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INTERVIEW: The Force Awakens for Dr. Travis Langley as we chat Jedi Mind Tricks & his new book Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind

Star Wars Psyh Main Travis

“Come to the Dark Side, we have therapy… and Mickey ears half off!”


Listen to AUDIO ONLY interview here! —>  Interview about Star Wars Psychology with Travis Langley

[YouTube Slideshow version below]


Delving into the mind of a geek isn’t always cute fuzzy Ewoks and intergalactic ice cream cones. Probing the minds of Star Wars geeks and the characters they adore is no walk through the Alderaan park either. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Psychology Ph.D. Dr. Travis Langley attempts to accomplish with his latest book, Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind.


DSC01925 (Large)

“Ok, I take it back, maybe psychotic wasn’t the best choice of adjectives…”


In addition to having a creatively fitting title all fans (especially the musically cultured) can appreciate, Dr. Langley’s latest offering is a compilation of contributions from various psychology experts providing their insights on the internal complexities of the players within the Star Wars Universe.  The book also provides analysis into what makes the franchise such a popular “Force” for millions of people around the globe.


Vader Psych

Is there a special Force that will get me in better shape?


After having interviewed Dr. Langley about his other recent release, The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead (which I also just finished reading), I was eager to chat with the Superherologist once more to pick his mind on the Star Wars themed psychology book and his own love of Star Wars. Oh, and supposedly some film was just recently released that apparently ties into this paperback quite well.



10 gallon hats with a whole lot of empty space underneath.


If you think your psyche can handle it, click the link below to hear Geek Outlaw and Dr. Travis Langley discuss his Jedi Mind Tricks-of-the-Trade and learn why he’s gone off-the-grid until he is able to view Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its entirety, free of spoilers.


For those that enjoy their interviews via YouTube slideshows.


Listen to AUDIO ONLY interview here! —>  Interview about Star Wars Psychology with Travis Langley


(Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind is available for about $8 in paperback via and Barnes & Noble. I’ll post my own thoughts on the volume once I finish the review copy Dr. Langley so generously provided.)


SW Psych Cover Large

For those who require a more visual frame of reference.





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