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WILD WILD PODCAST #32: We Give Thanks for Katniss and Discuss Why Mockingjay Part 2 is No Turkey


And the winner for most uncomfortable hand salute ever is…


Welcome to the WILD WILD PODCAST #32

 Join co-host “Spunky Destructor” and I as we discuss The Hunger Games’s final film chapter, Mockingjay Part 2, and how our little Katniss is finally leaving the nest.

(WARNING: SPOILERS on fire within.)

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It has been the culmination of three books, four movies and three marriage proposals to Jennifer Lawrence, but the conclusion of the Hunger Games’ theatrical series is finally here with Mockingjay Part 2. In true Hollywood fashion however, just because the main story is over doesn’t mean the opportunity to milk the franchise is gone. More on that in a Panem minute.

Despite not being the most adamant fan young adult fiction – the only thing Twilight means to me is the time of day – I really enjoyed the Hunger Games novels for their inclusion of political themes and sci-fi elements. The movies were only made better by Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen), and no I’m not just saying that because I’m a hormonally charged 30-something male… not entirely anyway.



Have I ever told you how beautiful you are when you’re angry and pointing an arrow at my head?


The film series could have easily gone the dopey angst-filled teeny-bopper route had it not been for Lawrence’s nuanced and powerful performance throughout. Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Malark) also kicked it up a notch during the last two entries as well, which helped balance some of the emotional heft from just sitting on Lawrence’s shoulders.

Add to the mix veteran actors such as Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland, Julian Moore and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, and in many ways the Hunger Games delivered an even more mature product on screen than in words. For my money, it’s one of the few book-to-film properties that consistently made for a better watching experience than a reading one. Granted part of my own issue is I barely know how to read as it is, so my opinion probably shouldn’t be the shining star on the hill to guide you.



Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Three blondes walk into a Capital bar…


The end of the Hunger Games film adaptions was also a tad bittersweet in the world of Geek Outlaw as well. The original film was also one of the first written pieces I uploaded to this site, and that only came to be thanks to the recommendation of co-host, Spunky Destructor. In all reality, it was a huge impetus (no, I’m not impotent… I don’t think) for the creation of Geek Outlaw and most definitely the spark to what eventually turned into the Wild Wild Podcast as you know it today. My deepest condolences for all who’ve decided to tune in.

According to recent reports however, this may not be the swan song for Hunger Games talk for future podcast episodes. It seems that if the studios have their way, a Hunger Games prequel is already being discussed. Albeit there will be no Jennifer Lawrence, I would find a historic look at how Panem came to be a potentially more interesting saga than the Hunger Games themselves. Nevertheless, that past-future tale will only come to fruition should Suzanne Collins decide it’s a story worth telling.


The last goodbye? Not if studio execs get their way.


On that note, please won’t you join us as we give one final review of the girl on fire and I throw out one last wedding proposal to the actress who’s career is on fire.  I’m going on male intuition here and guessing 4th times the charm. That said, I will gracefully make this my last attempt as I wouldn’t want to walk out of my house one morning to see I had become the new owner of the “truck on fire.”

Have a safe and geeky Thanksgiving everyone!



The typical forlorn look of someone who’s actually read Geek Outlaw.



5 Spurs

 Join co-host “Spunky Destructor” and I as we duscuss The Hunger Games’s final film chapter, Mockingjay Part 2, and how our little Katniss is finally leaving the nest.

(WARNING: SPOILERS on fire within.)

LISTEN HERE! —>  Wild Wild Podcast #32



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