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SDCC 2014: Geek Outlaw Parties Like its 1984 at Ghostbusters “Mass Hysteria” 30th Anniversary Comic-Con Bash

GB Party Lineup 2

Yes, there are marshmallows in my hand and no, I have no clue why I’m offering them to the photographer.


For an iconic film that is celebrating its third decade in existence, you’d think the studio who owns the right to said film would make a concerted effort to make sure the beloved franchise was well represented at the world’s largest pop culture event this side of George Lucas’ tool shed.

Sadly, Sony not only dropped the ball, they left the ball itself locked up somewhere not even the most cash-hungry studio executives could find it. With the exception of 1988’s gallery of fan-made art and a wallet-draining exclusive from Funko, Ghostbusters was incredibly underrepresented at this year’s Comic-Con. No panels, no announcements, no signings, No Harold Ramis tributes, no slime to be found anywhere (unless you count the offerings at the concession stands). Nope, it was a depressing offering for a piece of pop-culture that still remains one of the most beloved films of all-time and has the second most recognized logo in the world today. The most recognized being the Coca-Cola image. (Crazy right? I too thought it was the Playboy bunny logo! I know you did as well, right… right?)

Enter the ghost-head fan base. The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters founder and member, Patrick Creel, took ectoplasm into his own hands by organizing the Ghostbusters “Mass Hysteria” 30th Anniversary party that was held at the Werewolf Pub in downtown San Diego on Saturday July 25th during Comic-Con weekend.


P1030898 (Large)

Hey, when paranormal activity is at an all-time low, you gotta make a buck wherever you can.


What Creel thought would be an intimate affair for a small group of die-hard Stay Puft lovers, quickly ballooned into an RSVP list of close to 400 on Facebook. For a bar that has the same square footage as a department store changing room, the demand proved a tad higher than anticipated.

Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma, but in a strange alignment of the stars, I had originally met Mr. Creel the year prior at Comic-Con while we were both waiting patiently to go into debt in order to meet and take photos with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovney. That chance meeting – and no doubt my outlandish attire – engrained Geek Outlaw into the brain of Mr. Creel who so generously put me on the VIDP list (Very Interesting Dressed People). Thank the geek Gozarian lords above, as I probably never would have made it inside had we never met.


GB Party Threesome

Patrick with very tall buster and his busterette lady, Lisa.


The shin-dig itself was an absolute blast. Mr. Creel, who is a member of the Tampa Bay Ghostbusters chapter (yes, there are chapters and no, their proton packs aren’t real… technically) organized the gathering of several Ghostbusters fan groups from across the nation, including California and as far away as New York! The West Coast Busters even brought by their replica Ecto-1 and double parked it right in front of the bar for attendees and all passersby to view. Mind you, even though it was not the actual vehicle used in the films, the owners duplicated every minute detail with such outstanding quality that the prop department at Sony would be hard-pressed to deny its authenticity. It was simply that gorgeous. Hell, if my parents hadn’t instilled within me such a solid core of morality, I would have been joy-riding that classic movie car up the coast of California… for roughly 15 seconds before the authorities caught up to the iconic Cadillac, which is about as nimble as a cruise ship.


P1030820 (Large)

“Touch the precious.”


Mr. Creel also managed to get a celebrity guest of honor to attend by the name of Michael C. Gross. For those unfamiliar, Mr. Gross was an associate producer for Ghostbusters (and an executive producer for the sequel). I probably don’t have to tell you this, but it’s kind of a big deal. That in turn made it all the more enthralling when Mr. Gross flipped his lid for the Outlaw’s getup. In fact, he got such a kick out of it, he insisted I do a photo shoot for him and with him in front of the Ecto-1. It was one of those moments where you honestly feel like you are standing beside yourself watching your life go by, and in my case, most of those instances have been in an X-Files cowboy hat and spurs while also adorned with action figures.


P1030779 (Large)

With Mike C Gross, one of the producers of the film that helped bring my obsession to life.


In addition, Creel was also able to get Ghostbusters licensees IDW and Chronicle to stop and give away some free souvenirs. What’s more, Real Ghostbusters cartoon writer Craig Miller made it by for a cameo. Most importantly, all in attendance raised a glass to the man who played the man who collected spores, molds and fungus; the dearly departed Harold Ramis.


P1030879 (Large)

Lisa and Patrick pouring one for the homies, spores molds and fungi.


All in all, it was a night to remember, and more importantly a night to celebrate one of the greatest films of all time. Despite the fact Sony fell asleep at the promotional wheel, at least the fans can officially say: “We came, we saw, we drank too much!”


More Mass Hysteria Coverage below!


Everything’s better with moving pictures and sound!


GB Menu

“Someone blows their nose and you wanna drink it?”

Ecto Outlaw

For those who have never seen or understood the back of Geek Outlaw’s jersey… BEHOLD!

Ecto Family

The family that busts heads together, stays together.

P1030923 (Large)

“Geeks and nerds, drinking together! Mass Hysteria!”

P1030921 (Large)

Well, the good news is the Comic-Con swag won’t be the first thing that gets stolen…

P1030908 (Large)

“We love this city… minus the grueling 110% humidity.”

P1030902 (Large)

“There is no Dana, only the hostess.”

GB Party Ecto Night

“Gotta run… gotta date with a ghost! Well, a girl dressed like a ghost… ya know, the whole cosplay thing.”

“It’s a sign alright… no really, it’s literally a sign.”

P1030894 (Large)

“You can’t park that here!”

P1030892 (Large)

“Yes, it’s true, this man has no drink. But he does seem to have a nice grasp on the Outlaw.”

P1030891 (Large)

“He’s a sailor, he’s in San Diego; we get this guy drunk, we won’t have any trouble!”

P1030885 (Large)

“Geeks and nerds, drinking together! Mass Hysteria!”

P1030871 (Large)

“So stop me if you’ve heard this one… a skeleton, a marshmallow man and a sexy female ghostbuster walk into a bar…”

P1030867 (Large)

In my element (and so is the Duke).

P1030832 (Large)

Another sign the unemployment market is getting worse.

P1030848 (Large)

“That’s right, suck in the gut man… there’s a really cute girl checking you out at 3 o’ clock.”

GB Party Geek and Lisa

Patrick, should anything happen to you, just let Geek Outlaw know and he can take over your husbandly duties 😉

GB Party Jersey mates

Meet bizarro world Geek Outlaw. Great Ghostbuster minds think alike.

P1030774 (Large)

I’m not going to lie, this made me feel like a 6 year-old boy again! (So basically two years younger.)

“What’s the Scourge of Carpathia gotta do to get a drink around here?”

Yeah, but what have you done for me lately?

P1030808 (Large)

Outlaw best friend and partner-in-crime, Jerry, making sure no one messes with my girl.

P1030844 (Large)

This might be the sexiest rear end I’ve ever seen, and yes, I’ve got severe mental issues.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this guy wandered into the wrong 80’s nostalgia comic-con party.

P1030860 (Large)

Real Ghostbusters writer Craig Miller talking boys in grey with Patrick and the crowd.

P1030814 (Large)

I’m just going to pretend he isn’t trying to break into my dream car before I tried breaking into it.

This may be the single best autograph on a car…. EVER! God bless you, Ernie Hudson.




  1. It was awesome bustin’ with you man! The moment you arrived the party was legit.

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