MOVIE REVIEW: Was The Three Stooges Good? “Why Soitainly… Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck”

“Oh a wise guy, ay?


While not a part of the sci-fi genre by most normal definitions – unless you count the haircuts – The Three Stooges is one of those geeky and historic time-honored classics of American entertainment that truly transcends all generations, age groups, and genders.


More importantly, it will always be fun watching three idiots beat each other up to goofy sound effects.


Even the Stooges show some Geek Outlaw western flare. 


When I was just a mini-stooge years ago, I remember watching the original black and white shows with my dad (aka Homer).  While the slap-stick shtick (try saying that 10 times fast while chewing gum) was hilarious in and of itself for any self-respecting eight-year old, it was the memories of watching the show with my dad that still resonate strongly with me.


My dad’s laugh is so genuine and infectious, it makes whatever content you are watching with him that much funnier.  Thus when I learned of the Stooge reboot, it was a no-brainer who I HAD to take with me.  However, since my first choice wasn’t around… I took my dad.  He’s a CPA  (still accepting clients), so naturally he’s a perfect fit for the Geek Outlaw family.




Yes, that was my feeble attempt at humor; however, what isn’t a joke was the fact that we were literally the only people in the whole theater!  Either this movie will be out on DVD next week, or not many people are at the movies at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon.  My guess is the answer consists of a little of column A and a little of column B.


Of course, my dad and I have always acted like a couple of stooges around each other, always trying to grab noses, squeeze hands, face slap and otherwise beat the crap out of each other… in a loving heart-felt way of course.


DISCLAIMER: No geeks were actually hurt while shooting this photo. (LEFT: My dad (Homer) getting punched. RIGHT: Geek Outlaw getting choked)


The original stooge trifecta actually consisted of Moe (Howard), Larry (Fine) and Shemp (Howard).  The latter of whom was eventually replaced by the first Curly (Howard), whom was then replaced again by Shemp, later to be replaced shortly by a guy name Joe, but then ultimately replaced for the rest of the long haul by Curly 2 (aka Curly Joe).


However, for all intents and purposes, it was the original Curly (Howard) that was most beloved and had the longest run with Moe and Larry.  Hence the new Curly 3.0 was modeled after Curly 1.0.


The original butterball and Curly (Howard).


Still don’t follow ya say?  Maybe this will clear things up… [Eye poke]… whoop whoop whoop!


There will be a test at the end of this blog.


I had no expectations going into this film, and anyone who does going into a movie called The Three Stooges should probably schedule a CAT scan upon entering the theater.


The film begins by introducing Moe, Larry, and Curly as babies – with hair styles pre-installed for life – as they are literally thrown onto the doorstep of a catholic orphanage.  The story shows the three as they grow up and become a beloved trio – of the kids anyway –  at their life-long orphanage home  that they eventually volunteer to save due to lack of money or something bad like that.


It really isn’t important to the overall arch of the premise of three grown men poking each other in the eyes and pulling each others hair out.



In fact, I’m not going to get into any more of the plot – although it actually wasn’t all THAT bad – but because this is a Three Stooges movie, the story line is about as important as Sunday coupons to Warren Buffet.


The fact I’ve even written the word ‘plot’ once in a review for a remake of a movie called The Three Stooges, made by the Farrelly Brothers, is akin to writing an autobiography about Charlie Sheen and using the word ‘angelic’ in the title.


In a word – or a few words – the new stooges hold their own quite well and they are very funny.  The physical comedy is everything you can expect from a Stooge film – and surprisingly, the pratfalls are kept pretty fresh and different from scene to scene.  There are even quite a few memorable lines thrown in as well.

EX: “Hey, that’s assault! Yeah, well here’s your pepper! [Slap]


The similarities…

… are uncanny!


More importantly, Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos – whom I actually thought was Jim Carrey at first), Larry (Sean Hayes) and Curly (Will Sasso) look and portray the parts eerily close to the Stooges of old, which makes the whole idea of revisiting the Stooges that much easier to accept on a visual level.  With the help of familiar sound effects, theme music, fast-forwarded scenes, and the splitting of the movie into acts – a Stooge fan can’t help but just enjoy the nostalgia of it all.


On the topic of visual scenery, Sofia Vergara – whose assets were made famous by Modern Family and male testosterone across the globe – puts in an eye-catching performance as well.  If she had any lines, I was too preoccupied to notice.


No volume necessary.


Of course, the Farrelly Brothers know that The Three Stooges have – for the most part – a larger male demographic.  Thus, Kate Upton is cast in small part as one of the sisters (Beatrice) of the orphanage and also makes a titillating appearance at the end of the move just to make sure all the men in the audience are still fully focused until the credits roll.


Think about baseball, think about baseball, think about baseball…


One of my only real issues (if you can use the world ‘real’ in a review like this) with the movie was by the weird manly nun character played by Seinfeld creator Larry David.  It just seemed TOO over the top – which is saying quite a bit for a movie of this caliber – but I truly enjoyed watching him fall victim to the Stooges buffoonery.


Heck, despite not being a Jersey Shore fan in the slightest, I thought it hilarious seeing Moe put the beat down on the entire cast of Italian meatballs.


I honestly would have paid $20 to watch this scene alone in IMAX 3D.


So what is the bottom-line?  As mentioned, there should be no question what you are getting into with a movie based on a physical comedy troop called The Three Stooges… let alone a remake by the Farrelly Brothers (whom do make a strange cameo at the end to warn kids that all the violence was fake.)


Please tell me that doesn’t look like Jim Carrey in the middle.



How the west was really won.

My dad and I both agreed that this still doesn’t beat the original classics of yesteryear, but that on it’s own The Three Stooges was a funny and entertaining romp of nostalgic fun.  Hearing my dad laughing out loud during almost the entire movie made the experience that much funnier and was worth the price of admission alone.




Would we recommend it?  “Soitainly!”



A couple of geeky (yet handsome) stooges.







  1. hotnerdgirl says:

    I feel like I saw the best part of the movie already with that Sofia Vergara clip LOL.  So is it a must for in the theatre or can I wait until it comes out on DVD?  Or better yet, streaming Netflix/Encore?

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