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GUEST PODCAST: Geek Outlaw Gets Verbal With Hot Nerd Girl For the First Time


“Here’s the story, of a lovely podcast…
that was broadcasting three very nerdy geeks.”


Call it what you will – a podcast, broadcast, audio segment, pre-recorded event, or a group of three grown adults sitting around their computers arguing over how Daredevil proved to be an even bigger debacle than Anthony Weiner’s latest run for mayor – I can proudly say I participated in my very first one in successful fashion.


By success I mean I didn’t lose control of my bodily functions during the recording, nor did I suffer from remove-foot-from-my-mouth-to-replace-it-with-my-other-foot disease.


Thanks to the special invite from Hot Nerd Girl, I guested with mutual nerd-friend Darcy on her latest pod-chat about quite a few topics, including the new not-so-popular Dark Knight casting, the C4 Central Coast Comic-Con, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Garfield as Spidey, the new Dinobots, why I’m such an idiot sometimes, and much, much more. (Listen here: HNG Podcast #6 – featuring Geek Outlaw!)



Too soon too critique?
Not if you’re a nerd.


So without further delay, hit play to hear the Outlaw in all his semi-glory HNG Podcast #6 – featuring Geek Outlaw!




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