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INTERVIEW: Geek Outlaw Shoots the Breeze With ‘Snyper’ Author J. Merideth Harmon


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN:  Geek Outlaw Interview with J. Merideth Harmon


It’s not often (literally once every other pronghorn migration) when an author approaches me to read his latest creation for review.  Not only can it be an incredibly brave gesture, but a potentially career-ending one at that.  Of course I’m kidding – for the most part – but in either case it is an incredible honor to be considered for such a task, since it implies the author “thinks” I have a loyal community of members that I can reach out to. If by loyal community he assumes about five readers, then at least we are both on the same page.


Nevertheless, author J. Merideth Harmon privileged me with the duty of reading his very first published novel, “Snyper: A Matter of Caliber.” It was an offer I didn’t hesitate to undertake, although I knew that there was quite a bit riding on my feedback based on the fact I was one of the first professional ‘type’ reviews he would be receiving. (And because I’m a certifiable geek).


The man, the myth, the interview.


Luckily, Mr. Harmon is a damn good writer and he’s come up with one of the most unique story arcs I’ve had the pleasure of reading in quite some time.  The fact that the first book of this series is ripe with nerd and geek references is icing on the proverbial cake.  Although, I do wish the cake and icing were real.

(You can check out my mostly glowing review of his first baby, “Snyper: A Matter of Caliber” by clicking here or the title).


If that wasn’t enough, J. Harmon also agreed to sit down with me over the phone and answer all of my burning (don’t worry I have a cream for that) questions.  I’m not going to spoil the fun and type it all out here (seeing as I’m a bit lazy at the moment), however you can listen to each pulse-pounding word below thanks to the wonders of the Internet.


Rugged and smooth all at once. Just hope he has a good dry cleaner.


So kickback, relax, grab a drink and some popcorn and listen to what J. Harmon has to say about his first (but not last) creation about the lives of the Greek Gods whom live among us in the 21st century.


(SEMI-SPOILER ALERT: Some plot points and characters are discussed in the interview, but not to a degree that ruins the reading experience.)


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN:  Geek Outlaw Interview with J. Merideth Harmon


If you still need to grab some stocking suffers, you can pick up an e-copy of “Snyper: A Matter of Caliber” at for only $5.99!



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