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PREVIEW: Geek Outlaw Rounds-Up the 2013 Fall TV Season

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Geek Outlaw and his trustee sidekick Kaylee trying to figure out what to watch.
(Assuming we figure out how to use the remote.)


TV respects me.  It laughs with me, not at me.”  – Homer J. Simpson


After a long hard summer of remaining in the off position, my television is finally going to have few reasons to come back to life in the not too distant future.  They may not be good reasons, but they are cause enough to capture my attention away from things which are ultimately more important than watching TV… which is basically everything except cleaning up dog excrement from my backyard (although even that may be debatable depending on the show) .


I know I’m not the only one out there that has a tendency to discover a great new show until about twelve seasons deep, in turn causing one to spend the better part of three sleepless boob-tube watching weeks playing catchup in order not to miss the life altering season finale of the show’s latest season before some idiot at the office – or worse yet, your best friend – decides to make an announcement describing every last detail of the last episode over the public emergency broadcast system which covers a radius of about 100 miles in every direction.


Fall Networks

Maybe if the CW added another letter to it’s name it might get more respect…
… well that and watchable programming.


With Geek Outlaw now picking up some decent momentum – we may have just hit double figures – I figured this would be an excellent time to be proactive about the new telly season and not only share with the outlaw community some of my returning favorites, but some of the new series I will be taking for a test drive as well.   I’ve included premiere dates and times for your convenience in my attempt to save you a few Google searches.  Keep in mind, I realize there is a lot more quality boob tube out there, but what you see below is about all this Outlaw has time for and it’s a pretty good bet that not all of the new shows  listed will make the cut due to time constraints and other responsibilities like blogging, eating, sleeping, etc.


So buckle up PartNerds, set your DVRs to record, and get ready for the first ever installment of…




The Walking Dead – AMC – [10/13 @ 9pm]


Heads will roll and bodies will pile up, and that’s just the studio execs if they kill off any more fan favorites.

–  This is a no-brainer (pun intended) as only mindless walkers won’t be tuning in to see how Rick and the newly expanded gang are getting along post Governor.  As always, the burning question will be who will still have a paycheck going into season five, and who will become the next five-course undead meal.


The Talking Dead – AMC – (10/13 @ 10pm)


The new funny-man leader of the nerds is envied by many and for good reason.
He gets paid to geek out, Bastard!

–  Chris Hardwick has grown on me because he reminds me of me, only funnier and less attractive.  To not watch this hilarious wrap-up show immediately following the other ‘Dead’ show it dissects in every gory detail, makes you brain dead. (Aka a walker for those who appreciate a more politically correct term for the undead.)


The Simpsons – FOX – (9/29 @ 8pm)

Stan-Simpsons Collage

What will he cram into the Batmobile this time? Tune in to find out…

–  Twenty-five seasons and counting for the popular show about a yellow family that still manages to make me laugh out loud while also bringing a smile to my face and a happy tear to my eye.  Usually premiering in November with a Treehouse of Horror episode AFTER Halloween (D’oh), it also feels like 25 years since the show started back up during September.  Also of note, after a short 12-year hiatus, the legendary Stan Lee will be making his second cameo on the series this season. (Woohoo!)





Almost Human – FOX – (11/4 @ 8pm *NEW)

Almost-Human Teaser

I’m “Almost Certain” I may have found my first new must see show of the season.

–  A buddy cop show where one of the buddies is a robot with emotions and the partners need to work together to solve crimes in a Blade Runner like future?  Yes please!  Oh and it’s from J.J. Abrams and one of the guys who brought us Fringe.  Didn’t you hear me say ‘yes please’?





Brooklyn Nine-Nine – FOX – (9/17 @ 8:30pm *NEW)


“Stop, or my comedian will shoot!”

–  Andy Samberg is no Adam Sandler, but he is a funny guy and a talented lyricist.  Seeing as I’ve heard good things about this buddy cop comedy, and I can always use the extra laughs in my TV schedule, I’m willing to bite for an episode or two.  Anything’s better than that god-awful Mindy Project.  Please tell me that show has joined The Chevy Chase show in TV heaven.


New Girl – FOX – (9/17 @ 9pm)


How full will Schmidt’s Douchebag jar get this season?
One of life’s great mysteries may be answered starting on 9/17.

–  Quite possibly the funniest 20 minutes of TV on air each week.  While I do tend to joke about a multitude of things on this blog, I’m dead serious about this.  If you haven’t seen New Girl, promptly stream/rent or have your fiends act out the first two seasons before the season three opener. You won’t be sorry (at least not as sorry as Schmidt’s wallet as it relates to the DB jar).


Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC – (9/24 @ 8pm *NEW)


Marvel and Joss Whedon, now in a smaller more compact viewing size.

–  What do you get when you add Joss Whedon, back-from-the-dead Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) of The Avengers movie fame, and Marvel backing?  The potential for a very funny kick-hindquarters television show is what.  Here’s to hoping the magic of the big screen translates to a smaller flat screen.





Nashville – ABC – (9/25 @ 10pm)


Is that Mr. Brad Paisley I spy in the background?…
Man crush, engage!

–  As an Outlaw, most know I’m a little bit rock and roll, but a lot a bit of country.  Hence my immediate fascination with ABC’s country music-based drama which made its debut last year.  After a year of great music and an intriguing cliffhanger, I’m impatiently waiting for the premiere of season two – boots, hat, bells and all.





The Michael J. Fox Show – NBC – (9/26 @ 9pm *NEW)

The Michael J. Fox Show

I truly hope he does.
It would be a welcome return.

–  Having played two of the most iconic characters of the 80’s in Alex P. Keaton and Marty McFly, just the name Michael J. Fox alone brings a smile to my face.  However, seeing him suffer with Parkinson’s Disease these past several years tends to put an uneasy damper on that grin.  That’s why I’m pulling for his new show, about a character returning to TV five years after his Parkinson’s diagnosis, which is basically life imitating art imitating life.   If it makes me smile more than frown, I’ll stick with it.


The Big Bang Theory – CBS – (9/26 @ 8pm)

Big Bang 7

(Knock, knock, knockers) “Penny.”
Whoops, not sure what made me mistype that last one.  Oh wait…

–  Big Bang is one of those shows that I started four years after the fact, but quickly became hooked after the first few episodes.  While the material (and laugh track) felt a little too forced this past season, I’m still a fan and looking forward to see if Raj can actually find another girlfriend quicker than myself (my money’s on Raj).




Moan and whine about why I have no plans on a Friday night




Continue moaning and whining about why I had no plans on Friday night, until it consumes my entire Saturday night as well.




Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising – The Hub – (10/4 @ 8pm EST & 5pm PST)


Don’t let the cartoon-like DVD cover fool you, the latest Transformers series wasn’t just meant for 8-year-olds like myself.

–  For those that missed the first three seasons of Transformers Prime, all I can share is that this movie special will be the epic culmination and conclusion to the entire three year series.  All will be answered and resolved, including which new items I will be adding to my toy collection.


Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special – BBC America – (11/23 @ TBD)


“Knock Knock”…
“Who’s there?”
“That’s right.”

–  I’ve seen approximately zero episodes of Dr. Who, but felt this was an important event to share with my fellow outlaws who might have seen one or two themselves.  That said, I do plan on starting down the “Whovian” time-trail this fall (see below).




Duck Dynasty – A&E – (8/14 @ 10pm EST)


Representing the red, white and “QUACK”!

– I’m not usually one for reality TV, well, because there is about as much reality in them as Joan Rivers body.  Nonetheless, after watching a string of episodes from A&E’s hit show last spring, consider me a convert.  The adventures of the family living and working together in their uber-succesful duck call business is more often than not humorous, touching, and for the most part feels very (gasp) real.  With that said, my plan is to start from the beginning before taking on any new episodes. (And don’t worry LA Kings fans, this doesn’t reduce my extreme level of dislike for the Anaheim hockey team of the same name.)


Castle – ABC  (9/23 @ 10pm)

Castle Fillion

Don’t look at me like that, I promise I’m going to start watching soon…

–  I really like Nathan Fillion.  In fact, I’ve always liked the guy.  Now that I just learned my friend works with his cousin’s friend’s buddy’s stepmom’s friend’s pet-sitter, I’m going to make a concerted effort to watch his latest network show (you guessed it, after being on air for four seasons).


Dr. Who – BBC America – (Does it ever really end?)

–  I’m not going to lie, I finally got sick of Hot Nerd Girl and every other geek around me talk about Dr. Who like it was a regular class taught in college (one I most likely slept through).  Thus I’m going to take the plunge back in time and see what this whole Who-Dalek-Time Doctor hub-bub is all about.


Interestingly enough, my TV intake has actually diminished over the years, and despite my dabbling into a few new prospects, it may decrease again this year too.  The biggest issue I usually face each year is making time to keep up with all my current shows, while trying to add a few new ones, while also back-tracking to a show I should have picked up several seasons ago.  What did my co-pilot geek-pup Kaylee have to say about trying to keep pace with the new TV season which is now upon us?  I think her exact word was “ruff,” and to that, I couldn’t agree more.


2013 Kaylee Rough

The patience of the puppy will be tested in TV land for 2013-14.



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