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SDCC 2014: Greg Nicotero, Makeup and Miscellaneous Madness, Oh My!

P1030957 (Large)

Just an urban cowboy looking for his horse… and his SDCC exclusive Hasbro Dinobots.


To answer your questions: yes, I realize it’s literally been 4 weeks since Comic-Con 2014 was held in San Diego and no, I’m not lazy with zero concept of time… well, not by most official online definitions anyway. I’m more of what you might call chronologically challenged.

To be fair and to make excuses, Comic-Con is an unholy monster that eats vastly more of your time than the five-day span of the event itself. Add into the equation that – despite popular belief – I do have a few other things going on in my life, and you can see how time can quickly get sucked up into the black-hole type void that is knows as 28 Days After… Comic-Con.


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TIP #3976: Nose plugs highly recommended. (They should be handed out with the program, to be honest.)


With all of my complaining, which has fallen on blind eyes, out of the way, I would be remiss if I did not provide you with the last few gems of media I accumulated during my week-long exodus into Nerdi-Gras.

Among the dregs of treasure, there is some exclusive video footage of The Walking Dead’s special effects mastermind, Greg Nicotero, putting on a live makeup clinic outside Petco Park at the Courtyard Marriot stage. It was an appropriate event, seeing as the Florida-like heat was quite literally melting off the faces of everyone in attendance.


P1040098 (Large)

The Outlaw, post-zombification. Not sure how, but it was an improvement.


So sit back in your (hopefully) air-conditioned dwelling of choice and check out the last of Geek Outlaw’s adventures in SDCC land!


Mr. Nicotero putting on a special effects show of shows.



San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer zip-lines through FOX’s Gotham.
(NOTE: No women were groped on the way down.)



P1030173 (Large)

“It has begun!” (Is it over yet?)

P1050134 (Large)

“Excuse me, would you happen to know where the bathrooms are?”

I wonder if Terminus uses scented candles?

P1050121 (Large)

SPOILER ALERT: Apparently Katniss is getting a new Droid phone in the next Mocking Jay film.

P1050062 (Large)

Even celebrities love a good ducky face.

P1050010 (Large)

Who has two thumbs and likes Geek Outlaw? I don’t know anyone either, but let me know when you find someone.

P1040201 (Large)

The one guy at Comic-Con who didn’t have to worry about bed head.

P1050106 (Large)

Still looking for that Geek Outlaw fan with two thumbs…

I’m such a good friend, I let my buddy Jerry carry around my new Dinobots in the My Little Pony bag (which was literally larger than the U.S.S. Midway in San Diego Harbor).

P1040157 (Large)

“Ok, who bought the dog? No literally, did anyone buy it yet?”

P1040121 (Large)

“It’s the shaggin’ wagon, chicks dig it!… assuming I can find any.”

P1040116 (Large)

The Outlaw does scenic also.

P1040093 (Large)

It looks like Frankensteinitis is extremely contagious.

“You bastard! I can’t believe you took the last sprinkled doughnut!”

P1040068 (Large)

“Eh, go ahead… one bite coudn’t hurt…”

P1040036 (Large)

Who knew mummies were White Sox fans?!

P1040018 (Large)

“So I says to Mable I says…”

P1030949 (Large)

Concrete proof that best friends, alcohol, fire and R2-D2 thermoses don’t mix.

P1030670 (Large)

I take that back… you know EVERYTHING Jon Snow hopefully (hopefully, including how to share).

P1030610 (Large)

YeeHaw, Geek Outlaw is in the house!

P1030601 (Large)

My hope is that I’m not the guy Norman is giving the death stare to.

P1030582 (Large)

Oh Lauren, I see a wedding proposal coming your way from a certain someone… (Cough, me, cough cough.)

P1030470 (Large)

The Outlaw and his deputy keeping the Hall H line in check.

P1030457 (Large)

The dynamically older duo!

P1030455 (Large)

Na na na na na na na, Comic-Con!

P1030304 (Large)

Waiting patiently for the San Diego mayor to zip-line down. (Hopefully he’s not the touchy-feely type).

P1030284 (Large)

Biggest Homer head ever… WooHoo! However it wasn’t open yet… Doh!

P1030282 (Large)

I guess it’s true, the camera does add a few thousand pounds.

P1030279 (Large)

Saddle up, PartnerD!

There are worse things your brand new Camero could potentially turn into. (Ex: Your Ex-husband or wife.)

P1030261 (Large)

Far be it for me to leave Comic-Con without some type of original art. Thanks to Jin Kim for helping to fill more of my Dinobot wall of art with both of these pieces.

I’m sorry, but even without stepping foot inside I know that any place called Terminus is not going to be rated high on Zagat’s restaurant guide.

P1030240 (Large)

“Like a papier-mache spaceship on the wind.”

I think she likes me! (At least I think it’s a she.)

At least for an episode or two anyway.

P1030204 (Large)

Damn it! I told them not to use that model of me for promotional purposes!

P1030200 (Large)

(Raccoon and house plant not included.)

P1030187 (Large)

For those who like their violence and gore a tad more on the graphic side.

P1030184 (Large)

“I’m surrounded by a$$holes!”

P1030964 (Large)

The city so geeky, they named it once. True story.




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