey, I’m only human!

DSC01035 (Large)

So would this technically be called “Co-Eds in Black?”

DSC00983 (Large)

Ok, ok… no need to hold that thing so close to my face…

DSC01043 (Large)

The Outlaw taking a peek at Marty’s watch after realizing he doesn’t have one of his own.

DSC01036 (Large)

This adorable little Avengers fan couldn’t stop asking the Outlaw about his outfit: cuteness ensued.

DSC01055 (Large)

Oddly enough, I caught these so-called wizards trying to run through a wall down at the train station. Kids these days!

DSC01056 (Large)

Is that a PKE meter in your pocket or are you just happy to see the Outlaw? Please tell me it’s the former.

DSC01058 (Large)

Holy poop bags, Batman! Time to lay off the bacon Snausages!

DSC01106 (Large)

Chris Pratt: now available in all genders and franchises.

DSC01051 (Large)

Why do I have the sudden urge to eat mushrooms and jump on turtles?

Possibly the best costume of all-time. Do you see what I see?

DSC01146 (Large)

Dare I make a deal with this King of the kitchen? I hope I get my hand back.

DSC01108 (Large)

Donald “Balloon Man” Tran… minus the balloons.

Magic & Balloon Art of Donald Tran


DSC01179 (Large)

Han shot first – but only because my gun is a finger.

DSC01181 (Large)

If only Jon Snow would have listened to this fine piece of apparel. The gentleman pictured is the proud owner of a Geek Outlaw shirt as well (not pictured).

DSC01182 (Large)

Great Scott! I wish I would have worn a watch instead of a blank metal wristband!

DSC01404 (Large)

Optimus might be able to transform into a truck, but he apparently has a hard time finding cameras.

DSC01406 (Large)

This fellow Outlaw was smart enough to devise how to bring his bedding and pajamas with him wherever he went.

DSC01407 (Large)

The ‘Devil” is in the details as the Kingpin shows off his scree- accurate replica cufflinks while Daredevil and Punisher show off their wounds after fighting over who got the Hall H aisle seat.

Capt. Cash Cosplay
@CaptCash on Twitter


DSC01423 (Large)

Author Kaleigh Kailani’s 1966 Catwoman is purrrfect. (Sorry, my “r” key is brrroken.)

Author Kaleigh Kailani


DSC01439 (Large)

Spidey celebrating his graduation from USPIP: University of Spider Powers In People.

DSC01441 (Large)

Speak softly and carry a large one-armed canon.

DSC01443 (Large)

This princess gave me the cold shoulder. I kid you not, she literally bumped into me with her shoulder.

DSC01460 (Large)

Awww, they seem to start younger every year don’t they?

DSC01447 (Large)

This Guardian of the food line held my spot while I went to go get my camera for our photo.




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