MOVIE REVIEW – UPDATE: The Avengers Assemble… This Time In Real 3D And D-Box Seats

Geek Outlaw post Avengers in 3D and D-Box seating.


Apparently, one time just wasn’t enough.  As some of you may have read (you better have!) I already took in The Avengers on opening weekend in a standard viewing theater.


I should further explain that up by sharing with you that when I say standard, I mean in HD on a 60-foot tall screen with 932 speakers positioned around every individual seat.


Hulk after a night of Mexican food. (Actually, this is General Ross as Red Hulk… and after Mexican Food)

Nick Fury, before he went black… from which you can never go back.

However, having heard from a reliable source (a friend of a friend who knows a guy on the internet who may or may not be real), that The Avengers in 3D was worth the extra price of admission.


Thus, I felt it was my job – no, my duty – to view the movie again at the theaters in the 3D format before it hits DVD.  (Judging from its success, it will be a longer wait for video… I’m guessing roughly three weeks.)



But wait, I didn’t stop there!  Thanks to the hi-tech advancements of my local Muvico theater, I also had the opportunity to  view it while sitting in D-Box seating in addition to 3D.  Oh the hell I go through to bring high quality reviews to my fellow outlaws.  Thus I set out with fellow outlaw and my geeky sidekick of Ventura County, Erika “Spunky Destructor!” (Whom joined me for the Hunger Games as well).


For those asking, what the hell is D-Box seating?… let me explain.  Not to be confused with the ever popular sentiment ‘D-Bag’, D-Box seats are highly advanced movie chairs that actually move and vibrate in correlation to the action on the screen.  To put it simply, think of it as a robotic armchair sitting atop your own personal subwoofer the size of a Hummer… that also has super-size industrial strength titanium cup holders.


Hawkeye doing his best Katniss impression.


Now that I’ve provided the background , I’m going to get right into the main question at hand:



How was the 3D?


Umm, excuse me… where were my cool 3D Iron Man glasses?


In a word, very good!  Wait… that’s two words.  Much to my surprise, I found the 3D in The Avengers to definitely be above average, and less gimmicky as it has been in other movies I’ve seen it in.


One of the biggest complaints with 3D these days – outside of the $67 price per ticket – is that the 3D effects are added post production, or after the fact with computers. (Hence the word ‘post’).  This applies specifically to live action flicks (a.k.a ones with real actors… regardless if some of their body parts aren’t all natural).


This is in comparison to films that actually film with expensive 3D cameras that carry a price tag hovering around the GDP of Japan.  There have really only been two movies up to this point with the bankroll to use them: Avatar and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  The latter is considered one of the best ‘live’ 3D movie experiences currently released… and I tend to agree.  Avatar was also quite breathtaking in 3D, but it felt a little more cartoon-ish to me.


Seeing this scene in 3D was worth the price of admission.


The knock on post-production 3D is that it creates a bit of a screen door effect when watching through the supplied glasses… most notably during scenes with very light or white back drops.


This brings us back to The Avengers (luckily, since I tend to ramble on about side topics more often than not).  While the 3D in The Avengers is added entirely after the fact, it’s still a damn good job.  Yes, thanks to my superman like vision, I did notice the ‘screen-door effect’ during a handful of scenes where the skyline took up a majority of the screen real estate.  Also, there are certain scenes where things just don’t look natural (and no, I’m not referring to Scarlett Johansson’s lips).


Hot Nerd Girl demonstrating why 3D was invented.


Overall though, the 3D was good enough to supplement the experience and didn’t prove  to be a distraction at all minus a handful of scenes.  Compared to my experience watching the Deathly Hollows 1 in Real 3D and D-Box seats, this was a 10 fold improvement.


It’s all fun and games until you laser someone in the eye.


Speaking of ‘seats gone wild’, I’m sure you’d also like to know:



How were the D-Box seats?

I’ve now had the pleasure to view four movies in the seats with a mind of their own: Super 8, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, The Hunger Games, and now The Avengers.


Without any question, The Avengers seemed to make the best (and the most) use of the seats from the listed movies above.  In fact, there were a few times I literally had to readjust my sitting position since my seat almost threw me into the theater next-door showing Girl in Progress (Thank god for the reinforced cup holders).


Hulk Smash… you into next theater.


It is worth noting that each seat has individual settings so as to adjust how much you want your chair to vibrate and toss you around.  My question is, who the hell buys a ticket for a technologically advanced super-seat at 27 times the normal cost, only to turn it down to its lowest setting?  Not I.  Of course I had it cranked to its highest setting of “New Underwear.”  ‘Go geek or go home’ is what I say!




Did my review change at all?

For the most part, not really.  This was still very much an epic movie, and the addition of 3D and D-Box made the viewing experience much more engrossing.  Although, even though my most recent viewing was also a sold out theater, the die-hard opening weekend crowd was definitely a more entertaining experience.  This latest group seemed to consist of more casual fans that missed most of the nuances loyalists pickup on.


My perception of the baddies not seeming so bad still didn’t change much, and I still didn’t associate or feel a deeper connection with any of the characters that I would have liked to.  If I had to pick a favorite hero though, I would have to say Cap.




Truth be told, I like my superheroes to have more weaknesses and not be so indestructible.  Thor and Hulk are pretty much unstoppable gods in their own worlds, while Stark (Iron Man) is a playboy millionaire – his words, not mine – that has built himself a suit that can do and withstand just about anything.


The one thing I did happen to notice at the end of the flick this time was the distinctive score for the movie.  I think I was so overwhelmed by the epic grand finale demolishing New York, Cobie Smulders, cheering theater, Scarlett Jo, Cobie Smulders, Scarlett Jo and extra scenes during the end credits; the theme didn’t even register with me.  While not my favorite ever, it is catchy and grew on me.




Agent Coulson, you will be missed. Agent Hill, I miss you even more!


Here is a brief list of observations and notes from my latest 3D viewing of The Avengers:

–          Given a choice, I think I would take Agent Maria Hill (Smulders) over Black Widow (Johansson).  I know, I know… I’m an idiot. Or am I?

–          Cap is my new favorite Avenger, and not just because I’m Patriotic as all hell.  I liked it when Iron Man gave him the leadership reins at the end.

–          I could watch Scarlet Johansson kick ass while wearing a form-fitting black dress (in 3D) for an approximate run time just north of 14 hours.

–          I loved how each of the heroes all battled each other at some point.  With the exception of the Hulk against Cap or Iron Man… that would have ended pretty badly.

–          The Avengers broke another box office record by having the strongest second weekend in movie history with $107 million (Beating out Avatar).  That’s an ‘incredible’ amount of  ‘green’.

–          I would like to propose to Cobie Smulders (aka Agent Maria Hill).  She was much more of a bad-ass (and hotter) than I remember from my first viewing. (Which is pretty incredible if you read my original review).

–          Agent Coulson MAY not be dead.  We do see the med team arrive on scene, and his last words expressing how his death would be the only thing to bring The Avengers together. Thus Nick used his ‘death’ to fulfill that potential outcome.  (Per the baseball card switcheroo)

–          Did I mention they should also make an entire movie about Agent Maria Hill (aka my newest future wife, Cobie Smulders)  Hey, she is Canadian, so she must like hockey players… I’m golden!


Cobie Smulders minus the Agent Hill costume. I’m hoping geeky hockey players are her thing…





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