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SDCC 2015: Comic-Con is All About the Art of the Deal(ers)


The Truth is Out There with current IDW X-Files writer Joe Harris.


With most pop culture-themed conventions there tend to be three main focuses of interest: the panels, the CosPlay and the main hall – or as some scientific aficionados in the industry may refer to it: The Floor.  For most con-goers, the floor is where bank accounts go to die. Furthermore, the size of the convention is directly related to how brutal a fate one’s wallet will face.

The makeup of a comic book convention shopping area consists predominantly of comic books, toys, collectible vendors, and the celebrity signing area. In the case of larger shows like San Diego Comic-Con, entertainment studios and game companies eat up precious floor space as well. While that is all fine and well (or “good” depending on your grammar preferences), I tend to enjoy patronizing the more creative types who offer unique creations you generally won’t find on eBay or Amazon.


DSC00899 (Large)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Comic-Con wasn’t the new leading cause of epilepsy.


I’m talking mainly about the artists of course, and more specifically, Artist’s Alley – as it is commonly referred to at numerous conventions. Being a unique guy in my own right, I’m a big fan of art and other distinctive pieces of work that set themselves apart from mass-produced over-the-counter products (not that I don’t enjoy sinking my hard-earned money into those as well).


DSC00904 (Large)

Scott W Smith, of Skahfee Studios, signing one of the three prints I proudly racked up debt on my credit card for.


The Artist’s Alley area has become my new go-to staple at these types of events, but especially at Comic-Con because it’s also the only part of the Hall where you can move freely without feeling like you are some sort of agricultural livestock being herded upstream into an uncertain demise. That’s not due to lack of talent on the artists’ part or the patrons being ignorant, but just a byproduct of exclusives, swag, celebrity signings, flashing red lights, and other time-sensitive offerings pulling people in every other direction.


DSC01398 (Large)

“Oooh, shiny!”


The Outlaw went over to the ‘Art Side’ as he always does, and made some monetary donations to a few artists as well. I’ve posted photos and information for the artists below for those who like what they see.  I even included some snapshots from Insight Editions, a company that produces some very intriguing products from some of the most popular entertainment franchises, past and present.


DSC01410 (Large)

Hey Rick, stop shooting yourself. Why do you keep shooting yourself? (Swag courtesy of Insight Editions.)


But wait, there’s more! Below, I also provided some photos of how San Diego dressed itself up for this year’s main event. It’s confirmation that art truly is all around us, and not all of it requires emptying out your life savings to appreciate.

ARTISTS: (pronounced /r-tEEsts/)

DSC01651 (Large)

You’d have to be blind not to see this piece of art is designed around actual quotes from Netflix’s Daredevil series.

DSC01655 (Large)

“Multiple movie quotes! In an artistic montage together! Mass hysteria!”

DSC01652 (Large)

“When this baby hits 88 words per minute, you’re going to read some serious $h!t.”

DSC01453 (Large)

Scott W Smith’s claim to fame is building pieces of art out of a specific franchise’s most memorable lines. It has to be read to be believed!

Scott W Smith of Skahfee Studios



DSC01641 (Large)

The not-so-comedic version of Three’s Company.

DSC01456 (Large)

Kevin’s specialty is that of the split profile variety: combing multiple characters from one universe into one oddly magnificent portrait.

Kevin E. Meinert



DSC01648 (Large)

I figured 100/100 was a sign I was lucky enough to get the last one… or wisely pull from the bottom of the pile.

DSC00907 (Large)

Joe Harris inking his personal credit card signage on issue #25 of IDW’s The X-Files Season 10 – which he personally wrote just for me. (Kidding about the last part, but he did write it.)

Joe Harris

@JoeHarris – Twitter


VENDORS & MORE: (pronounced / ven-doors and more/)

DSC00985 (Large)

The Outlaw hoping no one will notice his attempt to swipe Insight Editions’ release of Gozer’s Guide to Good Gardening.


DSC01413 (Large)

WARNING: Do not pet or feed the books if you enjoy owning fingers.

DSC01417 (Large)

Finally, a book that doubles as a blanket AND back scratcher.

DSC01416 (Large)

Any book can have pages with words on them, but how many can hold your gum and cell phone?

DSC01412 (Large)

Kerry, head of Marketing with Insight Editions, is such a fan of the Outlaw, she was kind enough to provide me with incredible swag (some of which will be up for grabs during the next Geek Outlaw Rewards Contest).

Insight Digital




“Good grief, Geek Outlaw! Do you have to be in every photo?”

DSC01052 (Large)

Petco Park parking lo:t proving you don’t need to be inside the convention center to experience pop-culture in July.

DSC01053 (Large)

Where Geek Outlaw spends most of his time with anyone who knows him… in the dog house.




DSC01475 (Large)

The art of making a good drink is as important (if not more so) than anything else going on at Comic-Con. Billary, from San Diego’s “Rare Form,” treated the Outlaw and Rick Grimes so well, she scored herself this free Outlaw tank.

DSC00914 (Large)

DSC00911 (Large)

Like being in Vegas, but with about 100,000 more Dungeons and Dragons players.



DSC01429 (Large)

The only things missing are beads and gumbo.

DSC01535 (Large)

For those who prefer their costumes on wheels, I present to you, CarPlay.

DSC01426 (Large)

What Comic-Con really needs is higher attendance; I still see bits of empty pavement in this photo.

DSC01434 (Large)

This is where the food concession line starts.

DSC01463 (Large)

The Golden Geek Bridge connected thousands of convention patrons from the convention center to downtown.

DSC01462 (Large)

If it’s relatively flat and has surface area, then by all means, slap an advert on it.




DSC00921 (Large)

This blogger party was home to some of the up-and-coming talent in the pop-culture writing world. (Fortunately, they let me in anyway.)



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