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SDCC 2014: Why Cosplayers Shall Inherit the Earth… Well at Least Comic-Con Anyway

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When cosplayers attack… please please please attack me. (On right: Holly Wolf – FHM and Playboy model extraordinaire.)

You can stalk… err, follow Holly @


Call them creative, obsessed, passionate, fanatical or just downright insane, but there’s no denying that cosplayers are a dedicated bunch. They kind of have to be to throw on more layers of makeup than Joan Rivers and 86 pounds of homemade equipment, especially during the midst of a monsoonal stretch of humidity in San Diego which saw many booking flights to Miami in search of some relief.

While not technically a cosplay kinda guy myself, I do feel the pain of those who dress-the-dress as the Geek Outlaw wardrobe isn’t exactly made for the beach. Nonetheless, even with the threat of dehydration and melting into a wicked witch like pile of my own sweat, I don the gear because I truly enjoy doing it… and I’m an idiot.


P1030248 (Large)

If I’m an idiot for what I wear in the heat, I hate to think what this guy is…


Cosplayers however are brilliant in their ability to bring to life incredible pop-culture costumes with the countless hours they spend designing and building outfits, often times exceeding the quality of costumes seen on screen. Cosplay is a craft I’ve come to appreciate even more as of late and without the players, comic conventions just wouldn’t be as much fun to cover (although they’d probably smell better).

Since cosplay is all about the visuals, I’m going to take my own advice and shut my trap so I may present to you the highlights from this Outlaw’s latest pilgrimage to the San Diego Nerdi Gras. Also, please take the word highlights with a 30 pound grain of salt for the mere fact that Comic-Con is now so huge, I most likely only took in a mere sliver of the costumes roaming around the city. After all, I am just one geek.

Without further ado, I present to you (drum roll please…)


The Cosplay of Comic-Con 2014:

Winners of the Con’s Cutest Cosplay award (NOTE: Not a real thing.) Also of note, Rocket was to scale.

One of the best Walking Dead groups I’ve seen, and more importantly a Maggie who’s even better than the real thing!

You can follow Carol and her band of merry walker killers at over Reel Guise:
Twitter: @ameliaswedeen

P1040199 (Large)

There were two big reasons I was happy to honor this young lady’s photo request, and it was because she was sweet and said “I like your costume.”

Check out more of Vivid Vivka (above) at:
Twitter: @vividvivka


P1040191 (Large)

EXCLUSIVE: The face one makes after being asked out on a date by Geek Outlaw.

P1040187 (Large)

Crazy like a Mulder! This might possibly be the most creative X-Files costume I’ve seen yet.

P1040185 (Large)

Apparently, I stumbled into the only Boyz 2 Men / N’ Sync Walking Dead tour.

P1040182 (Large)

Just a couple of ol’ cowboys looking for a couple shots of whiskey and some lovely western ladies. (Woody tends to go for the more plasticy type, so I sent him to Hollywood.)

Learn more about costumer Saiho Kwan at:

P1040119 (Large)

Part-time Ghostbuster and part-time jokester goddess, if I ever wanted to be tortured by an immortal the choice would be a no-brainer.

P1040139 (Large)

This costume really kicks butt, but I couldn’t quite decide what I should refer to him as.

P1030170 (Large)

“Dobby will always be Harry Potter’s friend… and Geek Outlaw will always be your date for the weekend.”

P1040141 (Large)

Someone was happy to get their photo taken by Geek Outlaw, and someone was not. Can you guess which was which?

P1030264 (Large)

That’s the last time I make short jokes about someone who names their weapons after pointy objects in a doctor’s office.

P1040142 (Large)

Box man ain’t stupid, he strategically chose the one person to cosplay with who could help him out of his costume on a daily basis.

P1040144 (Large)

Is it just me, or is Angelina going a little overboard with the whole adoption thing?

Published author Kaleigh Kailani continuing the trend of pointing pointy objects at the Outlaw’s important body parts.

P1040149 (Large)

There goes that Steampunker again! Friend, steampunker, and fellow Outlaw cosplayer extraordinaire Andrea posing SDCC style with yours truly.

P1040180 (Large)

Still one of the best superhero-but-not-really-a-superhero movies of all-time.

P1030272 (Large)

“You know nothing guy who looks like Jon Snow… but the people in your group were very informative and helpful.”

While I was indeed very happy to see these ladies, those really were only Scooby Snacks in my pocket.

P1030947 (Large)

Jerry (aka the Outlaw’s best friend and deputy) trying to convince me that a 50 cent lighter and a light-up R2D2 mini-cooler constituted a valid Comic-Con costume. Needless to say, he made a strong case.

P1030765 (Large)

Because I always keep calm when a gang of mean looking aliens are all staring at me like they want to tear me limb from limb. (It also tends to make me crap normally, too.)

P1030764 (Large)

This virtual Hiddelston-Loki doppelganger and his Hemsworth-Thor lookalike are a staple of west coast conventions and fool me every time I see them. (Not that it’s hard to do most of the time, but these guys could truly film their own Thor Marvel movies… assuming they wanted to get sued.)

P1030740 (Large)

I was going to ask him to grab his crotch for the photo but I wasn’t in the mood to get escorted out of Comic-Con 10 minutes after walking in.

P1030374 (Large)

“I… AM… really drunk and could use a little help please.”

P1030372 (Large)

“I see your thumb is bigger than mine!”

P1030313 (Large)

Although thoroughly impressed by this Wreck It Ralph creation, I was so incredibly hungry that I started licking the frosting off the car. FYI, it wasn’t frosting.

P1050129 (Large)

Not a costume per se, but quite frankly one of the coolest things I saw all day (And yes, this gentleman made these himself AND he said we were the first people to stop him for a photo. Either I have a completely out-of-date coolness factor or people are blind.)

P1030265 (Large)

“Ok, ok… I’ll admit,’ idiot’ probably wasn’t the best choice of words…”



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