2012 San Diego Comic-Con: “Beauties & the Geeks” of SDCC

If memory serves me correctly, Hot Nerd Girl really wanted to smack me with her Mjoner at this exact moment in time.



“This is it, this is definitely it!”


That infamous Ghostbusters quotable was the only thing floating through my mind as the trolley transporting Hot Nerd Girl and I approached the San Diego Convention Center for the SDCC 2012.


Aliens have invaded San Diego... well, nerdy humans dressed as aliens anyway.


Well, that’s not entirely true as there were some other things floating through my mind as I stood in the sardine like tram amongst half dressed women in skimpy homemade superhero costumes.


For those just entering nerdom or living under a rock that blocks their wifi connection, the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) – known simply as ‘Comic-Con’ or ‘THE Con’ – is a massive entertainment event like no other.


The new SDCC logo is kind of growing on me...


During its early years, SDCC was just a small show which mainly covered the comic-book and self proclaimed graphic novel reading crowd.  Like an actress drawn to silicone, eventually, Hollywood realized that nerds and geeks had money too… and quite a whole lot of it to be exact.


Taking that into account (along with the relatively short trip down the 5 freeway) tinsel town started flexing its collective muscle at the event in the way of celebrity TV & movie panels, advance media previews and exclusive presentations made for attendees eyes only.




42 years since the doors first opened, SDCC is now one of the largest entertainment conventions in the world, behind only the European comic-con equivalent and Charlie Sheen’s annual birthday celebration.


Being this was my first time stepping into the halls of the San Diego convention center for this momentous event, I didn’t quite know what to expect other than a lot of grown adults dressing up in tights (some of whom should have thought twice about it).  Nothing could have prepared me for the monstrous – pun intended – event that is 120,000 nerds and geeks in excessively huge costumes gathering at a convention hall made for closer to 500 people wearing sneakers and jeans.


Navigating the aisles takes a physics degree at SDCC.


Alas, if anyone ever wanted to attempt to break the world record for largest simultaneous noogie or wet willie to a group of nerds, comic-con is would be your best bet.


Since a full report on my 3 days down at SDCC might rival the ‘Grapes of Wrath’ in length, I’ve decided – for your sanity and mine – to break my coverage up into sections.  I’m going to start with the cosplay (aka ‘year round Halloween’) of the beauties and the geeks I ran into at the event.  Since this will mainly be a picture tour, I’ll keep my oh so hilarious commentary to a minimum and let you take in the sights of one of the most awesome weekends to ever grace a geeks Outlook calendar.


The Beauties:


Not sure why, but I have a thing for girls that can kick my ass.


I had never heard of Legend of Korra on Nickeldoen before siting on the panel, but after meeting a ringer for the main character, I quickly decided to open my mind to dating those wearing Korra costumes.


Trying to figure out if I was acting mad or needed a toilet.


This hulk of an amazonian green beauty may very well be Poison Ivy of Dark Knight infamy, however I still wouldn’t want to see her when she’s mad… if you know what I mean… and I think you.


Smell good plumbers?

This is probably the first time in my life Id take Luigi over Mario… “you knows what I’ms talking abouts?”


Why does Hot Nerd Girl always look angry around me with that damn hammer!?!


Here’s some more Hot Nerd Girl geekiness for those that just can’t get enough of the Thorette goddess.  Unfortunately, you have to put up with me in the picture too.


You can eat my porridge anytime Ms. Hood. Wait, let me rephrase...


What you don’t see here is the lineup of 75 drooling male photographers using up their memory cards on this fairy-tale.


Old school Catwoman, new school hotness!


I cannot tell a lie, I was smitten by this kitten.

Beam me up Hottie!


Interesting story n this one… I ran into this young lady at about midnight as she had lost her wallet, ID and phaser… the whole kitten kaboodle.  She apparently just moved out to San Diego from Vegas if my memory serves me right… which the alcohol hindered a bit.  We actually talked for a bit and to be quite honest, was one of the sweetest (and cutest girls) I spoke with all weekend.  Hope she doesn’t lose that sticker I gave her…’


Jedi Troi clinging onto Wonder Woman for dear 'sober' life.


Also a late night non-soberish pic with the woman of steel and short shorts.

These girls really liked Geek Outlaw... and I REALLY liked them!


I think I applied those stickers myself... It's good to be the Geek... Outlaw.


We met these ladies on the night of our Superhero pub crawl and they were a whole lot of fun.  I would have preferred to have even MORE fun with them, but alas it was not meant to be.

Seriously, what the hell am I looking at?


I love my brunettes but I’m a sucker for red heads… especially the strong scantily clad patriotic type!


The Dark "Outlaw" found some beautiful sidekicks.


Funny but true story on this one, but the girl to my left NOT wearing the boy-wonder costume is actually named Robin.  The girl’s name dressed as Robin… I don’t remember. (I blame the booze and male DNA).


Geek Outlaw usually doesn't prefer his ladies too tall, but for this upstanding young lady, I can make an exception.


This attractive young go-getter is model Aurora O’ Brian… we exchanged (business) info at SDCC and she was kind enough to say hello on Geek Outlaw’s Facebook page.  Too soon to confess my undying love?


This girl looks like she means business for a reason. I'm pretty sure that armor was real.


If that gun looks heavy, it;s because it is.  The husband (significant other?) of this beautiful ass-kicker above said he spent almost 1000 man-hours creating that prob out of pure aluminum.  And who said Geeks having nothing better to do with their time!?!




No costume?... No problem!


This incredibly hot San Diego native didn’t have a costume, and I obviously couldn’t give a flying ‘fill in the blank’.  When a smokin’ hot number like that walks up to you and asks if she can take a picture with you, “you say YES!”




The Geeks:


"Kiss our shiny metal like costumes!"


If I had to pick a favorite overall costume, I would ‘bend’ slightly towards this Futurama favorite.


Damn, Damn! Where are our drinks!?


Couldn’t pass up saying hi to Doc at the Roddenbury Trek after party at SDCC.  If you are going to build a costume for SDCC, “why not do it in style”?


Even a Sith has to have a drink once in a while. All that evil can be dehydrating.


We caught these polar opposites on the way out for the evening… and of course Jedi Troi had to have a pic.

Check out that 6-pack!


Seriously, this could have been one of the coolest costumes on the floor… although I didn’t check to see if the mountains were blue.  The only thing that would have made this better is if he actually had silver bullets on him to pass out.


Camera shy Transformers running from the Outlaw.


These costumes were actually quite incredible.  Unfortunately, Knock out (red) and Breakdown (blue) really had to use the little robots room and wouldn’t stop to give Geek Outlaw a a full frontal…. picture.


Under those helmets, I'm sure they were smiling.


Another set of sweet Trooper costumes… although they intimidated me into taking a picture with them and the St. Patty’s Day edition of the R2 unit.




Hot Nerd Girl and occasional Geek Outlaw blog consultant, Darcy.  He’s also huge like Jayne at about 8′ 4″.  Notice how he is sitting and I’m standing.  Can I go now?


"Nice F*&$ing Cowboy Hat!" (Honk Honk)


This guy was one of the most impressive Beetlejuice’s I’ve ever met… he even had the voice down pat!  He loved the Geek Outlaw hat.  Geek Outlaw, Geek Outlaw, Geek…


Is that a whip in your hand or is the camera girl really hot?


Best friend and fellow snake hater, Jerry wearing my go-to Halloween Indiana Jones costume.  He takes his drinks seriously!


The Justice League likes to party too.


I was debating if I should throw this one under ‘Beauties, but figured the ‘geeks’ outnumbered in this group… sorry Wonder Woman.


Kato you fool! I need to catch the trolly!


As with the Pink Panther series, if there was one thing I loved about the Green Hornet, it’s the feisty little Asian sidekick Kato.


"Hot Nerds! I'm surrounded by Hot Nerds!"


I forgot if I was even around for this picture, but I loved this guys costume so much, I had to include it… not to mention Hot Nerd Girl makes another cameo!


Can someone please turn up the AC in the AT AT?


This AT AT was barely moving and outside the hallway of the main floor.  Which I could understand as I doubt this huge but awesome costume could make it to the front door let alone through the mass of people in the aisles.


"Transform and roll out... the the ice cream shop!"


In the “Cutest Autobot Leader Ever” department, this little guy was getting all sorts of attention, and for good reason.  This mini Prime was as cute as could be… with an awesome costume to boot.


Ummm... ok.


People even brought their pet… stuff.  I was even frustrated having to drag my own butt around the hallways let alone electronic motorized toys.


Blue Man Group in town?


Some more Legend of Korra dress up here.  These guys were really cool as we cut in line… err, had someone save our space in line right behind them.


Busters always stick together.


Super friendly Ghostbuster was fully decked out and ready to hang with the Outlaw.


I never pass a chance to pose for a photo with geeks of a similar mind.


Appropriately enough, this was pretty much was one of the last photos I finished my days with the day.  Oh Comic-Con, how I miss you so already!


So that’s a wrap for this segment of SDCC memories… Up next, some panel coverage (with special videos) and a look into my celebrity encounters!  Subscribe and stay tuned because that’s NOT all folks…



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