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PODCAST: Podthingy is the Thingy your Ears Should be Hearing

Podthingy - Cryer

Jon Cryer celebrating his validated parking ticket after “Two and a Half Drinks.”


The marvelous month of March. It’s the time of year when wishes of an early spring fill the air and all but the most inconsequential New Year’s resolutions have been shattered into a million tiny particles. If you’re like me, you’ve probably managed to add another layer of padding to your existing winter coat and your debt is actually increasing at a rate higher than that of the the U.S. Treasury’s.

All is not lost however, as your one goal to try something new this year is still quite attainable. To achieve this milestone, may I present to you the Podthingy podcast.

For the history buffs out there, the podcast itself was born out of an alcohol-infused conversation over a little known Carlton Cuse television show called LOST. While the debate was heated, everyone walked away with all their limbs intact and no significant blunt head trauma. Inspired by the lively yet amicable geek session, author and host John Mulhall organized a few meetings of the minds among a select few to gauge interest. When it was determined adult beverages would in fact be involved on a weekly basis, the minds signed on the dotted line.


Podthingy 23

Thanks to the drink of the week, author John Mulhall is officially numb to the antics of his three supposed co-hosts.


Along with John and myself, the quartet of geekdom is rounded out by Idiot Stare Lead singer Blayne Alexander and blogger / writer extraordinaire Hot Nerd Girl.

On a self-congratulatory note, we successfully wrapped up our first season over this past holiday season with great fanfare and a bevy of special guests. The star-studded list included the likes of Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men), Ivan Van Norman (King of the Nerds), Todd Stashwick (Gotham, Heroes), Lina Carollo (The Quest – Winner), and Aron Eisenberg (Star Trek: DS9) – just to name a few.


Podthingy 24 Gif

“Podthingy: The Search for Better Reception” (Guest Starring Todd Stashwick)


Enough of my chatter about it though. If you’d like to take the plunge and try something new in 2015, join us for some “Grinks with Deeks” where we toast to pop culture as many times as the show’s run time will allow. For your listening convenience, I’ve posted links to our entire first season below. If you’re one of those strange individuals who prefers options, you can also find and download episodes from this list along with brief show summaries over at

For those who like their Apple a day, Podthingy is also available on iTunes at the following link:


According to Paul Schrier (Bulk from Power Rangers fame), Podthingy is strong like bull… as was his drink.


Podthingy Episodes Date
PLAY Episode 29: “Go Out In Spectacular Fashion” November 18, 2014
PLAY Episode 28: “Fist Bump Over Boners” November 11, 2014
PLAY Episode 27: “And Then We’ll Be Dead” October 28, 2014
PLAY Episode 26: “That’s Not Creepy At All” October 21, 2014
PLAY Episode 25: “Hayden is a Sexist” October 14, 2014
PLAY Episode 24: “Podcast. Die. Repeat.” October 7, 2014
PLAY Episode 23: “Guardians of the Cul-de-Sac” September 30, 2014
PLAY Episode 22: “This is the Title of the Show” September 23, 2014
PLAY Episode 21: “Blayne is Not a Name” September 16, 2014
PLAY Episode 20: “I Survived Podthingy!” September 9, 2014
PLAY Episode 19: “We’re All Pink Inside” September 3, 2014
PLAY Episode 18: “Boobs and Blood” August 26, 2014
PLAY Episode 17: “Hot Spoiler Girl” August 19, 2014
PLAY Episode 16: “Aside From Boobs…” August 12, 2014
PLAY Episode 15: “Nerdi Gras” August 5, 2014
PLAY Episode 14: “Nerdgasm All Over Your Face!” July 29, 2014
PLAY Episode 13: “This is a F***ing Family Show!” July 22, 2014
PLAY Episode 12: “Way, Way Off the Rails” July 15, 2014
PLAY Episode 11: “Super H8” July 8, 2014
PLAY Episode 10: “Gratuitous Nerdity” July 1, 2014
PLAY Episode 9: “Speaking of Cocks” June 24, 2014
PLAY Episode 8: “I Like Dinosaurs” June 17, 2014
PLAY Episode 7: “Episode VII” June 10, 2014
PLAY Episode 6: “Good Time to Be a Geek” June 3, 2014
PLAY Episode 5: “Same Sad Batman Time…” May 27, 2014
PLAY Episode 4: “Licking the Tip” May 20, 2014
PLAY Episode 3: “Not His Exact Words” May 13, 2014
PLAY Episode 2: “Do Not Fact Check This Podcast” May 6, 2014
PLAY Episode 1: “That’s What She Said” April 30, 2014



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