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GUEST PODCAST: Geek Outlaw Gets Verbal With Hot Nerd Girl For the First Time


“Here’s the story, of a lovely podcast…
that was broadcasting three very nerdy geeks.”


Call it what you will – a podcast, broadcast, audio segment, pre-recorded event, or a group of three grown adults sitting around their computers arguing over how Daredevil proved to be an even bigger debacle than Anthony Weiner’s latest run for mayor – I can proudly say I participated in my very first one in successful fashion.


By success I mean I didn’t lose control of my bodily functions during the recording, nor did I suffer from remove-foot-from-my-mouth-to-replace-it-with-my-other-foot disease.


Thanks to the special invite from Hot Nerd Girl, I guested with mutual nerd-friend Darcy on her latest pod-chat about quite a few topics, including the new not-so-popular Dark Knight casting, the C4 Central Coast Comic-Con, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Garfield as Spidey, the new Dinobots, why I’m such an idiot sometimes, and much, much more. (Listen here: HNG Podcast #6 – featuring Geek Outlaw!)



Too soon too critique?
Not if you’re a nerd.


So without further delay, hit play to hear the Outlaw in all his semi-glory HNG Podcast #6 – featuring Geek Outlaw!




  1. Listened to your podcast…. FYI, Tobey Maguire is not good looking and a total dork.. Have to disagree with you all that he was cool in Spiderman…. however I still did not like the Spiderman movies as they didn’t feel like they captured the essence of the comic books…

    • Geek Outlaw says:

      Hmm, not sure I remember saying Maguire was good looking (and if I did I may have had one too many adult beverages), but I do agree that he was a total dork. That said though, being an avid reader of Spidey comics, Peter Parker was a total dork, and not the best looking guy ever… he was a nerdy teen suffering through the same issues in life as many other geeks his age… it’s what made him so endearing. The Tobey version of Peter represented that better, and in turn, made him a better Spider-Man than this new Garfield hipster-too-cool-for-school guy that has been rebooted in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. That’s all I was trying to say. You can read my original review of the reboot to get a better idea of what I’m referring to specifically


      As sacrilegious as I find your comment Nickers, I will let them stand seeing as you are from Maple Leaf country. That, and you are a fellow Outlaw by pure association 😉 Hope all is going well in B.C.

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