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PODTHINGY: The Best Geek Podcast You Haven’t Listened to Yet

Podthingy MAIN

Proof they’ll give anyone a podcast these days.


Full disclosure from the get-go: yes I’m a member of the Podthingy podcast and yes I’m completely and utterly biased. So sue me! (Not in the literal sense of course. Taking legal action against me will get you nowhere, unless you fancy inheriting my credit card bills.)

Upon second glance, it’s worth noting that the title of this blog isn’t entirely accurate. There are indeed more than a few of you out there who tune into the alcoholic tomfooleries of the Podthingy gang each week. Unfortunately, there are still a couple (million) people here and there who still haven’t received the memo. (Please don’t make us take your red stapler away!)


First ever Podthingy guest, Ivan Van Norman (King of the Nerds: Season 1), wondering how the Outlaw lost his western lid. (HINT: See Blayne’s face.)


As luck would have it, it’s not too late for you and your fellow non-followers to jump on board the Podthingy bandwagon. Not only are we 20 shows strong, but we are growing stronger by the episode! In fact, we were just joined in episode 20 by the fierce yet lovely Lina Carollo (@TheLinaCarollo), who won (yes, won!) ABC’s ground-breaking reality show called The Quest! If that isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, we have a veteran actor of the small and big screens joining us for episode 21 which will be live on Tuesday, September 16th. I can’t reveal any names yet, but I’ll give you two and a half guesses to try and figure it out!


Podthingy 20

ABC’s The Quest champion Lina Carollo and her liver joining the ranks of the Podthingy guest alumni.


For those completely unfamiliar with Podthingy, the concept is pretty straightforward. Horror author John Mulhall, Idiot Stare lead singer Blayne Alexander, NerdBFF Hot Nerd Girl and myself all sit around the ol’ nerd campfire (aka the recording studio) to discuss the latest and greatest in geek pop culture while also numbing our livers with a newly concocted adult beverage every week. It’s a rough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Which is why we skipped the job and decided to podcast instead!


Podthingy GotG

Guardians of the Alcohol.


So join us for some “Grinks with Deeks” as we toast to pop culture as many times as the show’s run time will allow. For your listening convenience, I’ve posted links to each of our first 20 shows below. If you’re one of those strange individuals who prefers options, you can also find and download episodes from this list along with brief show summaries over at

For those who like their Apple a day, Podthingy is also available on iTunes at the following link:


Podthingy Episodes Date
PLAY Episode 20: “I Survived Podthingy!” Sept 9, 2014
PLAY Episode 19: “We’re All Pink Inside” Sept 3, 2014
PLAY Episode 18: “Boobs and Blood” August 26, 2014
PLAY Episode 17: “Hot Spoiler Girl” August 19, 2014
PLAY Episode 16: “Aside From Boobs…” August 12, 2014
PLAY Episode 15: “Nerdi Gras” August 5, 2014
PLAY Episode 14: “Nerdgasm All Over Your Face!” July 29, 2014
PLAY Episode 13: “This is a F***ing Family Show!” July 22, 2014
PLAY Episode 12: “Way, Way Off the Rails” July 15, 2014
PLAY Episode 11: “Super H8” July 8, 2014
PLAY Episode 10: “Gratuitous Nerdity” July 1, 2014
PLAY Episode 9:  “Speaking of Cocks” June 24, 2014
PLAY Episode 8:  “I Like Dinosaurs” June 17, 2014
PLAY Episode 7:  “Episode VII” June 10, 2014
PLAY Episode 6:  “Good Time to Be a Geek” June 3, 2014
PLAY Episode 5:  “Same Sad Batman Time…” May 27, 2014
PLAY Episode 4:  “Licking the Tip” May 20, 2014
PLAY Episode 3:  “Not His Exact Words” May 13, 2014
PLAY Episode 2:  “Do Not Fact Check This Podcast” May 6, 2014
PLAY Episode 1:  “That’s What She Said” April 30, 2014



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