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MILESTONE: Geek Outlaw Moseys on to Its First Anniversary

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Mmmmm… year old cheese danish coffee cake.. aghhhhhh….


If I walked up to you and casually whispered into your ear that this month officially marked Geek Outlaw’s first full year of existence, would you believe me?  Although a better question might be, why did I feel the need to whisper into your ear?  And casually no less.


DSC00415 (Large)
Holy hell! I’m still on the internet?

Regardless of my semi-intimate approach, it is undoubtedly true that Geek Outlaw is officially the ripe young age of one-year-old this month!  The proof can be found from my very first and clearly unedited introductory blog titled, “Welcome to the Wild, Wild Geek Fest”.


Unlike Ivan Reitman’s Year One disaster, Geek Outlaw’s year one marker was a pleasant surprise.  The surprise being the blog is still up and running at this point.


Seeing the traditional one-year anniversary gift is that of of paper, I will be accepting presents via cash and check.


I’m not going to rehash why I started the blog since you are welcome to lull yourself to sleep with the aforementioned first post, but for those that may just have joined (suckers), I did want to provide a brief look at the past year, the current status of Geek Outlaw, and what the future holds for the ‘Outlaw’ community.  Think of it as a State of the Union Address that’s 32 times more interesting while also cutting out 96%* of the baloney and gibberish of the official White House variant.


*Although not scientifically proven, a small percentage of gibberish can be mildly entertaining.


To say that it was a year of firsts for Geek Outlaw would be a fairly obvious statement, so I’m just going to say it was a year of firsts.  After cobbling together my initial couple of postings, I hit the ground running!  No really, my body literally hit pavement as I tripped over my own boots running to the shuttle of my first ever comic-con, aptly titled Wondercon.  It was a truly wondrous and over-stimulating event for which you can check out my coverage here.


Geek Outlaw OCWEEKLY


After honing more of writing skills – for lack of a better and less harsh word – my adventures took me to my inaugural appearance at the world famous San Diego Comic-Con.   It was an event my mind (and body) will never let me forget.  I quickly realized these boots were not made for walkin’.  (A search of San Diego at will link you to all my stories.)




I closed out the tail end of my inaugural year with a couple comic-cons in Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA, along with a few country music festivals and an Operation Gratitude volunteer event where care packages are created and shipped to our troops over the holiday season (and year round).


Combine that with a multitude of movie review events in addition to Geek Outlaw’s first ever exclusive interview with Snyper author J. Harmon, and you can quickly see that there was no rest for the geeky.


J Harmon
‘Snyper’ author J. Harmon became the first ever exclusive interview to Geek Outlaw.


As we catch up to present day, I’m ecstatic – yet stunned – to report that the outlaw community has reached far more geeks and nerds than I expected after only 12 months of existence.  With over 1200 followers on the Outlaw Facebook site and 120 plus subscribed via email to the blog itself, it just goes to show that I had no idea how many of you were such a glutton for punishment (and on an ongoing basis might I add).


“What do you mean you haven’t subscribed? What on geek’s great earth are you waiting for?”


I’ve typed it before and I’ll type it again, this blog may never have even been a twinkle in my eye without my NBFF (Nerd Best Friend Forever), Hot Nerd Girl.  She was not only my inspiration and motivation for the creation of Geek Outlaw, but she has selflessly risked her own reputation, nerd street cred and personal safety in continually recommending the site to her hordes of ravenous fans.  You can thank her – or sue her for irrepressible mental scarring – at a future date.


“That’s what friends are for… the good times, the bad times (see above), I’ll be by your side…”


On that forward thinking note, that brings us to the ghost of Christmas future.  Regrettably, I don’t have a flux capacitor fluxing Mr. Fusion equipped vehicle from 1984, so my predictions for what’s to come are only as good as my broken Magic 8-Ball.  Conversely, I do have grand plans for all sorts of new features and content to share with the community.


In addition to hitting the convention circuit again, I’ll also be adding more interviews and some extra embarrassing footage of, who else, me on my YouTube channel.  But wait… there’s more!  On top of all that goofiness, I will be making a more-than-minor but less-than-major unveiling of sorts.  That’s all I’m going to say for now, but it’s coming soon.


wild Wild
I might be a walking ad for ToysRUs, but at least I’m an entertaining one! (Hopefully…)

Last, but most importantly, I would be remiss (aka a total bastard) if I didn’t mention the key reason Geek Outlaw has made it this far… all of you!


Without your patronage, comments, postings, referrals and your eyeballs in particular; all of this is just me publishing a publicly view-able diary to myself as I adorn a cowboy hat, Ghostbusters hockey jersey and enough toys to make me look like a walking mobile kiosk for FAO Schwarz.



To show my appreciation the current Outlaw Rewards contest is giving all of you a chance to suggest a new segment for the blog!  If that wasn’t brave enough of me, the grand prize recipient will be getting their idea turned into reality (assuming it’s not something that involves full frontal nudity or is bound to get me arrested… more than once).  It’s just one of my ways to show this blog really isn’t solely about me (ok, well it is a significant portion of the time), but it’s also about you as it’s the community that makes this whole experience worthwhile.


DSC00424 (Large)
Oh stop… really guys, you are all going to make me tear up a bit. (Although here, I just finished chopping an onion.)


It’s with great excitement and an extra Costco package of underwear that I look forward to continuing to poke fun at geek culture, but more specifically, myself.  At the end of the day, what fun is it being geeky if you can’t laugh at yourself once in a while (or in my case, daily).  A hearty thank you again to all my fellow outlaws for an amazing year!  With that, welcome to the wild, wild geek fest… sophomore year.


DSC00427 (Large)
Why sharing a cake with a beer-drinking donut-obsessed cartoon character isn’t the wisest of moves.








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