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SDCC 2014: Norman Reedus & Greg Nicotero Raise the Dead as Judges of Comic-Con Cosplay Contest

Master of the crossbow… and the selfie.


I wonder how much hearing aids at Costco will set me back?

Those were the exact words bouncing scatter-shot through my reminiscence of a brain as hundreds of female super-fans screamed incoherently at the sight of Walking Dead fan favorite Norman Reedus emerging from his portable waiting room at the Courtyard Marriot stage across from Petco Park at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. On several occasions the decibel level reached such a high pitch I found myself wishing for a CD of Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem being played on loop. I digress however, as once Reedus hit the stage I too was squealing like a school girl… albeit on the inside where my male counterparts in attendance could not hear.


P1040207 (Large)

Preview of the new AMC special “When Zombie Slayer Lovers Attack”.


Even though there was enough teenage estrogen in the crowd to fund an entire film trilogy about vampires who moonlight as coffee baristas, the noise level could have fooled the average Joe into thinking there was a small Romanian army of hormone-infused women willing to do whatever it took in order to collect a sample of DNA from Reedus’ Ninja Turtles trucker hat. One lucky female fan did score the hat off his head as he traded his Cowabunga hat for the young lady’s American flag headwear. The winner of said hat will most likely encase the prized possession in a bulletproof glass case… as soon as she is done trying to clone Mr. Reedus with whatever cells he left behind.

For the cosplay contest, the Marriot decided having a zombie slayer wasn’t enough, so they also brought in a zombie creator, Greg Nicotero. The man with the long flowing golden locks is one of the key pieces of the sweet production pie that has played a significant role in helping The Walking Dead become the most-watched show on television. Nicotero joined Reedus for the festivities and both were asked to judge the Best in Show for cosplay (at least the best that happened to be at the Petco Park interactive area during the 30-minute pre-selection process).


P1040295 (Large)

“So Norman, were they real?”


The entire contest ran just short of an hour and despite the 170% humidity, it ranks up there as the most entertaining 60 minutes the Geek Outlaw has been a part of since, well… geeking out!

It may go without saying, but both Nicotero and Reedus were incredibly gracious, taking a few minutes of their time to stop and take a photo with Hot Nerd Girl and I upon my request without hesitation. For their kindness, they received some Geek Outlaw bandanas and stickers as well as an invite to appear on the Podthingy podcast (hey, a podcast can dream, right?).


2014 SDCC Cosplay MAIN

Apparently I’ve been stuck in the same pose since 1984.


If that wasn’t enough, Nicotero and Reedus ended up crowning none other than fellow Outlaw and cosplayer extraordinaire, Chris Monfiletto (aka the Gregarious Geek), as King of the cosplay contest on the men’s side.  I would be lying if I said the win didn’t bring a tear to this Outlaw’s eye.  I felt like a proud papa blogger in a weird Robot Chicken father kind of way.  For his hard work and sweat—and I’m sure his costume was holding approximately 40 gallons of it—Chris was rewarded with some precious one-on-one time with none other than Westeros’ #1 murderer-at-large, George R.R. Martin.


2014 Chris Cosplay Contest

Many have said Mr. Martin has a big head, but I didn’t want to believe it until I saw this!


To get a look at the entire contest in full, check out the video directly below. I even ask an interesting cosplay question of the Walking Dead vets at about the 55 minute mark, so be sure to check out me making a fool of myself, if nothing else!

For those like me who don’t have enough time to brush their teeth, let alone watch a cosplay contest video, definitely do yourself a favor and at least check out the pics from the event (below).


Behold the mighty 2014 SDCC Courtyard Marriott Cosplay Contest in all it’s glory… well, most of it anyway.


2014 SDCC Courtyard Marriott Cosplay Contest PHOTOS

P1040350 (Large)

He can entertain a crowd, take a photo and flex all at once. Is there anything the man can’t do? Did I mention he also went incognito as Mr. Stay Puft on the convention floor? Man crush in 3, 2, 1…

P1040334 (Large)

Damn, those Reedus and Nicotero cosplayers nailed it!

FUN FACT: The real ring from the movie Mars Attacks on the finger of this alien-in-disguise was actually created by Mr. Greg Nicotero (On her left for those who are clueless.)

P1040306 (Large)

The Queen of the Marriott Cosplay Ball. Marge Simpsons eat your heart out!

P1040301 (Large)

This pirate has some valuable booty and apparently everyone felt compelled to stare at it.

P1040298 (Large)

Ummm, the only thing that pops into my head with this photo is the number two. (For the quantity of Walking Dead personalities on stage, of course).

P1040289 (Large)

While not a winner, this Wreck-It-Ralph cosplayer can say with pride that she got Daryl Dixon’s alter ego to do a fist pump at Comic-Con. (Another notch off the ol’ bucket list.)

P1040286 (Large)

If this princess saw Norman’s smirking at her like that, you can bet she would have fainted faster than you can say crossbow.

P1040283 (Large)

The Selfie-Sensei strikes again!

P1040273 (Large)

Yes, Norman, that’s ma boy!

P1040269 (Large)

“By the powers of Greyskull, I’ve got the gym membership!”

P1040245 (Large)

I know you’re hungry guys, but he’s a chief, not a chef!

P1040247 (Large)

The Hound & the Chicken. (Anyone else see a Disney movie in the works?)

NOTE: I’m standing on a ramp and he ISN’T! Also, does anyone else think it looks like I’m petting Tina Fey’s chicken.







  1. At least you didn’t say I looked like Stana Katic lol o.O

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  3. Lol, I was the Twilek who’s head tails Norman was feeling. Thanks for taking that pic!

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